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Best Practices for Storing Power Tools


If you are a handyman or a handywoman who is searching for one of the storage companies NYC and the best way of storing power tools, you came to the right place. It matters greatly how you store your power tools. These items are expensive and easily damaged if not handled properly. And it can happen to all of us who are not so skilled at a wide range of repairs. After all, we all have at least a single piece of power tool around, if not more. If you do not store your power tools in a proper manner, they can rust and eventually break. If this is the scenario you wish to avoid, we will help you do so. Let’s dive right in and explain how to maintain and store power tools.

Storing power tools as well as hand tools

The vast majority of people keep their tools in their homes, basements, workshop, or garage. And even with the extensive choices your local hardware store offers, you still need to be well-informed in order to avoid self-storage problems in Brooklyn. Yes, your local hardware store personnel can provide much insight into the subject. But they can’t exactly know how to help if you do not know what you want. So, know that there are two most common ways of storing tools.

tools hanging on the wall
Storing tools on the wall will save so much space. You should do it this way.

The first and one of the handier ways of storing power tools is to hang pegboards on the walls of your workroom, garage, or basement. This is an excellent technique for keeping tools off the floor and organized simultaneously. The second one is for the smaller tools and other accessories. A drawer storage system will do just fine to protect these objects from dust.

Storage rack for good organization

This is a great solution for all of you lacking space. Besides displaying your power tools, so they are easy to find, it also keeps them nicely organized. You won’t have to waste more of your precious time looking for the tool you might need. A storage rack, or a shelving system, is the ultimate tool for your power tools. No pun intended. Therefore, decide which suits you the most and start storing power tools on a shelf or a rack. Whether renting a storage unit or doing this at home, it works both ways.

Storage cabinet can be a pricier option, but a well-worth one

You have probably had an idea about investing in a storage cabinet at some point. The only thing that can keep you away from this idea is your budget. But before you dismiss it, know that this is one of the best ways of keeping your power tools neat, organized, and well-protected. To be honest, buying or making a power tool storage cabinet is one option worth considering. Know that some of them even come with the ability to charge your tools. However, even with a quality storage cabinet, there are additional steps you can take to keep your power tools safe when storing them. Let’s cover this topic more thoroughly.

You must clean your tools each time you use them

So, the best manner by which you will keep your tools tidy is by cleaning them after each use. This is best done by utilizing a rag or a towel. You must ensure that the tool in question is free of dirt, grease, and debris. Some can be cleaned with water, while others require a more serious approach. Check their label for any recommendations or warnings regarding the cleaning methods. And, of course, you must unplug and remove the power source each time you clean your power tools. If you do this one correctly, your tools will last longer.

a man cleaning tools with a rag
A simple rag or a fiber cloth will do the trick. Clean your tools thoroughly before storing them.

This is especially important if you are renting a cheap storage New York with an idea to store your tools for a longer period of time. Damage over time is a serious business so you better prepare your tools if they are going to sit inside storage unattended for months.

Check for damage or defects

Before storing power tools, you must check for defects or damage. With this step, you can kill two birds with one stone. Whilst cleaning, check if your tools were previously damaged and if all mechanisms and electronics are functioning correctly. If it so happens that you run into any kind of impairment, see if it can be fixed. If not, throw the tool away or use it for spare parts. You don’t want it to clutter your storage space unnecessarily when you can use it to store other tools and equipment.

The proper way of cleaning

Every metal surface requires a proper cleaning method. Acquire an approved solution and scrape away any soil and dirt. It’s necessary to dry the tool completely. Do so with the help of a towel or rag. Only after it’s scorched, place it in its designated area in storage. And as we have already stated before, before storing power tools, you must make sure that all cords are detached, batteries removed, and any power source removed as well. Not only are you removing the chance of injuries, but you are keeping your storage unit safe. Malfunctioning cords can easily lead to a fire or power shortage. You do not want to burn down your unit or the entire facility.

The coating is one of the practices for storing power tools

Try to find a quality lubricant metal protector spray for that extra protection. You can find one at your local Home Depot or a hardware store. Once you do, coat the metal parts of the tools with it, and be as generous as you deem you should be. This way of protecting tools will keep all metal parts in good shape. And you must do this after each time you use the tool.

coating before storing power tools is a mandatory step
The coating is a necessary step you must take before storing power tools. Do it right.

Do not store power tools on the ground

This is crucial when storing power tools. And the reasons are many. The main one is any kind of flooding can damage the tools to the point beyond repair. You can drop heavy objects on them or even trip while moving through your storage. So, to avoid these instances, never place tools directly on the storage ground. As for the small hand and power tools, shelves will suffice. And for bigger and heavier tools, you can use wooden pallets and pace them on them. Also, it would be highly advisable to cover your power tools with bubble wrap, a tarp, or a blanket. Something that will keep moisture, dust, and sunlight away.

Use plastic bins

Plastic bins and boxes are great for storing short-handled tools. And for all hand tools as well as the smaller ones. Even more so if containers are see-through. It will shorten the time of your search for a specific tool. If you could acquire only the ones in full color, know that you can label those boxes. Create a listing or describe its contents somehow. There are several ways to create a labeling system. You can match numbers, colors, or signs. Write whatever you want on your label as long as you know what is inside the box. And know that you can purchase all kinds of containers at your local moving and storage Brooklyn company. Ask them about it, and they will advise what is in store.

small plastic containers
Plastic containers are a fantastic solution. Obtain different sizes to support all items you have.

Usually, plastic bins have a latch to close them tightly. If they don’t, you can tie them with a rope or a plastic tie. Try to use something easy to untie and unlikely to tangle. As for the bigger power tools, they are bound to stay outside in the open. Proceed with placing those long-handled tools in a garbage can, as it is a stable yet affordable structure. Also, you can hang these tools on a wall if the previous idea is not for you. Lastly, you can hang them from the ceiling if they are not too heavy. And even if they are, you can purchase a few reinforced steel hooks and install them by yourself. Those are designed to support extreme weight, and we are sure they will hold your tools in place.

Options for those who lack space

If you simply have no room for storing power tools anywhere in your home, basement, or garage, do not despair because there is a solution. Many moving companies offer storage Brooklyn that will keep your tools safe. Besides freeing up space for other items, it will also keep them away from children, which somehow always find their way to the most hazardous item one household can have. If you decide that this option is right for you, follow these steps to ensure complete safety from your side:

  • Place small tools in plastic bins. These will provide an added layer of protection that will prevent damages of items in storage.
  • Organize like-sized tools together in a bin. They are also easy to stack and carry around.
  • Label the boxes with their contents. This will be of great help when you want to find the tool you need.
  • Keep an inventory list of the tools that you have. It should also contain the place in which they are stored.

Follow these steps, and you will have your power tools stored safely. You will also be organized and more efficient.

These were the tips for storing power tools. Now you know all about it and can start preparing your power tools for the occasion. And no matter if you decide to rent a storage unit or storing your tools inside your home. The procedure is the same and applicable to all situations. Although, a storage unit is safer, and it has more space. Determine if this option is for you and if your budget can support it. Good luck.

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