5 Reasons A Small Business Should Use Storage

Many small business owners are beginning to look into renting storage units to house their extra supplies. This can be compared to a large company’s warehouse, except with a more flexible contract and other benefits. For example, moving and packing companies can be hired to properly store and retrieve your belongings, leaving you and your employees free to focus on your work. I have assembled some of the most valid reasons to look into storage-facility rental, in case you are wondering whether off-site storage might be best for your company.

1. Most of your business takes place at various client sites. Many small businesses such as electricians, plumbers, and internet re-sellers do not need a dedicated office space to greet incoming clients. Instead they need a place to store tools and supplies. A storage unit could be ideal for these types of businesses.

2. You carry seasonal stock, or are occasionally over-stocked. Many businesses such as boutique shops, coffee shops, and sporting stores have seasonal items. These items are only used for a few months out of the year and need to be stored the rest of the time. A storage unit helps these businesses stay organized, and use office storage for more regularly used items. At the beginning of the season, Brooklyn movers can be found to pickup your items from storage and drop them off at your store, ready for you to use.

3. You want added security without hiring a full-time guard of your own. There is a great variety of storage facilities, from climate controlled, high-security centers to much less secure units. Some businesses choose to store their stock where there is 24-hour surveillance and limited access in order to protect their assets. A business moving company can suggest the best storage facility for the level of security you need.

4. Storage is usually rented on a weekly or monthly basis. The amount of storage a company needs can change quickly. If your company rapidly expands you may not be able to rent out more office space immediately. Similarly, if your sales are decreasing it is much easier to end a lease on a storage facility than a yearly office rental. Movers in NYC can be also be hired on a short-term basis, as opposed to full-time warehouse staff.

5. Office space is expensive. The cost of business and residential space in the city is high. Although this space is necessary for day-to-day functions, it is possible to greatly reduce that cost by renting a storage facility for your supplies and archives, and renting a smaller office to function as your store-front.

If any of the above situations apply to your business, you may seriously want to consider renting a storage unit to decrease costs, and increase efficiency within your business.


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