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5 tips for packing winter clothes for transport


Packing clothes for your relocation is fun and simple. You just need to fold your items or roll them, put them into boxes or suitcases and label them. There is no correct way how to pack your clothes. Most likely, nothing will happen to them during transport. They will not be damaged or torn, and you will iron or wash them again in your new home. When we talk about winter clothes, things can be a little bit difficult. Winter items can be challenging to pack, especially when you have winter coats or jackets, cozy sweaters, and ski suits. You probably need a lot of boxes, and they will use a lot of space that you need for something else. You don’t want to pay more money to movers just for your winter items. The best professional movers Brooklyn has to offer are here to show you some useful tips for packing winter clothes for transport. Stick around and learn how to pack them, save space and money as well.

Decide what clothing you will bring to your new home

Before you start packing winter clothes for transport, think about what you actually need in your new home. If you are moving to a city with a warmer climate, you probably won’t need everything you own. It is likely, that you would go shopping when you relocate and buy something new. The winters will be mild and short, so you will not use those woolen sweaters you own and ski suits. You can simply donate them, give them to your family or store them in a public storage New York has. On the other hand, if you are moving to a cold climate, you will need a lot of winter clothes. Go through your closet, pick out the items you use, and will use there, and start packing them. Now, your next step is deciding how to pack them properly.

Trees covered with snow in winter
If you are moving during winter, packing winter clothes for transport is essential.

Use vacuum bags for bulky clothes

Vacuum bags are perfect for storing bulky winter clothes. Since winter items are made of knitted wool or synthetic fibers, there is a lot of air between their fibers. Because of that, it is easier to remove it and pack your heavy sweaters. Vacuum bags are specially made bags for compressing clothing, and a lot of people use them because of this. There is a small valve on the side of the bag and using a vacuum hose you can suck out the air from the clothes. You will get small bags with a lot of winter clothes ready for transport. Moreover, you can pack those bags in suitcases as well. Usually, vacuum bags are transparent, so you can easily see what is inside when unpacking.

Packing cubes can be perfect for small winter items

A lot of cheap movers Brooklyn are ready to transport all of your items as soon as you call them. Your job is to pack them if you decide to do this on your own. Another great hack for packing winter clothes for transport are packing cubes. They offer an easy way to organize your items when relocating. All you need to do is put all of the items into one cube, and zip it up. These packing cubes fit like a puzzle and they will reduce the space you have left. You can use them for small winter items such as:

  • mittens and gloves,
  • scarves and hats,
  • earmuffs and winter socks, etc.
A woman packing winter clothes for transport
Invest in quality vacuum bags and your winter clothes can be stored for a long time.

The navy folding method will reduce space

If you are tired of packing or way too busy, a lot of movers offer packing services that you can use. On the other hand, if you are willing to do it, then we recommend using the navy folding method. It is quite easy and you can assign family members to do the same. Fold the right half of the item over the left half and even it up. Fold sleeves from left to right over the shoulders. If an item has a collar, then fold the sleeves from right to left over the collar and turn them under the sleeves Don’t worry whether they will unravel during transport. You can easily secure them with a rubber band and relax. They will remain in perfect condition, and you can simply unpack them at your new home.

Pack delicate items and shoes separately

If you have some delicate items such as old sweaters or new coats that you deeply care about, pack them separately. Of course, everything depends on the material type, so you can use hangers to store them or just use special boxes for that. You should also pack shoes in different boxes, apart from clothes. Do not mix them, especially if you have already worn them before. You may want to clean them first and then pack them. Add extra paper and layers of protection, and we guarantee that everything will be safely transported.

A woman packing clothing in her luggage
There are many different packing methods for bulky winter clothes.

Bulky clothes are heavy so use small boxes

You probably think that it is easier to buy a few large boxes and pack everything inside. But when you think about it, it is extremely difficult to load them into the moving truck and then transport them to your new bedroom. Although it is tempting, buy small size boxes for your winter clothes. Bulky clothes are heavy and it will be much harder to move those boxes. Use smaller ones because it is much easier to load them and fill them completely. Invest in packing material and don’t save money in this step. Quality boxes and bags are useful and you should rather spend a little more money than suffer damage later on. If you decide to follow our tips, you will not have any issues packing winter clothes for transport and moving to your new home destination.

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