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Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Millennials


Brooklyn is one of the fastest-growing boroughs in New York. Every neighborhood has a unique look and history, dozens of colleges, a variety of businesses, an abundance of parks, and great local schools. You can do many exciting activities in Brooklyn – visit museums, find the best sports bars in Brooklyn, spend a day in Coney Island, and go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park Zoo. Finding an area that is perfect for you involves some contemplating and research. If you are unsure how to find the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials, we will help you choose. We wish you the best of luck in your search.

Where to Start When Searching For the Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Millennials?

One of the first steps when searching for the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials is figuring out where your priorities lie. Before you do the research and book your Brooklyn movers, set your budget. In addition to the location and size of the place, price is usually the biggest factor that people take into account when relocating. You will unlikely find an apartment in New York City that ticks all your boxes. If you invest in a location, you will have to either pay higher rent or live in a small space. On the other hand, if space and money are your priority, you should be prepared to live in a less trendy neighborhood. Think about what is really important to you – a short commute to work, life in a safe area, a big apartment, or being close to shops and restaurants?

redbrick wall in one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials
There are many Brooklyn neighborhoods to choose from

What are the Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Millennials?

When most people think about living in New York, they picture the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, small and pricey apartments, crazy lifestyle, and tourist crowds. However, moving to Brooklyn has many benefits that Manhattan lacks. First, it’s a lot less expensive – everything from entertainment to rent is more affordable. It’s a great option for all types of people: students, professionals, young families. It features approximately ten neighborhoods, all of them charming, unique, and distinct. Whether you are raising a family or starting a business, Brooklyn is an exciting place to live. Here is the list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials:

  • Williamsburg
  • Crown Heights
  • Windsor Terrace
  • Bushwick
  • Greenpoint
  • Park Slope
  • Cobble Hill
  • Fort Greene
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant
  • Prospect Heights
  • Clinton Hill


Williamsburg is a trendy Brooklyn neighborhood with a population of around 156,000. According to Williamsburg movers, this neighborhood is particularly popular with young people because of its easy commute to Manhattan and great energy. Manhattan is just over the Williamsburg Bridge, so you can walk over it, ride a bike, or take a subway to get there in ten minutes. It attracts artists, hipsters, and thriving musicians. The neighborhood is filled with shops, restaurants, bars, record stores, etc. People looking for a calm, family borough should probably avoid it, as Williamsburg has become the center of Brooklyn nightlife. When it comes to the real estate market, the prices are on the rise in recent years. For example, you can expect to spend between $1,500 and $3,000 a month on rent.

a view of one of the top Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials
Williamsburg is one of the most popular Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials

Crown Heights

This is the central Brooklyn neighborhood with about 130,000 residents. One of the primary drivers that attract young people is the cost of living. That is why Brooklyn long distance movers are seeing millennials moving here from all over New York. Rentals range from $1,250 for studios to $3,000 for three-bedroom apartments. Crown Heights was once associated with high crime rate but now it attracts a lot of entrepreneurs and investors. It’s famous for its large Caribbean community. There are many restaurants, bakeries, bars, and coffee shops here. The residents are close to the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brower Park, Barclays Center.

Windsor Terrace

If you are looking for a family-friendly Brooklyn neighborhood, Windsor Terrace might be a great area for your new home. Your children will have a small-town friendly atmosphere while being close to the hustle and bustle of Park Slope. This is an extremely safe neighborhood with great local schools. The local community is very friendly and close-knit. Windsor Terrace is located next to Prospect Park with a population of about 17,000. There is easy access to public transportation, a lot of bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. If you ask NYC local movers where their millennial customers move to the most, Windsor Terrace would be at the top of the list.


Bushwick, with its dynamic mix of street art, indie music, and artisan coffee shops, stands out as one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials. The neighborhood is currently home to approximately 114,882 residents, providing a vibrant community atmosphere that appeals to young professionals and creatives alike. The cost of living in Bushwick reflects its popularity and cultural richness. Renting a one-bedroom apartment averages around $2,075 per month, which, while higher than the national average, is competitive for Brooklyn standards. Bushwick’s appeal is further amplified by the influx of millennials seeking the unique lifestyle it offers. Bushwick movers are seeing many millennials moving here, which is supported by the neighborhood’s extensive amenities and its reputation as a hub for arts and culture. The area’s accessibility and the continuous influx of young residents help maintain its status as a highly desirable location for millennials.

a street in one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials
If you are looking for a dynamic mix of street art, indie music, and artisan coffee shops, Bushwick is for you


Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is a neighborhood that perfectly balances old Polish heritage with modern lifestyle amenities, making it one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials. With a population of 39,516, Greenpoint offers a dense urban feel characterized by waterfront parks and eclectic boutiques that contribute to its charm. The average rent in Greenpoint is relatively high, around $4,679, reflecting its desirability and the quality of life it offers its residents. The area’s historical buildings blend seamlessly with newer developments, creating a dynamic urban environment. Greenpoint’s popularity among young professionals is evident in its vibrant street life and cultural offerings and the significant number of millennials choosing to move there. This trend is noted by Brooklyn local movers and is indicative of the neighborhood’s growing appeal to younger residents who appreciate its unique blend of cultural diversity and modern amenities.


DUMBO, short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” is a standout neighborhood in Brooklyn for millennials. This area boasts spectacular waterfront views, high-end dining options, and thriving tech startups, making it a vibrant place to live. With a population of around 2,407 people, DUMBO offers a unique blend of urban appeal and community atmosphere. Residential rents average around $4,679, highlighting its status as a sought-after locale for living and leisure. Notably, residential movers in Brooklyn have observed a significant influx of millennials moving to DUMBO, attracted by its artistic and cultural richness, combined with its historical charm. This neighborhood’s mix of old and new elements—from cobblestone streets and expansive parks to modern art galleries and boutique shopping—makes it one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials looking for an energetic yet manageable urban experience.

Park Slope

Park Slope, known for its picturesque brownstones and family-friendly atmosphere, is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials. With a population of approximately 45,389 residents, Park Slope offers a vibrant community vibe that is highly attractive to young professionals and families alike. The neighborhood is characterized by its close proximity to the expansive Prospect Park, adding to its appeal with ample outdoor activities and green space. The median rent in Park Slope stands at about $2,922, reflecting the high demand for living in this well-appointed area. This cost aligns with the neighborhood’s amenities, including bars, restaurants, and coffee shops catering to a diverse and liberal community. Park Slope is also notable for its excellent public schools, making it a top choice for families​. In recent times, Park Slope movers have helped many millennials relocate here, drawn by the neighborhood’s perfect blend of urban convenience and suburban calm.

Park Slope
Park Slope is known for its brownstones

Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill in Brooklyn is an attractive neighborhood for millennials, offering a quieter residential ambiance with charming streets, cozy cafes, and small independent shops. This neighborhood has a population of about 9,364 residents and is known for its high quality of life and community spirit. Cobble Hill is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials due to its serene environment combined with urban conveniences. The median household income in the area is $172,610, reflecting its affluent demographic. The area’s rental market is vibrant, supporting a lifestyle that is appealing to young professionals looking for a blend of modern urban living in a historically rich setting. Recent trends indicate a significant influx of millennials to this neighborhood, as observed by Cobble Hill movers, who note the area’s growing popularity among younger demographics.

Fort Greene

Fort Greene is a culturally rich Brooklyn neighborhood that’s ideal for millennials seeking diversity and arts. The population in the Fort Greene and Brooklyn Heights area is around 147,130. The neighborhood is home to the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Fort Greene Park, making it a cultural hub with plenty of green space. The median household income in Fort Greene is $127,910, which is quite high compared to other areas of New York City. The rent in this area averages around $2,650 for all apartment types, with recent movers paying about $3,280. Fort Greene’s appeal to millennials is evident in its dynamic community atmosphere and the many millennials who are moving to the area. Fort Greene movers are actively involved in relocating many young adults to this neighborhood, attracted by its cultural institutions, dining diversity, and charming park.


Bedford-Stuyvesant, often celebrated for its rich cultural history and growing arts scene, is a standout among Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials. This neighborhood boasts a vibrant community with a population of approximately 169,459 residents. The average rental price here is around $3,078, offering a variety of housing options from historic brownstones to modern apartments. An active arts scene supports the neighborhood’s cultural vibrancy, and it’s known for its strong sense of community. NYC long distance movers have noted a significant influx of millennials relocating to Bedford-Stuyvesant, drawn by its affordability compared to other Brooklyn areas and the lifestyle it offers. This area is attracting new residents not only for its cultural and architectural charm but also for its practical advantages. Bedford-Stuyvesant offers good transit options, making it easy for residents to commute across New York City.

corner shop in Bedford
Bedford is popular because of its good food, rich cultural history, and growing arts scene

Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights is a vibrant neighborhood in Brooklyn, one of the best places for millennials. This area is celebrated for its blend of historic charm and modern amenities, contributing to a dynamic urban experience. Prospect Heights is densely populated, with a current resident count of about 21,555 people, and it offers an urban feel with numerous bars, restaurants, and parks that cater to a liberal, young professional demographic. The average rent in Prospect Heights is around $5,045, positioning it among the higher-rent districts in New York. This reflects its popularity and the quality of life it provides. Its proximity to major attractions like the Brooklyn Museum adds to its appeal, offering both cultural activities and a touch of nature with nearby parks. Interestingly, even the Prospect Heights movers have taken note of the influx of millennials, which proves its popularity and desirability among younger demographics.

Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, is an eclectic neighborhood that attracts a mix of students, artists, and young professionals. The area is celebrated for its beautiful stately mansions. Also, here, you can find the campus of Pratt Institute, which adds a vibrant, creative vibe to the neighborhood. This unique blend of historic architecture and youthful energy makes Clinton Hill a desirable place for those who appreciate both tradition and innovation. Its strong sense of community and cultural diversity further enhance the neighborhood’s appeal. Clinton Hill is not just a hub for creativity but also a place where various cultures and histories intersect, providing a rich living experience for its residents. Clinton Hill movers also recommend this because of its artistic atmosphere and dynamic community life. The presence of Pratt Institute also means a steady influx of students, which keeps the neighborhood vibrant and constantly rejuvenated with new ideas.

Settled in Brooklyn? Now Embrace the Wonders of New York City

Now that you have picked a neighborhood found an apartment, and moved in, it’s time to enjoy the city. Just because you live in a particular area doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience the rest of New York. This city’s neighborhoods are so unique, vibrant, cool, and wonderful that you will find numerous places you want to visit. Explore everything it has to offer – visit parks, galleries, museums, go clubbing, see a Broadway show, find your favorite coffee shop. You will discover more architectural treasures and attractions than you can count. And as for neighborhoods, every part of New York has a lot of character and charm. We are certain you will find a place to fall in love with.

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