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12 Tips for moving internationally

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Many people have dreams of seeing the world and it comes true when an opportunity occurs to move abroad. Each person’s reasons are unique to themselves but the preparations are pretty much the same for everyone who decides to move internationally. That’s why we at U.Santini Moving & Storage have decided to share 12 tips for moving internationally that have proved to be extremely successful.

1. Location

The choice of destination often determines many other decisions. Consider the availability of health care, schools, highways, and road access to work and recreation locations. Research the country or locale to know if it is a crime-free area. Also, keep the climate in mind. You want to move to a location that provides everything you’re searching for. Many international moving companies NYC can give you additional amazing tips.

An airplane
The choice of destination often determines many other decisions.

2. Language

When moving internationally, language is a big part of your new life path. We would recommend learning at least a little bit of the new language before you finalize your move. Luckily, a lot of people know English and you are likely to get by just fine. But, moving to continue living in a new country means it’s best to try and learn the language!

3. Stay informed about visas and permits

When it comes to visas and permits each country has its own requirements. That’s why researching the rules and regulations of your new home is on our list of 12 tips for moving internationally. You can contact that country’s embassy in your home town.

4. Take care of mailing and address

You will need to set up mail-forwarding until everyone in your life gets used to your relocation. Also, there is a chance you might receive some important correspondence. But, be sure to inform everyone you can think of your new address.

5. Choose a bank and set up an account

You should try and take care of this before your move if possible. It is ideal that as soon as you relocate you have access to your balance and can live normally. It will make your life ten times easier right at the start. Later on, you can get used to the new foreign currencies and all different bank-related information.

A woman paying with a credit card
You will need a functional credit card as soon as you arrive at your new location!

6. Decide how you will execute your relocation

Basically, there are two choices: you can relocate either by sea or air. Air cargo is more expensive, but many people prefer it so they have access to their belongings in a timely manner. If you’re unsure of which option is the right one for you, contact one of the many moving companies NYC around you. They will tell you all the pros and cons of each type of relocation.

7. Hire a reputable long-distance moving company

Proper packing and shipping will ensure your treasured belongings arrive intact and undamaged. A local moving company knows how to properly pack and ship as they are highly experienced. Moving and packing companies can be a lifesaver during a big move – they save you tons of time and ensure the safety of your belongings. Also, with experienced movers, you will get their first-hand tips and stories. You might be able to learn quite a bit if you ever have to do a huge relocation again.

8. Prepare a file with all important documentation

This should include birth certificates, passports, immunization records, and the like. These will be required at some point and are almost irreplaceable – or at least very hard to replace from a different country. So, be careful when you start preparing the documents that you have every single one you might need. Also, keep this file close to you at all times. Losing it could cause a lot of problems in your new country.

9. Let your landlord know you are moving in time, or sell/rent your home

Contract with a dependable real estate company or manager so you are worry-free in this regard. Or just call your landlord and communicate when you’re leaving. It’s a good idea to tell your landlord a while in advance so they can find a new tenant. Also, this way you will avoid any penalties for informing them too late. Keep in mind that there are many storage NYC options if there are some items you can’t bring with you, but would like to save.

10. Visit the country you’re moving to

This sounds like a ridiculous suggestion to some but is critical. A lifelong dream to live in some remote region may become a nightmare once one has committed to a long period of time there. You should consider visiting your destination country for a few weeks if possible. Get a feel of what life is like there. And from then on you can decide if it’s for you, or not. You could be surprised just how much your mind changes once you return from your visit. Or, on the contrary, you might be excited beyond reason and can’t wait to finally move!

A woman taking a picture of a touristic location
Go on a touristic trip to your future home country. You’ll immediately know if it’s the right choice for you!

11. Utilities

Number 11 on our list of 12 tips for moving internationally is to take care of your utilities. If you were to leave utilities on in your current home, you could end up with an insanely large bill you have to pay. And you will, of course, have new utilities to take care of at your new home. So, don’t forget!

12. Enjoy the moving process

Even though moving is one of the most stressful things we can go through, we urge you to still try and enjoy it. Splurge on a fancy hotel with a spa until all of your furniture arrives at your new location. This will ensure you are relaxed and well-rested for your new beginning in a new country.

Taking time to plan well will result in a positive move, one that gives you a great start on your new life abroad. And those were our 12 tips for moving internationally. Good luck!

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