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Month: June 2014

The Basics of the Long Distance Move

Whether you are moving across the state or across the country, a long-distance move can be more complicated than moving to a new home in the same city. While it is possible to make last minute arrangements with Brooklyn moving companies, it is a bit more difficult to arrange a last minute move across state lines. It is important that you do your research and make decisions about moving and packing companies well in advance.

When you move within the city you have the luxury of making multiple trips between homes, which adds a bit more flexibility into your schedule. When you are moving further you want to make sure you rent a large enough truck to fit all of your belongings, and that you are completely packed and ready to go when moving day comes.

U.santini moving and storage, packing
Packing is a Family affair…









This includes getting rid of any extra belongings that will not be making the move with you. After deciding what you will take along, you should book a one-way moving truck from a reputable Brooklyn moving company.

USanitni moving truck, Usantini moving and storage, Brooklyn moving, long dsitance moving
Hire a reputable moving company…







Try to book at least a month in advance, and try to schedule your move during an off-peak time, like the middle of the month. Make sure you know what services are included in your moving quote to avoid any unpleasant surprises the day of the move, and if possible, ask for a walk-through price quote. This will help to reduce the expense of moving and make sure that you get to your destination on time.

Moving confirmation, moving nyc, U.Santini moving and storage
Confirm your moving date in advance








When moving a long distance you have to be sure that your items are securely packed. Although items should be packed well no matter the distance they are traveling, it is especially important to pack and load fragile items in a way that will handle bumps well and avoid shifting when being shipped long distances. If you are packing on your own be sure to read a packing guide, get as much advice as you can from experts, and buy proper packing materials. Alternatively, you may want to invest in packing services from professionals. This can save you time and reduce your stress.

Packing service
Packing service











A long distance move requires balancing multiple schedules in multiple cities. It can be a complex operation, and you will have a lot to think about besides the logistics of moving your stuff. Whether you complete your move on your own or look into a long distance moving company to take on the gritty details of your move, the best thing you can do is plan early, and plan in detail.

Need to move Long distance or locally? USantini Moving and storage provides top of the line packing and moving services. We have been moving New Yorkers for more than eighty years. Our estimates are always free and we will be happy to visit your place for a full estimate service.

What to know when moving to Queens NY

Somehow, when people think “New York City”, they assume that it’s synonymous with “Manhattan.” Manhattan is great, but is not the only borough. People who are wary of moving to Queens should take into consideration one of the best traits Queens has- its incredibly rich and diverse neighborhood life. There is something about the segmented, sometimes random structure of Queens’s neighborhoods that just makes it feel like home.First off, the facts- Queens, sometimes referred to as the “third county of Long Island” because of its geographic location and the sprawling suburban-looking homes you can find in places like Forest Hills and Jamaica Estates, is one of the most diverse and culturally rich places in the country.In fact, Queens College (known to many as “the jewel of the City University of New York system”) recently received a grant to fund the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding. Straddling Jamaica and Flushing,  QC isn’t just a place to watch cultures blends. The College offers a huge array of open classes, community events, and cultural displays, connected both to the students’ studies and CERRU. This year, “The year of India”, included Bollywood performances, art exhbitions on the near East, and a special stand-up appearance by Parks and Recreation’s Aziz Ansari.

Queens college, Usantini moving and storage, Moving to queens
Queens college








If you are not into the collegiate scene, travel down Jewel Avenue and hit the best street for date locations in New York- Austin Street. Lesser known than Metropolitan Avenue, Austin hits two major neighborhoods that are known for family friendliness and good, clean fun. If you are looking to dine, Forest HIlls is where it is at, with places like the Exo Cafe (for culinary inventions), MocCa (for pan-asian fusion),  Juice (for health nuts), and Martha’s Country Bakery (for anyone with a sweet tooth). If you are more of the adventurous type, head 1 stop east on the E or F train (or, if you are taking a car, about 5 minutes worth of driving) and head into Kew Gardens. While parts of the Gardens are still a tight-knit ethnic enclave for the Orthodox and the Haccidim, the community has expanded and become a mini-center of culture and entertainment. Check out Odradeks Coffee House for weird, delicious caffeine beverages (like the “Edgar Allen Poe”, a milkshake with espresso, belgian chocolate, and peanut butter) and events like poetry slams and open mic nights. Up the staircase from Odradeks, you can see Arthouse and independent films at a great price at the Kew Gardens Cinema– there’s usually an amazing Groupon deal for free popcorn and tickets.

Moving further West, you get a flavor for each of the neighborhoods and how they developed.  You can spend entire afternoons searching the fresh markets and dumpling stalls in Downtown Flushing

Flushing market stakll, Usantini moving and storage, moving to queens
Fresh seafood, Flushing Market stall








or the bazaar style shops in Jackson Heights.

JAckson heights bazzar, Usantini moving and storage, Moving to queens, moving nyc
Little India in Jackson Heights









The Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst has everything you could ever want to shop for,

Queens center mall, Usantini moving and storage, moving to queens, moving to NYC
Queens center mall








while Forest Park (split amongst Glendale and Woodhaven) has amazing trails and beautiful fauna and flora year round.

Forest Park, Queens, Usantini moving and storage,moving to queens, moving to nyc
Forest Park, Queens









If you aren’t so into family friendly, never fear. Three neighborhoods compete for the title of Nightlife Champion in Queens- Jamaica, Long Island City, and Astoria. Each boasts their own flair and handles the club and outing scenes different. Jamaica has some of the best acts for ground level hip-hop and rap, and is great for music lovers who want to get in on the next big thing. Long Island City is stylish, with discos (really) and experimental bars. Astoria is the more Bohemian version of nightlife- you can grab a pint of mead at Kickshaw to pregame for the Astoria Beer Garden.


Wherever you move in Queens, you are going to need a Queens moving company to welcome you home. For the best in the business, turn to Usantini Moving and storage – established more than eighty years ago and fully aware of the awesomeness and challenges that daily face Queens residents. Call Usantini moving and storage to get an estimate before moving anywhere in NYC. Usantini Moving and storage offers professional and economical moving services anywhere in the five boroughs of NYC.

  • Courteous and Professional moving services
  • Family owned
  • A rating with the BBB
  • Competitive pricing
  •  Free estimates!

Piano Moving in NYC


Moving is never an easy thing for any family to do. There are always so much more than just throwing your belongings into boxes and renting a truck. This becomes especially true as we begin to collect heavy, expensive and often antique items. With the rise of so many DIY shows and home improvement stores promoting saving money by doing it yourself, it is easy for people to believe they will save money by not hiring professionals.

Sadly this couldn’t be further from the truth. Moving heavy objects requires a lot more than a ‘can-do’ attitude. When dealing with items which are heavy and delicate like a piano, special tools and skills are needed. Piano movers in New York City will tell you there is a lot more to it than just getting the piano from Point A to Point B!

Piano moving, moving, Usantini.com, usantini moving and storage
Use professional movers to move your piano!










What is Involved?
At first glance, the thing people see is that a piano is a big, heavy object. While this is very true, it is not the most important aspect. There are many things in your home which must be moved which are heavy. The difference is, you can man-handle a large wooden dresser with some degree of roughness and have it come through fine.

Pianos, on the other hand, are finely tuned instruments and tuning them again is just what you’re going to have to pay for if they are moved, transported or stored improperly. The heavy wooden exterior may hide the delicate strings and hammers but they can and will be effected negatively if moved roughly. Then there are exposed items like the foot-pedals which can easily be damaged especially when being moved through constricted places like doorways.


Piano moving, piano movers, Usantini.com, Usantini moving and storage
Should you risk damage this?











Hidden Costs
Piano movers in New York City will tell you there are lots of costs the DIY types always run afoul of. In fact the savings one gets from hiring professionals comes from the fact you don’t end up paying for a lot of items you might only use once.

As with many types of large appliances, pianos have to be moved out of the home carefully threading hallways and doors. Depending on the building, a piano above the ground floor will have to be hoisted down because it won’t fit in the elevator. Then there is the proper packaging material to protect it during all this movement along with transport. All of these costs are often missed when the homeowner thinks to save a buck by moving their own stuff.


Piano hoisting, Usantini moving and storage, Brooklyn movers
Use professional movers when you need hoisting services!









What makes things worse is that even up-right pianos are not uniform in shape shape. Which makes properly packaging them more difficult. Then there is knowing where exactly on the piano it is designed to take more pressure. Professionals deal with things like this on a daily basis whereas the homeowner might never do more than shift their piano around the room a bit. Not knowing the proper place your piano can or cannot take lifting pressure means the difference between a damaged or ruined piano.


Piano board, Piano moving, usantini moving and storage, usantini.com
You need professional equipment to move a piano!








Risk Transfer
Successful companies know the best way to do business is to transfer risk of an operation to someone else. In the homeowners case, using piano movers in New York City is a way to not only transfer the risk (by having the work insured) it is the best way to minimize risk due to professionally trained movers doing the job with the right tools.

It’s always best to remember what you are doing. Are you saving money or are you moving your furniture safely? At the end of the day your furniture has to be moved and doing it yourself is not the best way to ensure it is done safely. Furthermore, if your piano is damaged in transit by the movers, it is insured. If you yourself damage or ruin your piano moving it, you’re out the costs of repairing or replacing it. In trying to save money, you end up spending lots more than you had hoped to save.


Professional piano movers, Usanitni.com, Usantini moving and storage, New york piano movers
Professional Piano movers








Peace of Mind
It is hard to put a price tag on this but moving is a stressful time and worrying about your family heirloom piano making to your new house without damage is not something you need. Depending on your home, you may be faced with narrow corridors, steps and stairwells which must be navigated to all the help you’ll need to actually move a heavy piano. One slip and a friend or family member now has a serious injury to deal with.

Don’t Risk It!
When looking for piano movers in New York City, let the professionals at Usantini Moving and storage do what they do best: move your prized possessions safely to their new home. Let us do the move so you can rest easy knowing your piano will be ready to play in tune in your new home.


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