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Best NYC neighborhoods for college grads


Once you graduate from college, life really begins. And one of the most important decisions you have to make is moving someplace that has better opportunities or staying in your community. While both are viable options, you still have to pick one. Should you pick the former, we can recommend moving to the beautiful state of New York! However, now the question becomes – where? And to answer this question, we’ve picked the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads. These were chosen, not because movers in Brooklyn can get you there, but because of the opportunities, they offer to freshly graduated college students! With that in mind, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

What are the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads?

To be honest, this was a really tricky thing to answer. Finding the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads among the more than 300 neighborhoods split between 5 boroughs was difficult. Also, further narrowing down the choices was even more difficult. After all, small differences are in question. But, here we are. The five neighborhoods we picked include:

  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Nolita
  • Murray Hill
  • Chelsea
  • Flatron District
College degree
As a college graduate, you have to figure out what are you going to do and where are you going to go in life!

While these are not in any particular order, you can rest assured that long-distance moving companies New York are there to have you covered with the moving-related tasks. You just have to pick one of the neighborhoods you like the most. So, let’s take a deeper look into the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads!

First, we have to make a disclaimer before we begin describing Hell’s Kitchen. Most of these neighborhoods are located in Manhattan. So, if you are a fan of other boroughs, like Brooklyn for example, you can always search for renting a moving truck Brooklyn and going there. So, nothing we’ll say here is carved in stone. You are free to make your own decisions!

Hell’s Kitchen is first on our list

So, if we were to grade these neighborhoods on a test, Hell’s Kitchen would get an A+. The simple reason for this is the fact that there are plenty of job opportunities among other great things. Although housing is a problem in New York as a whole, Hell’s Kitchen is something different.

With plenty of options for outdoor activities, health and fitness, and a diverse community, you are guaranteed to quickly find out why this is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads! Also, we can’t but mention the fantastic opportunities for professional improvement. No wonder many young professionals like yourself are choosing to move here.

Nolita definitely belongs to the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads

Nolita is a nice neighborhood that is home to a little over six thousand people. It is simply astonishing how beautiful it is. But, this is not the reason why it’s among the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads. No, no, no! The reason is much deeper and is connected to the wide array of jobs available in this area.

NYC panorama
Nolita is a downscaled NYC. That is also something that makes it one of the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads.

But, hold on! That is not everything! This is one of the safest neighborhoods in all of NYC. So, if you are planning to raise a family, Nolita is the right neighborhood to do that. However, if you are not yet thinking about raising a family, you can start enjoying the vivid nightlife here. So, why not appreciate this time while you still can?

Murray Hill is also not a bad pick

Murray Hill is not only among the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads, but it’s also among the top 5 best neighborhoods to live in New York City. And this is mainly because it’s overall a good place to live. With the abundance of opportunities, both for work and for leisure, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy living here.

And if you are convinced that this is the right pick for you, you just have to figure out the moving costs NYC and start packing! However, if you are not yet convinced, we will just tell you that the median household income in this neighborhood is around $140k. Simultaneously, the housing market is much cheaper than in any other part of NYC!

Chelsea – no, not the soccer club

Not a soccer fan? Okay, not a problem because this Chelsea is a really good opportunity to develop yourself and prosper quite quickly and easily. This neighborhood of around 63,000 people, is one of the most developed in NYC. No wonder it makes the list of best NYC neighborhoods for college grads.

New York City
Imagine driving every day down this road and getting to see this beautiful sight… Well, that is possible when living in Chelsea!

Aside from that, living in Chelsea offers residents a dense urban feel and most residents rent their homes. While that is generally seen as a bad thing, taking into account the fact that you just graduated, it’s actually good. The reason is mostly of a psychological nature – you won’t feel pressured to buy a home that you truly can’t afford.

Flatron District is last on our list of the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads

Out of all the neighborhoods we listed here, Flatron District appears to be the wealthiest. With a median household income of over $165k, things are going to develop quite fast in your life! This is also true when you take into account that you aren’t going to work as a night clerk after you graduate. No, you are going to aim for a high-paying job you are qualified for.

So, seeing this number can be astonishing, given that the national average is around $62k. Again, the same as before is true in Flatron District when it comes to home-owning. Most of its 15,000 people are renting their homes. So, the high salary and good job and housing opportunities make this place one of the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads!

In conclusion

Finding the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads can be a tough thing to do. That is why you have us to keep your back! So, the only thing left to do is to get familiar with how to do a New York DMV change of address and you can start settling in. We are sure that you are going to have a nice life in New York, so go for it! We wish you all the luck in the world.

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