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• Guarantee transparent communication with our employees - they will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
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look for the best places for hidden spots in Brooklyn

Best places for hidden spots in Brooklyn

We all love and enjoy living or visiting New York. We love visiting all those famous places and looking for hidden jewels. Yes, we can agree it is interesting to visit something famous and well known. But visiting some interesting places that only locals know is a whole new adventure. There a lot of hidden places in New York, especially in Brooklyn. A lot of people are moving to Brooklyn since it is close to everything, but rents are much lower. So, as in New York, there are a lot of hidden jewels. And we are gonna show you some of the best places for hidden spots in Brooklyn.

Best places for hidden spots in Brooklyn – how to look for them?

Well, you can ask your friends if they live in Brooklyn. Also, you can google it and find about some very interesting hidden places. There are some restaurants that are not famous among tourists. Also, we will talk about some bars. But we will talk about well-hidden parks, beaches. There are so many hidden places in Brooklyn and we are going to try to tell you about as many as possible. Maybe, after you read and visit some of them – you want to move to Brooklyn. Then, you will have to find local movers Brooklyn, but do not worry. There are some very reliable moving companies.

Wild parrots in Brooklyn

You probably think that something is wrong with this. But no, there are actually wild parrots in Brooklyn. They are located in Midwood near the Brooklyn College campus and we can say that this is one of the best places for hidden spots in Brooklyn. They got here in the 1970s when they escaped one shipping container on JFK and decided to live here. You can see green wild parrots and hear that tropical sound they make. It is a very unique experience and you should definitely visit this place and try to locate them.

green wild parrot at one of the Best Places for Hidden Spots in Brooklyn
You can actually see green wild parrots in Brooklyn

Brighton Beach

Yes, this is one of the authentic places in Brooklyn. It is known as “Old World Community”. You will find original Russian vodka here that you can try in almost any restaurant here. And of course, you can actually go to a beach and enjoy yourself. You can spend a whole day here and relax. it is away from all the crowd and noise. This is one of the best-hidden places in Brooklyn. You can live in this neighborhood and enjoy Brighton Beach whenever you have time. Moving here can be a very good move and give you a lot of benefits. But be careful, and choose a good and reputable moving company.

Green-Wood Cemetery

This cemetery in Brooklyn was opened in 1838. It is located in the heart of Brooklyn. Although it might seem weird this is actually a very popular place on weekends. A lot of famous people are buried here. Leonard Bernstein, William Marcy “Boss” Tweed, Elizabeth Tilton for example. A lot of people come here for sightseeing, although it is not very popular and well-known place. That is why it is one of the best places for hidden spots in Brooklyn.

top of a gravestone in form of an angel
Green-Wood Cemetery is a jewel of Brooklyn

Restaurants and bars

There are a lot of special places that are not famous among tourists. You won’t see them in tourist pamphlets. But they have their own unique charm and you can really enjoy yourself here. If you like to dine out and to visit bars, this can be very interesting for you. Moving to Brooklyn just for that can be the right thing to do. So if you are looking for movers and cheap storage NY, be careful. Moving companies that offer storage are well known and have a lot of online reviews.

Butter & Scotch

This place is located in Crown Heights and it is very special. There is a good reason why is this considered the best places for hidden spots in Brooklyn. Here, you can find two best things ever. This place is cozy but it offers freshly baked sweet treats and cocktails. Their menu is very interesting and different from the things you know. If your birthday is coming up, it can be an ideal opportunity to try their specialty. They have a birthday cake that is covered in rainbow sprinkles that is ideal for sharing. Besides very tempting cocktails, they have beer on tap and similar.

The Narrows

This bar is located in Bushwick. The decor in this bar is very elegant, from the 1920s. The whole atmosphere here is very friendly and relaxed. They have a wide choice of beers and cocktails, and they also have grilled-cheese sandwiches and crunchy fries. You can find some new but also some classic cocktails. It is also important to know that they have a very big garden, that is almost always full.

pint of beer in a bar
Try the beer in The Narrows

You are looking for something different?

You are still not fascinated and you are looking for something different? Well, then you better prepare your packing supplies and keep on reading.

Hidden rooms inside of Brooklyn Bridge

Yes, you read it well. There are hidden rooms inside of Brooklyn Bridge. On the Manhattan side, there is the Cold War Era bomb shelter that was found in 2006 that is intact. There were actually supplies like medicines, blankets and similar. But on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, you can find something different. There are a lot of empty spaces like ballrooms, art spaces. Unfortunately, those spaces are not available right now due to security reasons. You can try to see them when you are walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

There are hidden rooms inside of the Brooklyn Bridge

The City Reliquary

This strange museum is located on Metropolitan Avenue, in Williamsburg. It is working since 2002 and it contains all weird bits of local history. They had different displays – from a chicken museum, Jewish gangsters, doughnut history in New York.

Are you coming?

So, have you decided to move to Brooklyn? You could visit and start looking for the best places for hidden spots in Brooklyn and maybe find some new ones. Either way, you can be sure that there will be always new adventures! All you need to do is to move here and start exploring them.


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