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Best movie theaters in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn is definitely a neighborhood that has a lot to offer. If you are planning on moving here soon, and are looking for places to spend some of your time – you are in the right place. Every change can be hard, but if you continue doing what you love here after relocating, you will feel like at home in no time. Getting to know a culture of one neighborhood is one of the best ways to get to know a new area. If you are looking for the best movie theaters in Brooklyn, we will present you with some of our favorite picks.

Brooklyn bridge
When you relocate to Brooklyn you will have a chance to visit some of the best movie theaters

1# Irondale Center

Irondale Center in Brooklyn has a dynamic and flexible vibe. It has an important role to play as a cultural and ever-changing district. Irondale Center is exciting and it continuously grows. It is located at 85 S Oxford St, next to the church. Irondale was opened in 2008. It serves as the laboratory for young Brooklyn artist’s work and development. The theatre itself, has 28-foot ceilings, a 1,900-square-foot gallery, and original stained glass windows. The best way to get to know its character of this distinctive space is to visit it, as there are no words to describe it.

2# Nitehawk Cinema

 It is located at 136 Metropolitan Ave. This cinema is an innovative and independent movie house. Nitehawk is a three-screen cinema that offers digital and 35mm films. During each screening, it offers serving options, street-level public café and a concession-bar in the lobby. The reason why it is one of the best movie theaters in Brooklyn is that it offers full dining menu at all times, and every meal is a product from some Brooklyn artist or inspired by a movie that is being screened at the moment. Special indeed!

3# Brooklyn Academy of Music

This is the best destination for filmgoers. Its program includes showings of classics, premieres, festivals and retrospectives with special appearances by actors and filmmakers. No one ever regrets visiting this place. You can find it at 30 Lafayette Ave.

4# Spectacle theater

This micro-cinema, screens offbeat films, contemporary art, previously overlooked films and more. If you prefer indie, the alternative type of films, this is the best choice for you. It is located at 124 South Third St.

Moving to Brooklyn

It can be a bit scary, since the Brooklyn has grown and changed in front of our eyes, in ways that we can’t even believe. We can’t even explain it to ourselves. What has changed? Well, pretty much everything. If you haven’t visited Brooklyn in a while, you will be surprised. In a positive way, of course. It is not the bad neighborhood that it was before. It is not even cheap. Housing costs have gone through the roof since this area became the new hip place to live.

A young man with a suitcase on the street
Embrace the change and move to the Brooklyn!

Brooklyn can play a trick on you – it doesn’t look that changed, but it really is. Everything is at the tip of your finger, living quality is much better than let’s say 10 years ago, and people are changed. There is something artistic in the Brooklyn’s vibe. If you are already convinced, look for the moving companies Brooklyn, and start packing.

Art is flourishing, food is great, people are welcoming and prices are still lower than in the Manhattan. What’s not to like?

Start planning your move to Brooklyn

Best movie theaters in Brooklyn might not be the reason enough to make you want to move here but stop for a second. Take a deep breath. Why not? Look for knowledgeable local movers Brooklyn, and start your new chapter.

  • The education system is becoming better and better.
  • Health options are available for everyone.
  • Crime rates are at their lowest.
  • Housing prices are still lower in comparison to the other parts of the NYC.
  • Best movie theaters in Brooklyn might not interest you, but career opportunities
  • The art world has thrived.
  • Remember how Manhattan has the best pizza in the whole world? Forget it.

How to move?

After making a thorough plan, it is time for some action! Our most honest advice for moving is to get rid of items that you don’t want to bring to the Brooklyn, and start packing. Sort as much as you can, and label your boxes. As the time passes, and you are slowly packing, look for a job and an apartment. You might need to share it with a roommate or two, but why not? Cancel old memberships, services, and subscriptions. Change your billing address. Prepare your important (medical, financial, etc.) files, and try to keep them in a safe place.

The best movie theatres in Brooklyn aren’t the only reason to move

If you are moving to Brooklyn with a pet – brace yourself – you are going to live in the animal heaven. This area of the NYC has changed its ways. It is way more welcoming, tolerant and accepting. People of all backgrounds live and work here. Career opportunities are plentiful. And if you are looking for ways to have some fun, this is the right place for you. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums, parks – you can find it all here. So, it is quite hard to make a mistake when moving to NYC.

A dog in a cardboard box
Have fun at the movie theater together with your pet.

Say your goodbyes

Spend some time with your closest friends and family members, before leaving for Brooklyn. Invite everyone to come and visit you. Share your feelings. Propose visiting some of the best movie theaters in Brooklyn. Have a good time, and start your new chapter.

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