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5 great things to do in Brooklyn this Thanksgiving

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If you are living in New York, then you probably already have plans for this Thanksgiving — one of the favorite holidays of so many people. On the other hand, if you are visiting New York, and you are wondering what can you do during this time here, then you came to the right place. Here, we will try and give you some suggestions, and show you some things to do in Brooklyn this Thanksgiving. Remember though, that if you are moving in this period make sure to check out some of the best moving companies Brooklyn for the best moving experience. Now, that we have that solved, let´s see what are some of the things to do in Brooklyn this Thanksgiving during this fine autumn.

Things to do in Brooklyn this Thanksgiving are?

So, let’s have it bluntly, there are of course a lot of great suggestions on what to do for Thanksgiving, especially in a city such as New York. Here are those things:

  • Visit Brooklyn holiday Bazaar
  • Tree lightning
  • Train show
  • Shopping (yes, there are stores that are working in NYC one day after Thanksgiving)
  • Visit the Empire State Building
pumpkins and pumpkin cups
This is one of the biggest Holidays with a lot of attractions

So many things to do and see in Times Square… There are so many more things to do. We covered New York and all the five boroughs. At the end of the day, you don’t have to be limited to Brooklyn if you are there for Thanksgiving. You are one subway ride to Manhattan, where there are also so many things to do, around Thanksgiving, and also during.

Family and friends

So, Thanksgiving is widely known for being a family holiday. There is usually a delicious lunch prepared that day, involving the main dish that is the turkey. So, if you are in Brooklyn during this holiday with your family, then this is definitely one of the best ways to spend Thanksgiving. Once you eat, and you feel full, a family walk would be a great idea. Thanksgiving is a time of as the name itself says, time to think about the things you are grateful for, and time for gifting. At least that it is what it should be. So, if you are not into going anywhere during Thanksgiving, that is completely ok. You can always hang out with your Brooklyn neighbors, friends, and most importantly family.

Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar

So, one of the things to do in Brooklyn this Thanksgiving is definitely visiting Holiday Bazaar. Who would say no to delicious food, some shopping, a great holiday atmosphere, and music? Also, it is a great place to bring your kids because it will definitely be very interesting for them to see. However, it can be crowded there so make sure to keep an eye on them. Fun fact about Brooklyn holiday Bazaar is that even though if you are not into going there on Thanksgiving you have two more opportunities since this is something that takes place for three Sundays in November and December.

ice skates
Ice Skating is very popular this time of year

Parades, so many parades are great things to do in Brooklyn this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in New York means a lot of parades. Like a lot. It can get crowded but that is basically the only flaw that these parades may have. Macy’s parade is something that you shouldn’t miss if you are in New York only for a visit. This is a wonderful and fun experience.  This is also another great family thing to do. It will be so much fun for your kids to see the inflatable cartoon characters. So, do not miss it.

Ice skating

Ice skating definitely means that the season has changed. Times flies by, we don’t even notice it. Once you see that ice skating is an option it means that Thanksgiving is coming to town. Rockefeller Center is definitely a place to be if you like if to skate. Keep in mind though that it can get crowded because tourism blossoms in New York during the holiday season, so if you are not sure in yourself while skating, then maybe you just watch until it gets less crowded. Smaller the crowd, smaller the chance to get hurt.

Black Friday

Ok, so Black Friday takes place on Friday obviously and not on Thanksgiving Day. However, it is still an event. This is something that people who live in America do not miss. It also means that the holiday season has officially begun and people want to use the sale that is all around the cities to buy presents for their loved ones and themselves. There are so many great bargains, and that is the main reason why people are hurling to the stores on Black Friday.

black friday sign
Go shopping under great deals

However, sometimes, more often than not, it is not safe to go shopping, because crowds tend to get so big, that people get into arguments and even fights. So, if you go shopping on Black Friday you have to know what you are getting yourself into. Prices are more than great, but you may pay bigger price then you have planned. Also, you have to know that Black Friday also creates huge traffic jams. So, be prepared and armed with patience.

By moving to Brooklyn with the help of the best Brooklyn moving service you are getting an opportunity to be in the most awesome city for holidays. We have tried to show you some of the things to do in Brooklyn this Thanksgiving. And not only in Brooklyn but in the whole New York. Hopefully, you will listen to our advice and you will celebrate Thanksgiving by doing something of the things we have proposed to you. Whatever you decide, we hope you will enjoy and that you will have the best time ever. Being in New York for holidays is truly a blessing for eyes, ears and taste bags.

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