Month: August 2012

Choosing a Mover?

How do I Choose?

Just consider a few factors:

  • Experience –  You should simply make sure that the company has been operating for more than just a few months and will be there for you when you need them. Certainly, as you can see, U. Santini, with its more than 80 years is more than qualified in this area.  Further, unlike most other companies U. Santini not only owns all of its vehicles and equipment but it owns it’s office buildings and parking lots.  This certainly makes us more than able to compete!
  • Capabilities –  Just ask a few simple questions to be sure the company can do what you need them to do:

Q:  Are the company’s people trained and experienced?

A:  At U. Santini our employee have personal moving and handling training from our expert staff as well as more than 5+ years industry experience.

Q:  Does the company have the proper insurance?

A:  U. Santini offers full replacement insurance and maintains a $ 5,000,000 general liability policy.

Q:   Does the company have the necessary equipment to make my move efficient and stress free.

A:   U. Santini has a fleet of trucks sized correctly for your specific moving needs along with ALL the necessary equipment and supplies to take care of every facet of the move.             

  • Reputation – Check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (hyperlink to BBB).  Also check the testimonials (hyperlink to testimonials page).
  • Price – Make sure that the company is competitive.  Certainly not the highest price but also not the lowest.  What should be sought is the company that will give you the least stress AND the best value.
  • Comfort Level –How comfortable did you feel with your customer service contact.   How easy was it to go through the home visit to obtain the information needed to do your estimate.                                                                                     

 Tell us about any experiences or suggestions that you may have.


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