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10 top moving mistakes and how to avoid them


Moving is hard enough without making mistakes. And believe us, at U.Santini Moving & Storage we’ve seen it all. After 80 years in the moving and storage business in Brooklyn, we’ve collected enough moving wisdom to write a book. But we’re busy, so we decided to write a blog post instead. Below are the top 10 moving mistakes we’ve seen and how to avoid them.

Avoid these top 10 moving mistakes at all costs

People who relocated before will tell you that it’s easy to get lost in all the steps that make a relocation. From planning to loading boxes into a truck, many things can go wrong. When moving for the first time or lacking experience, people make the same, easily avoidable mistakes. Long distance movers Brooklyn have some great advice on how to not make them yourself. Our list of top 10 moving mistakes includes:

  • Failing to get rid of unnecessary items
  • Cheaping out on supplies
  • Doing everything on the fly
  • Forgetting about the pets
  • Neglecting plants
  • Automatically including people in your plans without asking
  • Improvising too much
  • Not having basic things ready
  • Not labeling boxes
  • Last but not least of the 10 top moving mistakes – hiring subpar moving companies
A box labled correctly, helping good organization.
Labeling boxes is a relatively hassle-free way to avoid some common moving mistakes.

1. Failing to Purge

There’s a reason people have Moving Sales. It’s much easier to let your neighbors carry off your never-used fondue pot and your twice-used treadmill than to move it to your next home where they will continue to collect dust. Set all of your unwanted items out in the yard on a sunny Saturday morning, and send all of the old stuff to new homes. Plus, you get to earn a little cash.

If you don’t like the idea of a sale, you can donate unnecessary items to charity, friends, family, or anyone who needs it. Selling things online is a popular option as well. If even that is too much of a hassle, consider throwing the items away. Not only does this make relocation cost less as movers charge per item, but it creates space that can be used for other things.

2. Using Sub-Par Supplies

When on a budget, it’s great to find ways to keep your moving costs down. But, using sub-par supplies can lead to frustration, broken items, and inefficiencies. When you buy high-quality moving boxes, tape, and packing papers, your goods are better protected and the boxes stack nicely in storage and the moving truck. Weak and low-quality boxes and tape often break, and if you carry something valuable in them, that breaks too.

Getting more than you might need at the first glance is recommended. The last thing that you need is another trip to the mall, especially if it’s the moving day. If you don’t want to buy supplies and are considering hiring movers, ask them if they provide packing services. Most companies have their own moving supplies and equipment, so it’s often one less thing to keep your mind on.

3. Neglect to Planning Ahead

Planning is essential for a successful move. If you procrastinate and fail to plan, moving trucks may all be booked up. This is especially true during the busy summer months. Make your reservation with a moving company early. If you have to book any other services, knowing your relocation plans will be useful as well. Hiring a babysitter or someone to walk your pets is impossible if you don’t have a complete schedule.

Calculating costs in advance, making an accurate inventory, or taking every schedule of your family or roommates into account take time. Planning everything on time will give you peace of mind and make sure everything goes smoothly. Therefore, avoid sleepless nights and start planning as soon as possible. Most experts recommend that not only planning should be done in advance, but packing as well. Start with rooms that are used the least like basements and attics.

4. Forget to Plan for Pets

With so many things on your mind, it’s easy to overlook the fact that your pets have to move, too. It would be easy if you could pack them in moving boxes, but of course, you can’t. If you don’t already have a portable kennel, acquire one ahead of your move so your pet can get used to it. If possible, find a friend who is willing to keep your pet during moving day so he’s not underfoot.

Forgetting to feed or otherwise care for your pet is not uncommon too. If you are taking your pets with you during relocation, make sure you buy some food in advance. They might be restless during the trip, so having their favorite toys or snacks available can make your life easier too. Pet hotels are not uncommon nowadays, so they might be a useful option as well.

5. Neglect Your Plants

Like pets, plants don’t do well in moving boxes, so you’re going to have to make special arrangements for them. A few weeks ahead of your move, transplant your plants into lighter-weight, unbreakable pots that will be easier to move. If you can’t move some of your plants, donate them to friends or local retirement home. Most people love indoor plants, so finding someone that wants them shouldn’t be an issue.

Man and a woman watering plants.
Taking good care of your house plants is essential while moving.

However, a day or two on the road usually won’t kill a house plant, even if it’s without natural light or water. So if you’re relocating locally you might not need special preparation. Just make sure to not let them move freely if you’re transporting them in a van or a truck. Secure the pots tight using some rope, or fill out the space with some objects or padding.

6. Count On Your Friends to Load the Truck

Yes, you may have helped your friends pack their moving trucks in the past, but counting on return favors can be risky. By the time you’re ready for loading, you’ll probably already be exhausted. Hiring movers who are insured and trained can make all the difference during your move, as they will provide valuable sets of hands. And your friends will thank you for it.

Even if they agree to come at first, it’s not unusual for people to cancel at the worst possible moment. If they do show up, make sure to give everyone an assignment that they can do safely. The last thing that you want is your family member or a friend breaking a toe or straining his back. Keep expectations realistic, as a trip to the ER might cost a lot more than hiring professionals.

7. Winging It

One of the common blunders people make when relocating is relying on intuition and feeling when they shouldn’t. Sure, experienced movers might know every trick even without planning, but unless you have hired help, the safe bet is to get organized. Not only can too much improvisation result in higher expenses and loss of time, but injury as well.

Before you pack a single box, sit down with a calendar and a piece of paper and start writing out the details of our move. Get estimates from moving companies, think about your specialty items that will require extra care, and think about both ends of the move. Will you need temporary storage? Do you need custom packing supplies? It helps to walk through each room of your home and to visualize everything that’s in a box.

8. Forgetting to Pack a Survival Kit

Moving can take a whole day (or two) and the last thing you want is to rummage through packages and boxes or have to go to the store if you need something essential. When everything you own is in a moving truck, you can find yourself without any clean clothes or even your toothbrush. Personal hygiene is important regardless if you’re on a move or not.

To avoid this problem, pack a survival kit ahead of moving day. Include basic tools like scissors, a screwdriver, a flashlight, pet food, your pajamas, toilet paper, soap, and regular medications. It always helps to have cash on hand for grabbing a quick meal. Having some extra clothes available can’t hurt as well.

9. Forgetting to Label Boxes

One of the more common moving mistakes is certainly the reluctance to label boxes. While it may take a few minutes at a time, in the long run, it saves tens of minutes, even hours. When unloading the moving truck, knowing what’s where can mean the difference between losing the whole day and enjoying the rest of the afternoon. Even better, labeling by room means that setting up your new home will take almost no effort.

If you do the packing yourself, adopt the habit of carefully labeling each box. Be specific in your labeling. Instead of writing “Kitchen” on a label, write “Kitchen–Coffee Maker and Toaster.” You’ll be thankful you were specific when it’s Sunday morning at your new place and you’re scrambling through fifty boxes looking for the equipment you need to make breakfast.

10. Hiring Newbies is one of the worst top 10 moving blunders

Getting scammed or paying for a bad service are the biggest fears an individual having to relocate might have. The most important thing to remember is that if something seems too good to be true, it most probably is. Obvious red flags include insanely low costs, lack of online reviews, dirty or rusty vehicles, lack of licenses, etc. Every moving company has similar expenses, so very low costs either indicate a scam, lack of experience, or in rare cases, a mistake.

You’ll run into fly-by-night moving companies that offer tempting deals, but it’s possible to find high-quality, cost effective moving companies NYC that has been successfully moving New Yorkers for generations. Experienced moving companies have tried-and-true systems and the experience to help make your move a success. Compare multiple offers and choose whatever works best for you.

Reliable movers, one way to avoid 10 top moving mistakes.
Hire reliable movers to avoid most of the 10 top moving mistakes.


As you can see, you can easily avoid all of these top 10 moving mistakes. Some require some time and effort to prevent, but in the end, it’s worth it. To start planning your move, contact us at U.Santini. We’d like to put more than 80 years of moving experience to work for you. We’re the original cost effective Park Slope professional moving company, and we’ve been helping people move since 1930. Give moving quotes Brooklyn a call and get a free moving quote! Our family-owned business takes pride in being the best BBB movers in Brooklyn. To learn more about common moving mistakes and what we can do to help you with your move, contact us at 718-768-6778.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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