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Moving in from Chicago guide

So you have decided to move from Chicago to Brooklyn. Moving to Brooklyn will bring some changes in your life.You are going to live in a different environment and a city with a different and unique vibe. Moving in from Chicago will make you wonder about the differences between your city and Brooklyn. We are going to compare different aspects of the two cities. We will also give you some good reasons for moving to Brooklyn. Since the two places are not that close you’d better hire the best long distance movers Brooklyn has to offer and prepare for your move. You will just love the unique art scene of Brooklyn, its beach, and people. Continue reading “Moving in from Chicago guide”

Brooklyn minimalism for rookies

As a local moving company in Brooklyn, we’ve had the chance to talk to numerous homeowners who have settled in New York. And, a lot of them told us a similar thing. When they moved to New York they had to get used to living in a small apartment. And, more than a few of these people have explained to us that they used minimalism principles in order to keep their home organized. So, we wanted to give a hand to all newcomers in the area with a short article. We’re going to pass the tips and hack from our former customers and our own experience down to you. U.Santini Moving and Storage brings you today a way to have more with less: our Brooklyn minimalism for rookies tips and hacks. Continue reading “Brooklyn minimalism for rookies”

Brooklyn monthly furniture storage costs

When moving house to New York, homeowners frequently discover that they own a bit of extra furniture. And, what should you do with these additional items? Most of the time the pieces are too sentimental to get rid of. So, you will want to keep them somewhere, safe, just until you make room for them. This is where cheap storage Brooklyn comes into play. Brooklyn monthly furniture storage costs aren’t as high as you think. So, a rented unit is usually the best way to keep your belongings safe. Well, here is a short guide of our experience as local Brooklyn movers who also offer storage… Continue reading “Brooklyn monthly furniture storage costs”

Brooklyn fine art storage guide

You’ve decided that it’s time to invest in the local artists and bought a piece or two from the gallery to brighten up your walls. But, time for home renovation has arrived and you’re scared that your fine arts will get damaged. Well, we’re going to come to your rescue. As experienced movers in Brooklyn we’ve worked with both homeowners and galleries on transporting their goods. And, we know that there is no place safer for art than in Brooklyn fine art storage. So, here’s our guide to finding, renting and using affordable storage units Brooklyn for your valuables. Continue reading “Brooklyn fine art storage guide”

Relocating for a job to Brooklyn – easy guide

So you have decided to move to Brooklyn. Well, you have made the right choice. This NYC borough is full of opportunities and good prospects. If you are relocating for a job to Brooklyn you are in luck because here you will be able to find great job choices. But first, you will have to deal with the moving part and you will be able to find reliable and professional Brooklyn movers if you just investigate a little. Once you find the perfect moving service Brooklyn has to offer and move, the job hunting can start. We are going to suggest the perfect places to start your job hunting. You will also read about some great Brooklyn start-up companies that are hiring. Continue reading “Relocating for a job to Brooklyn – easy guide”

Moving with family while having fun

We all know that moving is not exactly in the category of easy errands. First of all, it is highly time-consuming, stressful, logistically demanding, and it takes a lot of planning. Second of all, things become even more complicated when the whole family is involved; especially if the children are very young, so you need to pay attention to their demands and needs. So, for a reason, the whole process can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. However, moving with family doesn’t necessarily have to be too demanding and complicated. All it takes is a little bit better organization of time, a little bit more imagination and our article can help you with some practical ideas which will make the whole process of moving smoother. Continue reading “Moving with family while having fun”


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