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NYC Moving Costs

When moving house, you usually start by looking at destinations and dreaming big. This is great! However, there are also people who think in a different way. The first question of any student moving to New York is: what are the NYC moving costs? And, we want to keep you informed about this topic. After all, you will reach the dilemma of the budget sooner or later, right? Hence, as experienced movers, U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn brings you: Everything you need to know about the costs of moving to NYC and more! Continue reading “NYC Moving Costs”

Early signs of a Brooklyn moving scam

There are not so many certain migrations as a migration to NYC. Rarely any city in the world can compare to the Big Apple when it comes to the newcomers. Millions of people are coming to NYC every year. Sure, there are those who leave the City of Gotham too, but much less than those who come. Talking about the boroughs of New York, the most of the people who migrate to NY are coming to Brooklyn. Having this in mind, we decided to help the newcomers with a few useful tips. What’s the most important tip when moving to such an expensive city as NYC? Well, don’t get scammed! Here are some suggestions what to pay attention to when looking to avoid a Brooklyn moving scam! Continue reading “Early signs of a Brooklyn moving scam”

Why do Europeans move to NY?

Whatever migration people are taking, the reason for moving to another city, country or continent is almost always the same – looking to improve the quality of life. Therefore, when Europeans move to NY, they are looking for a better life. Different people are looking for different kinds of life. This is why there are migrations in both directions. However, the USA and Europe are different in so many things, although they are considered very similar for cultural values. Being that more and more Europeans are making international moves to NY, we did a research why. Here we are to give you an insight what Europeans think will be better if they conduct an intercontinental relocation to the USA. Particularly for those Europeans who move to New York. Continue reading “Why do Europeans move to NY?”

Pod container moving tips Brooklyn

The time for moving house has come again, but you’ve decided to try something a bit different now? Well, PODs might just be the perfect choice. If you’ve tried a DIY relocation before, you will know the basics of this, then. However, it’s something in between hiring a reliable Brooklyn moving company and doing it completely on your own. And, the best part is, storage pods are convenient and some work can be farmed out to a local Brooklyn relocation company. So, today we wanted to give you some pod container moving tips Brooklyn, and help you decide what to do. Continue reading “Pod container moving tips Brooklyn”

Moving to Chicago from NYC

Tired of living in NYC? Well, everyone gets tired every now and then. Simply, NY life isn’t something some of the people want. Running everywhere all the time can exhaust you. But, we invite you to take a second. Sit down and think about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the Big Apple. One or two days of exhaustion might not mean you should leave New York. On the other hand, if there are many reasons why you think of moving from NYC, then, this is the article for you. If so decisive to migrate from Brooklyn, Manhattan, or whatever borough is your current residence, we have a suggestion for you. Chicago might be just the city for you! Hence, we have a few tips about moving to Chicago from NYC. Learn what you should know about moving to the Windy City. Continue reading “Moving to Chicago from NYC”

Piano Movers Brooklyn

From time to time in life, there comes a certain point when you need to relocate your piano. And, we all know how that goes: with plenty of headache and worrying. After all, a piano is a sentimental, expensive and overall valuable object. It’s necessary that it’s relocated with care and expertise. We hope that by the end of this article you’ll realize that the piano movers Brooklyn you’ve been looking for is our company: U.Santini Moving and Storage. The first thing we wanted to tell you about is how to, in fact, find a good and reliable moving company for the job… Continue reading “Piano Movers Brooklyn”


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