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An average cost of a move debunked

When you are moving you should definitely know the average cost of a move. Especially if you are on some sort of a budget. That is why knowing the average cost of a move can help you prepare financially and psychologically. So, let’s see how much can everything cost. From hiring a moving companies Brooklyn to getting the right packing material, etc.

The average cost of a move is easy to count

If you want to know the average cost of a move, then take a pen and paper, a planner, a tablet or whatever your preferences are. This is because a checklist is a must in this case. If you need to count this right, then hop to it. This won’t be a checklist per se, but it will help you count the average cost a move in no time. Let’s start. Firstly, we will talk about the packing material. How much can it cost, and on what you can save some money?

calculating average cost of a move
It is important to plan everything ahead

Packing material

Packing material is definitely something on what you can save some serious amount of money. These are the things you need for a move:

  • Scissors
  • Packing paper
  • Moving blanket
  • Boxes
  • Duct tape
  • Labels or markers

These are the things you will most likely need if you want to pack well. So, let’s see, scissors you probably already have. If not, borrow them, no need to buy them for this. Packing paper is something that you can find under very reasonable prices. Moving blanket is something you should rent and not buy so you can save from that side as well. Any company you hire will have a moving blanket to rent to you.


Boxes are something on what you can save money, not only save but you can find them for free. Go to any convenience store and kindly ask for them. That is it. There is no need to spend money on boxes because you can find all kind and sizes for free, you just have to go for a walk through some stores. Also, do not think that used boxes are bad and that they won’t hold. There isn’t much difference between those that are free and the ones you buy. Duct tape is also something that you probably already have. Markers are better than labeling, because you can even use the old ones by simply dipping them in some alcohol, and they will start writing again.

moving boxes
You can save some money on moving boxes

Hiring movers

When you want to know the average cost of a move, it mostly depends on the moving company you hire. It is important to be a good company, with the service that you need and that has reasonable prices. What is important is to hire a moving company on time in order to avoid any extra expenses. If you are considering to move on your own, without the movers so that you can save money, think again. You will need a lot of time, effort and strength physically and psychologically. So, make a list of three potential moving companies and start investigating.

Have an estimate in order to get the average cost of a move

Hiring a moving company is easy nowadays with the internet. You can find them with a click of a button, but that is something we will talk about later. What is important is to have an estimate. This is definitely one of the best, if not the best way to have an average cost of the move. By having an estimate, you will know more or less how much will everything cost. If you are hiring full-service movers then the packing material we have talked about goes under their job description. Again, you must have an estimate, because it is the only way to get an average estimate of a move and you won’t be surprised when you get the bill.

Before the move

Before the move, there are some things you can do in order to get the best possible estimate so that you can also get an average cost of a move. So, declutter. Get rid of all the things you don’t need and use anymore. In this way, you will have clearer everything. Therefore, it will be more possible to make the average cost of your move. Ways to declutter are to make a garage sale, which is great because you can earn money and have some fun, or donate your things. Whatever you decide to do, it will make everything clearer with lesser thing to pack.

clothes on a garage sale
Make sure you are not relocating belongings you do not need

Finding a moving company

Finding a good moving company can help a lot with this subject. As we mentioned already, a good moving company – moving quotes Brooklyn, will do an estimate and after that, it can be a piece of cake to see how much will everything cost. So, make sure to avoid fraudulent movers at all cost. Check to see if they have a license, and read their reviews. This is the best way to avoid them.

Moving is stressful and it is costly. However, if you want to count everything right, it is very important you start planning everything on time and you will have the average cost of your move. It all depends on so many different circumstances. Are you moving a piano, and you live on the sixth floor of a building without an elevator? It will cost you. So, count in, all the circumstances and you will get your average moving cost. Good luck with planning and counting.


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