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12 Reasons to move to Brooklyn, NYC

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When people choose to move to NYC, Brooklyn is one of the first neighborhoods they have in mind.  Not only it is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York, but also a multicultural environment where everyone can feel at home. In addition to this, a day in Brooklyn is everything but monotonous. Simply put, there are many strong reasons to move to Brooklyn that will probably motivate you to pack your bags and boxes as well! So make sure to keep reading and thus discover what makes Brooklyn so unique. After that, make sure to contact us at U.Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn to help you organize and execute your move. We are a team of experienced professionals who know their craft and make sure all customers settle in their new place of residence with ease. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Many factors motivate people to move to Brooklyn and settle there

New York City is fondly called The Big Apple, and Brooklyn is certainly a peach. Living in Brooklyn sets one up for the time of their life. It is an exciting, convenient place to be for anyone and at any age regardless of nationality or culture. There is something for everyone in Brooklyn. Though there are countless reasons to move to Brooklyn, we worked very hard to compile a list of twelve great reasons.

a couple talking about reasons to move to Brooklyn
Affordable housing and cultural scene are some of the reasons to move to Brooklyn.

#1 Affordable living is one of the reasons why people move to Brooklyn

Apartments are reasonably priced (well, in comparison to Manhattan, at least). People can afford to actually eat after paying their rent! Many old, quaint buildings have been renovated into affordable and attractive living spaces. Hire an apartment moving company or a full service moving company in Brooklyn to take care of the big stuff and get you settled quickly so you can enjoy your new space. Brooklyn movers are experienced in getting things done quickly and efficiently.

#2 Brooklyn is a pet-friendly neighborhood

The beautiful, well-kept Brooklyn parks (we highly recommend you pay a visit to Prospect Park, one of our favorites) are close by and are great, are not too crowded, and are dog friendly. You can have a four-legged best friend in Brooklyn. Life is fun and easy in Brooklyn, especially with your dog by your side!

#3 Proximity to Beach

You can be at the beach in a just matter of minutes. A short subway ride delivers you right to nature’s sandy shore. This is something that makes newcomers excited about moving to Brooklyn and for a good reason. Don’t forget the suntan lotion!

#4 Amazing views

The views are magnificent. The Manhattan skyline across the East River is something unforgettable, romantic, and modern at the same time. By moving to Brooklyn, people get pleasantly surprised by the views and the very beauty of the neighborhood.

NZC cityscape
You get to enjoy amazing views by moving to Brooklyn.

#5 Diversity makes Brooklyn stand out

Brooklyn is an incredibly diverse area with neighborhoods to suit any culture, religion, and personality. Therefore, you’ll find yourself immersed in a new culture without ever leaving the country or even the city. The neighborhood is always buzzing with people of various cultural backgrounds going about their lives, which is another trait that makes this neighborhood so unique.

Diverse communities are also ideal for families. Therefore, it’s not surprising why many couples look forward to settling in Brooklyn and raising their kids there. It’s also a safe environment with great schools. Does this sound like a good place to work and have fun? If so, then pick a moving company, pack your moving boxes and move to Brooklyn!

#6 Various dining options

The food! You can eat something different every evening for dinner and never get the same thing twice. Explore the many fine restaurants that serve authentic ethnic foods at reasonable prices. Brooklyn has great tastes for every discerning palate. Foodies living in Brooklyn often cannot quickly decide whether to try out Chinese cuisine, Mexican tacos, or dishes from European countries. There are so many options to choose from, which is why dining in Brooklyn can be an entire adventure.

#7 Shopping experience

Shopping in Brooklyn is one of a kind experience! Also, Brooklyn has some of the best shopping districts in the world. Once old dilapidated warehouses are now chic shopping paradises. In addition, you are more likely to find the best deals in Brooklyn since there are always special discounts.

#8 Excellent public transportation systems

You do not have to drive a vehicle or have the upkeep expense of a car. Brooklyn transportation systems are routed to be accessible and safe. Many areas are very “walkable”, particularly in the neighborhoods where shops, stores, and boutiques are congregated.

#9 Brooklyn has a lot to offer

We cannot talk about Brooklyn without mentioning its art scene. It’s quite an artsy neighborhood where some of NYC’s incredible and eye-gazing street murals can be found. Brooklyn has great art galleries, as well as Brooklyn Children’s Museum which is without a doubt one of the finest, and a great zoo in addition to other fine attractions. It’s one of the neighborhoods in NYC where you simply cannot decide which museum to visit first. Each of them is an adventurer itself. After you complete the tour through Brooklyn Museum, you can continue to the Waterfront Museum or House of Wax.

#10 You are exposed to the amazing music scene by moving to Brooklyn

Music lovers will simply enjoy Brooklyn’s night scene! Brooklyn is home to many indie bands and a music lover can discover them playing in local java houses, jazz huts, and other places in Brooklyn on any given night. Many who lived in Brooklyn speak with its music scene with joy. If you appreciate a quality live music show, then you should definitely head over to pubs like Barbes, La Fanfare, or St. Mazie. You will enjoy a wide array of cocktails and beers alongside music.

#11 Living in Brooklyn is something worth experiencing

To say you once lived in Brooklyn. It is a conversation starter among many who experienced the vibrant Brooklyn lifestyle. On the other hand, many who would like to move to Brooklyn will be glad to hear someone else’s stories and advice before they choose to spend time in this amazing part of NYC. Moreover, people will know you are adventurous and full of life because that is exactly what Brooklyn inspires.

#12 You are always welcome in Brooklyn

The number one (actually 12) reason to move to Brooklyn is simply because you can! Why not? If you love city life but don’t actually want to live in ultra-fast-paced Manhattan, then Brooklyn is as good as it gets! Plus, life there is never dull since there’s always something to do and see.

woman on rock platform viewing the city
Life in Brooklyn is an incredible experience!

Pick the right moving company to help you start fresh in Brooklyn

Choose the most convenient moving dates and then check long distance movers Brooklyn has on the market. Bear in mind that moving is a huge responsibility only top-level movers can carry out. Plus, it’s both a logistically and emotionally challenging endeavor. It’s in your best interest to have professionals at your disposal in order to feel relaxed throughout the move. Therefore, make sure to research the company you consider hiring. Check reviews about them and see what previous customers had to say about their work and quality of services. Next, write down the questions on a piece of paper and call the company. Discuss all important matters with them and make sure not to skip anything. Once you confirm the price points and insurance options, book a free estimate and wait for the movers to come to your door.

Focus on the companies that provide all the moving services you need in one place. Most full-service seasoned movers provide some of the best storage units Brooklyn has. In addition, this comes as a cost-effective solution as opposed to looking for storage units or packing supplies across the place.

Moving to Brooklyn is worth the effort

Moving can sometimes seem like a never-ending process because of many tasks on your list that require time and focus. In that case, it’s helpful to remind yourself of reasons to move to Brooklyn and why it’s worth the effort. That will keep you going and motivated for the duration of an entire moving endeavor. Also, try your best not to rush the relocation process. Moreover, you’ll achieve more with small but consistent progress every day. That way, you’ll find yourself in Brooklyn much sooner and start a new life chapter! 

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