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Benefits of using short-term storage NYC offers


You are planning your relocation but you realized that you have more belongings that can fit into your new place? Or you simply want to declutter and move some of your stuff out of the way? So, what to do with it other than to throw it all away? A very popular solution is to rent a storage unit. Therefore, we present you with a simple guide on using short-term storage NYC. Let’s take a look.

Let’s search for the right storage unit!

If you decided on using short-term storage NYC, there is no better way then to rent one from a moving company. People often do not know where to look. Therefore, we will recommend checking online for a moving company that provides such a service. Find a couple of interesting choices for the area you live in and take a closer look. Check if the company of your choice is a legit one and if they can accommodate your request.

Christmas decoration
Use your storage unit to store away your Christmas decorations

Two things you should pay special attention to are the availability of your unit, and the location. Most of the users wish to have their unit located near their home, for easier access. Also, this will influence the price of your rent. The best thing to do is to browse public storage New York and compare everything before making a choice. Settling with a local company would be the best choice. They will provide the best assistance, to find an appropriate storage unit locally.

What can you use your storage unit for?

Once you decided on the size and the location of your unit, you can start using short-term storage NYC for all sorts of thing. Finally, it is up to you what you use your unit for, but here are a few common examples:

  • Rarely used items – Storage unit is a great place to store Christmas decorations and other seasonal items. You can keep your winter clothes, ski equipment, bicycle, motorboat, etc. You name it.
  • A second garage – If your renting company would allow it, you can use your unit as an improvised garage. Of course, the size of the unit matters as well. But if the situation will allow it, you can store your smaller vehicle, motorbike, or a vintage car and keep it safe.
  • Workshop – You can adapt your storage unit to serve you as an additional workspace. This way you can keep up with your hobbies while keeping it away from your home. Most importantly, it is a place where you can do it in peace.
  • Storage – Lastly, most common is to use it as simple storage. Here you can keep your old furniture, outgrown clothes, tools you rarely use, etc. A huge benefit is that you can store your items indefinite or for a shorter period. Later you can decide what to do with them.

Anyone can start using short-term storage NYC

Storage units have many ways of using and great possibilities, and almost anyone can become the owner. If you decided to be one as well, be aware of the options you have. Firstly, get to know all the shapes and sizes of storage units available to the customer. You should know that there are small, medium, and large. Also, a storing unit can be a part of a bigger complex, a single outdoor unit, or a regular garage-like storing unit. Some units have a guard present through the night, and other the 24-hour surveillance. Other storing providers have a maintenance crew, and in others, you’ll have to clean yourself. Be sure to browse the options available before using short-term storage NYC.

You will need proper boxes when using short-term storage NYC
You will need proper boxes and packing materials when using a storage unit

Although, whatever you choose, think about investing at least in an additional lock and key, or reinforced steel door. This simple purchase will put your mind at ease. It is important to feel secure. You do not want to think about your unit all the time, and to wonder if someone is trying to rob you. Therefore, we will recommend a self-storage Brooklyn, as the most reliable option locally. Check out storing services they provide. You will be amazed by the options you can utilize cheaply. Give them a call today.

How you pack for storage does matter

Do not make a common mistake and clutter your storing space. It should be clean and you should move unobstructed through it. Hence, it is important what packing materials you use and how you pack for storing. Start with your moving Boxes Brooklyn. Get to the nearest hardware store and obtain the medium-sized and maybe a few smaller ones. This will make it a lot easier to stack them on top of each other and save some space. Although, keep in mind that the boxes containing fragile items should be on the top. Do not forget to tape your boxes tight, and to label each box.

Next is to take apart the furniture you are storing and wrap the individual pieces in a protective sheet. Also, make the shelving system most suitable for you. You can use hangers and wooden shelves for lighter items. Also, you can hang certain items off the ceiling to preserve yet more space. The best way is to make a plan when you are packing for self-storage. Make a list of all the items and work out the logistics.

Sort your things out before you start using short-term storage NYC

As we mentioned, sort out all the things you intend to store. Before you start bringing your boxes in, figure out the areas of your unit. Decide where to put the items that won’t be used at all, and the other places for frequently used items. While sorting your things, it would be the best time to figure out which items you can throw away. There are several ways you can get rid of unwanted items. Maybe to organize a garage or yard sale. Another way is to sell stuff online. And of course, you can always donate. Figure out what is the best solution for you.

Cleaning tools
Keep your storage unit nice and clean

Organize and keep it clean

No matter how often you visit, your storage unit should be clean as a whistle. Clean your unit each time you visit. Take a broom and swipe in front, let the fresh air in, and swipe the dust a bit. Also, you should keep your storage pest free, by using a rodent repellant. Furthermore, think about the mold that is caused by the excess moisture in the air. Mold is dangerous for your belongings and you should fight it with the air moisturizer. In addition, hang a few scent bags to keep the place fresh.

There we go, these are the key things you should know when using short-term storage NYC. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful like many customers before you. Good luck in finding the best one for you, and we wish that your storage serves you well.

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