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Month: February 2014

Why You Might Need Storage Before Moving Out of NYC

Moving away from a big city like New York can often be just as complicated as moving to the city. Packing up your home and preparing to move across the country, or even across the state, requires a lot of planning. Perhaps one of the most helpful organizational secrets, besides hiring a good long distance moving company, is to rent a storage facility to use as a staging center near your New York home.

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Consider using storage before you move to New York

One of the top reasons for renting a storage space before moving is to declutter your home in preparation for selling. It is easier for a real estate agent to sell a home that is free of personal belongings. Even if you are renting your space, if your landlord will be doing walk troughs with potential clients before you move out you may want to put some of your personal items in storage.

A second reason to use storage before you move is to have a place to keep boxes as you pack. If you are not paying for packing services it may take you several weeks to organize and pack your belongings. A storage facility allows you to move boxes out of your home as you pack them, freeing up space to pack more delicate items. It also helps you sort your belongings as boxes you plan to take with you can be moved into storage and boxes of items you plan to sell or donate before the move can be left in your home.

Another reason to use a storage facility before a long term move is the ease of loading your boxes into the moving truck. Moving out of an apartment means a lot of stairs and small elevators. Although movers in Brooklyn New York will be happy to move your belongings directly from your apartment, moving day will go much more quickly and cost less if your movers are loading the bulk of your truck directly from a storage unit.

While renting a storage unit is not mandatory before a big move it can often make things go a bit easier in New York City. If you are thinking about renting a storage unit discuss the idea with several Brooklyn moving companies to find out if it is right for you.

College in the City: Packing and Moving for the Young Adult

Moving to New York City for college should be exciting and liberating. Whether you grew up in the city or are moving from across the country, from your parent’s home to your first dorm or apartment, it is likely to only be the first among many. College students tend to accumulate fewer belongings, especially large pieces of furniture, so moving should be a snap. You probably won’t need to hire a full service moving company, but there are always things that can make even the smallest move easier.

Even if you are moving into a dorm room you will still need sturdy boxes to move your belongings. You may want to invest in plastic tubs that can be used for storage throughout the year, or if your dorm room doesn’t have enough space buy appropriate boxes from moving and packing companies. A wardrobe box will help keep your clothes organized during the move and ready to wear as soon as you set up at your destination. Since you know you will be moving again at the end of the year think about folding the boxes and storing them under the bed so you can reuse them.

Moving in Brooklyn at the beginning and end of the school year can be difficult. The beginning and end of summer happen to be the busiest times for most moving companies. If you plan to rent any items such as a moving van or dolly you should be sure to book early to get the items you want.

New York moving and storage goes hand in hand. When you are ready to move out at the end of the year think about renting a small storage unit for your essential items. This will make you free to travel home during the summer without having to pay rent on an apartment or haul all of your belongings with you.

Most importantly, if this is your first move you should begin creating good moving habits. Learn how to pack your belongings to keep them from breaking, create an inventory of your things and label your boxes. These are habits that will help when you move from the dorm to an apartment and eventually to a long-term home.


The Difference Between Moving Apartments and Moving Houses

Many people think that moving any type of residence is the same of moving any other. For the most part it is. Personal belongings must be packed and loaded, the old residence cleaned, the new one prepared, and then belongings unloaded and unpacked. However, there are some key differences between moving an apartment and moving a house. These differences will make you want to deal with only experienced apartment moving companies if you are moving apartments in New York City.

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Moving to a new house.

The biggest difference between moving an apartment and moving a house is having to navigate tight spaces. Apartments tend to have shared hallways, occasionally have small elevators, and tight stairwells. Brooklyn movers are used to dealing with these tight spaces but for a non-professional they can be difficult to manage. Make sure you take your time moving any large or heavy pieces of furniture and use appropriate tools for moving up and down stairs.

Another aspect that differs between apartments and houses is the amount of parking available. Many houses come with at least a bit of personal parking whereas apartments rely on garages or have no parking at all. This may make it difficult to park a moving truck near to your apartment. Before renting a truck speak with your superintendent to discuss different parking options on the day of your move. As your move draws nearer remind him of the date and any arrangements you have made.

The final difference between houses and apartments is the amount of stuff you will be moving. Even if your house and apartment have a similar square footage, people tend to accumulate more belongings in a house than they do in an apartment. If you live in an apartment you may want to look into storage and movers to give you options for keeping your out-of-season items in a low-cost storage unit. Ideally, if you are moving within the city, you can keep the same storage unit even when you move apartments.

Many Brooklyn moving companies specialize in moving apartments. If you find yourself having to move an apartment either find an experienced company to work with, or do plenty of research about the kinds of snags you might run into throughout the process.

Stress-Free Interactions with Brooklyn Movers: What to Expect

You are ready to move into a new home. You have made all of the appropriate arrangements, chosen a Brooklyn moving company you can trust, done a walk-through with an agent to get an accurate quote, reserved your day and even began to prepare for packing. What you can expect on the actual day of your move varies based on what services you have requested, but there are some basic things to expect.

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Stress free moving in NYC

Expect your move to be on time. Professional Brooklyn movers are on time and they appreciate if you are ready for them when they arrive. If you are paying for packing services you should still do some prep-work including removing fixtures from walls and unplugging appliances if you want them to be moved. Make sure you are prepared to do a brief walk-through with your movers to discuss any potential issues. If you are packing yourself make sure that you use sturdy boxes and everything is labeled clearly.

Expect your belongings to be safe. A Brooklyn mover probably has quite a bit more experience than you when it comes to packing and transporting belongings. Trust that the movers are using appropriate packing techniques and allow them space to do their job. That being said, you should not leave movers alone in your residence. At any point they may have questions about your preferences and you should be around to answer them.

Don’t expect your items to be put away. Even if you are paying a moving and packing company to unpack your belongings at your final destination they will most likely not end up in their final position. Movers are trained to unpack boxes to any flat, stable surface which usually means countertops and floors. This is to protect your belongings from unstable surfaces. You can help by moving dishes from countertops to shelves as movers unpack them.

Working with professional movers is intended to make your experience faster and less stressful. The best thing you can do is prepare for the movers and trust them to do their job in order to make your move go smoothly.

Call U.Santini Moving and Storage at 718-768-6778 if you plan to move and would like to receive additional information about our services. Click on the button below to receive a “$100 off your move” coupon today!

Making a Smooth Transition from a Small Town to New York City

Moving from a small town to a big city can be both exciting and intimidating. Whether you are moving for a job, school, or simply to try out a different lifestyle there will inevitably be many aspects of the city you didn’t expect. You should start preparing for the changes in your lifestyle well before your moving day.

The first thing to consider when moving is the difference in space. Generally people move into smaller apartments in the city and fail to consider how much space they will really have. It makes no sense to haul your belongings to the city if you have no space for them so you should take this time to go through your belongings and consolidate down to what you regularly use. If you have items that you can’t part with, but won’t use regularly consider using a storage facility near your new home. New York moving and storage companies offer many different options for storage that may fit your needs, but make sure to book a storage space well before your move.

Another thing to consider in the city is how often you will be using your vehicle. Many people find that they do not drive in the city and storing their car for occasional trips out of the city is more expensive than just renting a car. Before you pay a long distance moving company to ship your car all the way to the city make sure you will have a place to store it and that you will really want to keep it, as it is not a must to have a car if you live in NYC.

If you are moving from a town near the city it may make more sense to hire a moving company in Brooklyn rather than one from your hometown. Brooklyn movers will be more experienced moving people into inner city apartments and can better facilitate your move than a small town moving company might be able to.

Moving from a small town to the city involves a lot of stress. You have to learn how to set up your utilities, adjust to a differently-paced lifestyle, and deal with having neighbors much closer than you might be used to. Instead of making your move another source of stress use it to get your life organized and help prepare yourself for the move.

Tips for Truck Rental in Brooklyn

If you are moving in Brooklyn on your own, the first thing you will probably be considering is renting a moving truck. There are many things to consider to make sure you get a proper vehicle, and in a big city like New York there may be plenty of options you have to sort through.

When renting a truck or van, size does matter. Larger trucks are more expensive and can be difficult for some people to maneuver. However, if you rent a vehicle that is too small you run the risk of having to make multiple trips between your sites, adding the costs of fuel, mileage and time to your overall bill. Online calculators can help you get an idea of how large of a truck you need based on the contents of your home. Keep in mind that movers in Brooklyn are used to dealing with large vehicles in traffic and limited parking situations. If you are moving yourself you may want to think about completing two trips with a smaller vehicle.

When you begin researching which company to rent your vehicle from you should make several calls. The peak times for Brooklyn moving are the beginning and end of summer, over holidays, and on the weekends. Expect vehicle rental to be more expensive during these times. If you are flexible with the date of your move you can ask the rental company when they have the best price. If you move on an off-peak day your price may decrease dramatically.

Lastly, when you are getting your quote and reserving your vehicle you should try to reserve any extra tools you may need. Dollies, furniture pads, and car carriers affect the overall price of your rental and can occasionally be sold-out if you fail to reserve them.

Many people, especially those with a small apartment or limited budget, choose to forego hiring a full service moving company and only rent a truck to help facilitate their move. This can give you extra time packing, loading, and unloading, and can save you money. Be sure to ask the company you are renting from if you have any questions and they should be happy to help you in choosing the best options for your move.


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