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7 questions to ask your Brooklyn movers

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A moving project is exhausting and hard. Eventually, we reach the point when we can do almost everything ourselves. Although, one inevitable part of the moving process is the moving company. How to find a proper one, what to ask them, and how much will it cost are only a few questions on your mind. Therefore, today we will try to summarize and answer some of them. We bring you 7 questions to ask your Brooklyn movers. Let us begin.

Your movers should have all the licenses and permits.

We will start with the most basic one. Does your moving company possess all the permits and licenses to operate? You can find this yourself by checking their website, connections, previous customers experience, etc. Do thorough research and find yourself a moving team from your dreams. An hour spent researching will pay-off tenfold. Or you can be straightforward and simply ask if they are operating legitimately. This is important since the moving industry is like any other. It has legit and fraudulent companies, and you want to avoid the scamming ones. Therefore, we must recommend checking out the best moving companies Brooklyn as the most legitimate source to find a proper moving team. Give them a call today and put your mind at ease.

First-aid kit
Be aware of all the moving mishaps that can occur. 

One of the most important questions to ask your Brooklyn movers. What can go wrong and what to do to avoid it?

It is ok if you are concerned about moving safety. You tend to protect your loved ones, yourself, and your assets. Hence, the inevitable question is, how safe it is? To move safely and prevent possible moving mishaps, you can do a few things yourself. Firstly, ask your movers to provide all the detailed information about the moving schedule. You do not want to run around and deal with your legalities and payments one day before the move. Also, you need to know all the moving costs and how many hours you need to invest in this event.

On the other hand, you can ask your movers for an advise, to list you the things you can do to help both sides. For example, the packing process. You can pack most of it yourself and save time and money. Then you can use higher quality packing materials to be sure that your belongings are secured. Although, since you are renting a moving team, let them do the heavy lifting. In conclusion, to have these answers will help you prepare on time and reduce the moving stress.

The tools, equipment, and manpower

Movers usually know what they need for relocation. But if you have any special requests, or you just want to know if everything is covered, you should ask. Among the questions to ask your Brooklyn movers is if they have all the tools, equipment, manpower, and a proper vehicle for the job. It will be your fault if you have special items you never reported and movers have no manpower to move it. A nice examples are the pool table and a piano.

One of the questions to ask your Brooklyn movers, do they possess all the tools required?
Your movers should have all the tools for the job. Especially if they need to disassemble your furniture.

Those special items should be listed and they require special handling and a couple of people at the same time. Therefore, go with your movers through your cargo, and make a moving checklist that you should follow. You must know the size of the vehicle you need, as well as if any special tools are required. Do not miss this one, it will raise the moving cost significantly if neglected.

What about the free onsite estimates?

Almost all moving companies provide a free moving quote. Movers will visit you before the moving date to evaluate the situation. This way they know exactly how much time they will invest and how many people to bring. Also, how to handle everything in the safest and most efficient way. Furthermore, they will work out the complete logistics to make your relocation safe and cost-efficient. A free onsite estimate will give you the necessary information to calculate your moving costs. After the evaluation, you can decide what you can do yourself to lower the costs. This service is almost always free, and you should take advantage of it.

 Are they renting a storage unit?

Sometimes while decluttering and downsizing, we want to keep most of the things. But what if you are moving into a smaller place and you can’t bring it all with you. In this situation, one of the questions to ask your Brooklyn movers would be if they rent storage units. There are different types of storage units and you should communicate this with your movers. Tell them what you need it for and browse through your options. There are climate controlled units, indoor, outdoor, and high-security ones. It is up to you to choose what will suit you the best.

Storage units
Ask your movers if they provide storing services.

One of the top questions to ask your Brooklyn movers. Which services they have in store?

Ask your moving companies to provide the list of services they offer. There are many services and they vary between the companies. Some of them are senior moving, last-minute moves, and complete packing service. You never know what the best relocation package is because there are services you might find in handy and you do not know they even exist. Therefore, ask your movers how they can help and what are the costs of those services.

This is, for example, the most lucrative way to move your business with zero downtime and no impact on your work. Take a look at Brooklyn office moving as the most efficient way to relocate your business. Contact them as soon as possible. Let the professionals take care of your office equipment and keep your budget intact.

What is the payment method?

Many moving companies charge by the hour, if not all of them. But you can make a deal and set a fixed price as well. If you went through everything we mentioned before and prepared on time, you might find this solution better. After calculating everything, movers will provide a fixed price that can’t exceed no matter what happens. Although, if you think that there are ways to lower the moving costs, then do some things yourself. Then, you can pay only the hard labor, and you should pay by the hour. Also, you should always pay upon the delivery, never upfront. But, you should chip in and place a deposit. Usually, it is 20% of the estimated moving cost. This way both sides are secured.

These were the basic questions to ask your Brooklyn movers. No doubt you will find a few more along the way. Remember that a good organization is key to success. Prepare your move on time, and do not be shy to ask. Good luck and we wish you a safe journey.

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