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How to pack your kitchen like a professional

When moving house, there is one room which every homeowner dreads: the kitchen. And, it’s understandable why. With tons of fragile items and things you need on a daily basis, it’s a hard space to pack into boxes. And, this is without even mentioning the appliances. So, we wanted to tell you how to pack your kitchen like a professional when moving house in New York. As an experienced local moving company in Brooklyn, we have compiled all of our tips and hacks into this article Continue reading “How to pack your kitchen like a professional”

Moving to Philadelphia

You think that moving from the busy Brooklyn life to Philly for some peace and quiet is your next move? We assure you that this isn’t such an uncommon thing these days. As experienced movers in Brooklyn we’ve helped a number of homeowners settle down in Philadelphia. But, before you decide to completely commit to relocating, we wanted to give you a hand in setting expectations. After all, when you know what to expect from moving to Philadelphia, it will make the hard decisions during relocation easier. So, here is our guide to the differences between New York and Philly, along with why you will love them. Continue reading “Moving to Philadelphia”

Pool table movers Brooklyn

Moving house seems like an easy plan and execution until you realize that you have a problematic item. In our experience, it is usually a pool table or a piano. And, when homeowners come upon a hurdle of this sort, their first instinct is to fix it DIY. The logic goes something along the lines of: If I do it myself, it won’t be too expensive. However, with pianos and pool tables, this is a bad idea. You are dealing with expensive, precious and extremely heavy items which can easily be damaged. A lending hand of a professional often costs less than the repairs after a mishap. So, here is our introduction as a local moving company in Brooklyn to pool table movers Brooklyn and why you should hire them… Continue reading “Pool table movers Brooklyn”

Declutter vs storage in Brooklyn

Since we get a lot of questions regarding decluttering your home and using storage in effective ways during a move, we wanted to give a short reply about our experiences. Most homeowners struggle with these decisions. With the hectic nature of a relocation, thinking about organizing your home usually ends up on the back burner. As one of the reliable moving companies Brooklyn we have had a chance to hear numerous homeowners ask us about declutter vs storage in Brooklyn when relocating. Hence, here is a guide to be used before and after your move which will help you find the perfect balance and home order… Continue reading “Declutter vs storage in Brooklyn”

Hiring movers vs DIY move

I really suck at making decisions. Each tiny decision that I need to make takes forever, and it usually ends up being wrong. The process of moving is overwhelming even for normal people, let alone the indecisive ones. One of the worst choices you will be faced with is which is better: hiring movers vs DIY move.  Continue reading “Hiring movers vs DIY move”

Last-minute moving Brooklyn guide

From time to time, there comes a moment when you make a spontaneous decision. This can be to turn left rather than right or to buy a certain flavor of ice-cream. But, there are also times when you make move drastic impromptu choices, like traveling, moving house or getting married. And, with New York being a favored destination for expats, we wanted to offer you a last-minute moving Brooklyn guide. As experienced and affordable local Brooklyn movers, here is our experience in a single article… Continue reading “Last-minute moving Brooklyn guide”


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