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5 tips for moving without disrupting your neighbors


Yet another relocation is upon you and you must prepare for it. One must organize, prepare an adequate moving budget, work on legalities, find reliable movers NYC, and pack safely. All those tasks will take a lot of time, energy, and money. Also, they will make a bunch of noise and ruckus all over the place and it can last for weeks. Your neighbors won’t like it at all. So, moving without disrupting your neighbors is our goal and we will show you today how to achieve it. Let’s take a look.

How moving without disrupting your neighbors should look like?

The first thing you’ll do is to inform your neighbors about the relocation. You must do it well in advance so they can have enough time to process this information. Also, ask them if they mind anything moving-related and if you can do anything to make it less annoying. Be polite and patient as much as possible. Remember, you need them and their blessing, not the other way around. If you alienate one of the neighbors, you can have several police patrols on your moving day. It can be a disruptive process that can cost you in terms of money and time. Hence, be patient and listen to your neighbor’s requests.

old lady fixing her shoe
Be polite to your neighbor and they will let you do anything on your moving day.

Now, the best solution to keep the noise at a minimum is to move during working hours and early in the morning. This way you’ll have higher chances that no one is at home so you can pack and cover moving tasks without problems. The same goes for the moving day. You will schedule your movers at the earliest possible and relocate while your neighbors are absent. Also, to make it all work like a charm, you must spread moving tasks evenly and complete them in advance and never leave anything for the last moment. Organize like a pro and be ready at least a couple of days before the moving day. Lastly, you must hire reliable and professional local movers Brooklyn. The company that will honor the deal you made with your neighbors and respect their privacy and the rules and regulations of the neighborhood.

Your moving company will play a vital role

No matter how polite and careful you are, if you hire the wrong moving company, it will all go to waste. Your movers can be fraudulent, impolite, incompetent, or worse. But you can’t know this right from the start. Yes, you can get the first impression. But while moving, anything can happen and if you have a nasty neighbor who likes to fight for no reason and a mover with a bad temper, then you’ll have a cage match right there. So, you must find cheap movers Brooklyn but also professional ones. You want to have an affordable, professional, and experienced moving company assigned to your moving project. And it is possible to find one.

moving without disrupting your neighbors with a polite moving team by your side
You must find an experienced, polite, and capable movign team if you want to avoid any problems with your neighbors.

Just browse online for an hour and you’ll get there. Implement your search criteria and you will narrow your search down significantly. All you want to know is if your movers are licensed and if they have the tools to perform. For everything else, you must communicate via the phone or in person. Just make sure to stress out the fact that you want to respect the privacy and peace of your neighbors. Your moving company should honor this request.

Organize your relocation adequately

Ok, you handled half of your relocation preparations. Now you must organize yourself and speed up the moving process a bit. You should create a moving checklist and list down all chores, errands, and responsibilities you must take care of. Those are the following:

  • Check your personal documents and ensure everything is valid.
  • Visit your bank and doctor’s office if needed.
  • Contact all relevant parties to update the change of address and transfer all utilities adequately.
  • Gather and pack all your most important things in the essential bag.
  • Declutter around the house and pack gradually.

If there are any special requests and moving services you need, you must communicate them clearly with your movers. As you may know, movers have dedicated teams for special requests. For example, if you are conducting a Brooklyn office moving along with your home relocation, then you must enlist an office moving team. The same goes if you are moving a piano, then you must hire piano moving specialists. And so on. Therefore, if you have a similar special request, your movers must know about it upfront. Do not tell them about it on the day of your move if you want to be moving without disrupting your neighbors.

Packing and moving without disrupting your neighbors

You can pack in a way your neighbors won’t even notice that you are relocating at all. You will be moving without disrupting your neighbors if you keep the noise and movement at a minimum. And the only way to do it is if you pack gradually and over time. So, instead of making a mess over one weekend, pack over the whole week or even weeks by covering room by room. Pack in early hours while most of the neighborhood is empty and you won’t bother anyone. As for the packing materials, you can obtain everything online or purchase from your movers. Whatever you prefer is better.

a guy with a hat on his head
Be a loving neighbor and respect their privacy and quiet hours.

Organize a farewell party

In case you or your movers create some difficult situations or moving mishaps, you should try to mend it somehow. You can purchase a farewell gift to your first-door neighbors or even organize a goodbye party for your closest friends and neighbors. Hopefully, you had a good relationship with them and you can say proper goodbyes. And do not worry, you can stay in touch with them if you like. You are just a phone call away.

Now you know how moving without disrupting your neighbors should look like. As long as you organize in advance and inform them about it there shouldn’t be any problems. Also, inform your movers about the approach you want to take and have a pleasant and enjoyable relocation. Good luck!

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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