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NYC Moving Costs

When moving house, you usually start by looking at destinations and dreaming big. This is great! However, there are also people who think in a different way. The first question of any student moving to New York is: what are the NYC moving costs? And, we want to keep you informed about this topic. After all, you will reach the dilemma of the budget sooner or later, right? Hence, as experienced movers, U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn brings you: Everything you need to know about the costs of moving to NYC and more! Continue reading “NYC Moving Costs”

Fun in Brooklyn – where to look for it?

Since Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City, the good time is simply guaranteed. Each street holds its unique content, and each person can find his own place among the red blocks of buildings. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll need to know where to go. Either case, fun in Brooklyn is definitely guaranteed no matter how high your expectations are. What’s the best part is that the good time is not determined by the season of the year, for it can be found all year long. It’s only up to you how you’ll use your time here. If you’re new in Brooklyn, then you’ll find many useful pieces of information in the following article. We’ll give you some interesting places from where to start, and the rest is on you. Continue reading “Fun in Brooklyn – where to look for it?”

Moving with employees – how to organize them

If you own a business and you find yourself in a situation of moving with employees, don’t panic just yet. You’ll definitely have to be extra careful and pay attention to so many details, but if you keep your cool and stay positive, you’ll achieve so much more. In New York, moving the business to another location is not exactly something new. The reasons for relocating the business could be because you’ve found a cheaper location, or you want to be closer to your customers. Or simply because of a downsize. Now, no matter the reason you’re required to move, one of the most important aspects of this process is your personnel. They have to be up to date with the events. That way, you, as well as them, will easier go through the transition. Continue reading “Moving with employees – how to organize them”

How to clean up your home after the move

From hiring Brooklyn movers to packing your Brooklyn moving boxes, there are many details you need to coordinate and do when you are relocating. One of the biggest tasks you need to do when you are moving is to make sure that your past and future homes are cleaned and ready for your relocation. Clean up your home after the move is a very important step in your moving process. In this situation, moving cleaning checklist can help you. Continue reading “How to clean up your home after the move”

Moving to the suburbs from the city

Living in the big city and living in the suburbs are total opposites. It just depends on which lifestyle you prefer. If you are tired from busy and crowded streets, moving to the suburbs from the city is the best decision you can make. There are many pros and cons why you should live in the city and the suburbs, but here we’ll talk how you should prepare for this type of relocation. Continue reading “Moving to the suburbs from the city”

Brooklyn household move – how to prepare

If you’ve come to a situation in your life when you need to move, we can tell you that you don’t need to worry too much. No matter how difficult or complicated you think this moving can be, especially when you have Brooklyn household move to handle, we guarantee you that there are ways you can handle this. Without stress. All you have to do is read this article and inform yourself about options you have while relocating. Search for the things that you believe will help you for your situation. Bear in mind that every relocation is specific in its own way. That is why the approach has to be different, too. However, there are some universal tips that everyone can apply and we are here to present them to you. Continue reading “Brooklyn household move – how to prepare”


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