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7 most delicate items to relocate


Moving away can be really stressful sometimes. You need to pack your whole life into a bunch of cardboard boxes, and it can be complicated. That’s not everything. Next to that, you will have other complications and choirs you will have to do. For instance, finding moving and storage Brooklyn movers is one of them. Getting all the needed moving and packing supplies. Staging your home, finding a new one. Finishing your documentations. And then, remember that while you are packing your belongings you need to take care of some most delicate items to relocate. If you break something, it will only add stress and costs. Relocation just can’t be done without a good organization. You will need a proper plan, and you need to develop your packing skills. You can ask your movers for help, but try doing it on your own, you might need it again.

For sure, fine china is one of the most delicate items to relocate

If you are a teacup collector or you like having those small sculptures made from fine china, you definitely want to know how to pack them, so they are safe for relocation. You can only do it while you are calm and relaxed. If you do it while you are nervous or stressed, you might break everything. And you want to avoid that. Your movers might provide you with packing services, but it is better if you do it on your own. Just to be sure. What they can do is load it in a moving truck Brooklyn movers will provide you with, and unload it from it.

Wine glasses filled in with wine.
Wine, champaign, or any other glasses are one of the most delicate items to relocate.

When you are packing your fine china, it’s more or less the same as everything else. What is different here is that you can use Styrofoam pieces for extra protection. Making barriers is necessary for this sort of packing. Also, it would be better if you find a small piece of silk or some other material that is soft before you put your fine china inside of the box. You can bubble wrap the items, but it’s not necessary, since it might cause some scratches. This is up to you.

Not many people think about this, but you need to pack your chandeliers as well

This is for sure not one of the most common items to pack, but it can happen. Why should you waste money on new chandeliers when you are relocating, when you can just bring your old ones? But, packing might be a little bit tricky. Of course, this depends on the material, size, and other factors of the chandelier. But it’s preferable if you find a box of the right size, slowly place a chandelier inside and fill in the empty air with lots of Styrofoam balls. Don’t forget at any cost to put a sign that this box is extra fragile. Another tip that you can follow, which is even better, is that you relocate it. Don’t give it to your movers, but take it in your car with you. This way you will definitely be sure that your chandelier will arrive safely at your new home.

A zoomed in picture of a chandelier.
Chandeliers are made of fragile materials and they can break easily.

If you are a wine lover, then you will know that wine glasses are also one of the most delicate items to relocate

Having a collection of good, old wines at your home is perfect. It’s even better when you have some nice wine glasses to add up to that. But, when you need to move out and relocate to another street, city, or even country, it will be a complete mess. Wine glasses are quite fragile. And if you are not extra careful with them, you will break them in no time. Packing something like this can’t be done in a rush. Or while you are stressed. Therefore, make a special time for this, and focus. Do it step-by-step, and you will manage it. Getting proper packing supplies is the first step of this. You will need:

  • Cardboard boxes in the smaller size
  • Styrofoam balls and pieces
  • Duct tape, scissors, and a marker
  • Some soft piece of material that won’t leave traces on the glass

Once you have everything from this list, you can start with packing. But, before you do, it might be better if you cleaned your glasses thoroughly. Also, if you have some kind of gloves, use them to avoid fingerprints left on the glass. It’s not fun cleaning them at all.

Musical instruments might be big, but they are also considered delicate items when it comes to relocation

Some musical instruments require special moving services. For instance, if you have a piano at your home, and you want to move it intrastate, you will need special piano movers Brooklyn has for the relocation. It’s for sure that you can’t relocate it on your own. On the other hand, violins and guitars have their own cases. But if you don’t load them properly in the truck, they might break. And sometimes, it can happen that you don’t have the case, or you can’t find it anywhere in that mess. Lucky for you, you can improvise. It might be even better if you packed instruments on your own in cardboard boxes, with extra protection. After all, when you get them, they are in the same packing box.

Just find a cardboard box that is a similar size to your instrument. You can wrap the instrument in some silk fabric, or something else that is soft for extra protection. Like for every other packing, you should add Styrofoam balls, as much as you can. In the end when you close the box, duct tape it well from each side, so you are sure it won’t open. You can even wrap the whole box in bubble wrap, but it’s not that necessary.

Head and neck of a violin.
For some, musical instruments are very fragile.

Not everyone thinks about delicate items in the same way, it’s all about your own opinion

Depending on the way you think, you might consider some items delicate, but other people won’t. But in relocation, you are the one moving. So you get to choose what is delicate, and what is not. Maybe some small decorative figures, expensive arts, statues, or plants in pots are more fragile than other items named above. Figure out what you are relocating and from those things, decide what is fragile and pack those items separately.

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