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8 tips to help seniors move to a new house


When your elderly parents need to move, either to a new home or to a nursing home, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. As mobility diminishes, it’s tough to keep up with housework, and your parent’s home may have become disorganized in recent months. Also, many seniors, like all of us, tend to keep things that they don’t necessarily use, and it can be difficult to make decisions about what to give away and what to keep. The help of a professional moving company can help in many ways as you undertake this big job. So, what can you do to help seniors move to a new house? Let us cover the entire process and find the answer together!

Sort the belongings out and help seniors move to a new house

Before you even start packing boxes or arranging for storage, start by helping seniors sort out their belongings and let go of items they don’t use anymore. This can be very difficult, especially if they grew up in times of scarcity, but in the long run, they’ll be much happier with fewer things to care for and less to move. This is something you must do regardless of the reason for the relocation. If your seniors are retiring, or simply moving to a better home, it would be wise to declutter and get rid of the unnecessary hoard. Therefore, this would be the first step on a long relocation journey.

two people shuffling through items
Sort out all items together and remove unnecessary hoard.

It’s often easier to give items away if you know they’re going to a good home, so make suggestions of whom to give certain items to: “Dan’s daughter Kaley loves dolls; maybe she would like to take care of this one.” Donating to charities can also be a satisfying way to reduce your number of possessions. As for other items that were lying around waiting to be repaired, you can recycle, sell online, or organize a garage sale. You can even let your elders participate and have fun with neighbors before moving out. It is a good way to say goodbye to neighbors and friends. After you are done with this part, contact your local U.Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn moving company and organize the next step in the relocation process.

Search for a reliable moving company to help seniors move to a new house

The first step on this journey is to create a moving checklist and a good moving plan. You will do it by inspecting the entire home along with the loft, garage, basement, and backyard. Start by covering all the rooms in your elder’s home first. Bring them along and let them show you where to start and which items are delicate, fragile, antique, or simply expensive. Create a moving checklist together and list down all the tasks you must complete before the moving day. Those tasks are usually packing, decluttering, running errands, searching for movers, etc. Although, if your seniors are moving a business then you must search for small office movers NYC to help you out. Hopefully, your relocation is not so complicated.

find movers to help seniors move to a new house
Find movers online and make sure you hire a licensed moving company.

Remember, movers have many moving services that will help you relocate easily. There are corporate movers NYC that can relocate entire organizations. Or dedicated piano moving teams to handle robust and heavy items such as piano is. Or simply a dedicated packing and relocating team with all the knowledge and experience required to relocate you safely. If you have any special requirements, you must mention this to your moving representative. Do not leave anything to chance because your seniors can stress out if anything goes south. So, to find the best set of moving services, browse the internet and compare movers across the board. Choose a licensed and reputable moving company for this occasion and secure your investment.

Start small

If you wait until the last minute, your parents may feel that everything happens too quickly. Also, you can jeopardize the entire process and be late for the moving date. If you begin early, however, they can take care of small tasks without overtaxing their energy or feeling there’s no time “to say good-bye.” You can begin by asking them to tackle just one desk drawer or attic box per day. If they can manage the sentimental items, you can delegate more utilitarian packing to professional packers or volunteers.

So, help seniors move to a new house by starting small and building up as you are reaching the end. Speed up the process in the last week before the move and make sure you are covering most of the complicated tasks. Although, if your seniors want to participate then figure out how to do it together and cover tasks gradually and comfortably.

Help seniors move to a new house with a proper packing plan

If you can provide your parents with high-quality packing materials, they can begin working on packing during their spare time. You should obtain packing materials like bubble wrap, packing papers, cardboard boxes, and labels as soon as possible. Such materials will help with protecting fragile heirlooms and dishes greatly. And this is probably what your seniors care about the most. Therefore, stop by the local hardware store, home depot, or order everything online. Make sure you have your materials at least two weeks before the move so you can pack everything on time.

a person packing for moving
Create a comfortable packing plan and pack safely and on time.

You can even purchase packing materials from your moving company. They offer a plethora of high-quality materials and movers can even pack you completely if you wish so. All you must do is purchase a packing service and supervise the process. It can be of great help in case you have no time to do it yourself.

Evaluate changes in square footage

If your parents will be moving to a smaller place, you’ll need to know how much they can take with them. It can be very helpful to obtain a room layout of their new home so you can help your parents know what furniture they can take. This is especially helpful if the change is drastic, like moving from a three-bedroom house to a one-bedroom condo. So, your job is to inspect and evaluate their new place. Measure everything and figure out if they can bring everything or you must create a decluttering plan. Keep in mind your seniors have a lot with them and maybe they do not want to throw anything away.

You must communicate clearly before you remove any items. Usually, seniors are attached to their lifelong belongings and you shouldn’t throw anything away before asking. Most of them have a lot of unnecessary hoarding in their possession so you must ask them first. And this is in case you have no space in the first place. If they are moving to a bigger place, then you do not have this problem. Simply store excess items in the garage, basement, or attic and you are good to go.

Seek additional helpers

If the relocation process is too complicated or you simply have no time to cover everything, maybe you should ask friends to help you move. Just send out an invitation to all friends, coworkers, relatives, and neighbors that can help out. Give them enough time to check their schedules and respond. But keep in mind your elders won’t trust anyone to handle their belongings. Whoever is helping with packing and labor should be someone your elders know. Therefore, stick to childhood friends and coworkers. If you manage to find just one helper, you will speed up the process immensely. They can help you pack, run errands, or simply be there for emotional support and to keep you company. Maybe they can even assist with minor tasks or help seniors move to a new house completely. Leave this choice to them.

Although, working with a trusted moving company can be a big help when it comes to moving your parents. A professional moving company that offers a variety of resources and services can provide you with lots of different options. For example, if your parents’ new home isn’t quite ready when they have to move out of their current home, the professional moving company can store their belongings in their storage facility until you need them again. Also, you can spend your time caring for your parents instead of packing and loading boxes.

Communicate with your seniors clearly

Seniors adapt much better after a move if they were able to maintain control of the process. Even though it may be tempting to jump in and make all the arrangements by yourself. But remember, you wouldn’t like to lose control of your own life, and it’s no different for your parents. Listen carefully to their concerns and wishes and do your best to address the concerns and honor their requests.

two women talking
Communicate clearly with your seniors and ensure you are on the same page.

Although, they must be aware of how the moving process dangerous can be. You must explain everything about the moving protocols, possible moving mishaps, and other moving-related situations. This way your elders will understand that some aspects of the relocation process are out of their hands. They must let you take the wheel and guide them through it. So, your seniors will either cover the entire process and you’ll act simply as moving labor. Or you can work together, communicate, and create the safest relocation plan possible. Besides, your elders surely relocated at least once in their lives. Maybe they even know more about it than you do.

Help your seniors adapt and settle in

Unpacking quickly can help your parents to acclimate because they’ll see all their belongings and be able to get on with their lives. If you can help them to meet their new neighbors and learn how to visit the shops and restaurants in their new neighborhood, they’ll get their bearings more quickly in their new home. But more importantly, you should help them arrange furniture and set up the environment according to their wishes. As we already mentioned, seniors are not so happy about big changes and if your parents want to keep the same furniture layout, so be it.

But they shouldn’t move anything alone. After all, you can share a moment together and create new memories by spending a day or two together while unpacking. It will mean a lot to your elders and they will adapt easier. Overcoming moving depression, anxiety, and homesickness is not easy. Your presence will surely help them feel much better. Now you know how to help seniors move to a new house.

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