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Best suburbs in the NYC area to live in

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Are you about to move and you are wondering what are the best suburbs in the NYC area? Before we start talking about those, we have to say something about moving itself. Do you probably know that moving itself is considered to be one of the most challenging and exhausting things in the world for a person? Unless you do everything as you’re supposed to, things can really go sideways. You can end up losing so much of your valuable time and not to mention money. However, if you do everything properly, moving can be really funny, exciting and memorable. You are about to start writing a new chapter of your life as soon as you move to the new home. Because of that, you should choose wisely the neighborhood where you’re going to live. Here, we are going to list some of the best suburbs in the NYC area.

Start by making a plan

The most important thing when you are about to move is to make a plan. Many people don’t even realize how crucial this step is. They either think that it takes too much time, it’s not necessary at all or they are simply lazy to do it. This has many benefits. First, take as much time as you need to go through everything and put it down on paper. It’s very easy to get distracted during the relocation because things can get pretty hectic. The plan is going to keep you focused on everything that’s ahead of you. Also, making a to-do list is a good choice, since you can track the progress you’re making. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do it on your own, you can hire movers and packers Brooklyn and let professionals do the work.

suburb neighborhood
Suburbs are great for families with children!

Choose the right movers and gather essential packing supplies

During the planning phase, you should also think about the movers. It’s very important to pick reliable and trustworthy movers who can do their job well. Local movers Brooklyn will take care of everything for you! Another important thing is to gather all the essential packing and moving supplies. The most common reason why something gets damaged during the transportation is that it’s poorly packed. Because of that, you want to get new cardboard boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Also, you can use old clothes and towels to wrap fragile items. Don’t forget to label the boxes as well because you will have a much easier time when unpacking in the new home.

What are the best suburbs in the NYC area?

Now that you gathered all the essential supplies and made a plan, it’s time to start looking for the NYC areas. When looking for these, you should ask yourself a few questions. What is the lifestyle you want to live? What can you afford? How far is it from the work? These are very important factors you need to consider when searching for a new place to live in. Also, moving costs NYC will depend on them. Here, we have listed some of the best suburbs in the NYC area:

  • Garden City and Manhasset, Long Island
  • Pelham/New Rochelle
  • Scarsdale
  • Great Neck Plaza
  • Jericho
  • Great Neck Gardens
a dog on the street
If you are looking for a more relaxed life, moving to a suburb is the way to go!

Garden City and Manhasset

When you are moving to the Garden City or Manhasset, keep in mind that you should be careful at all times. Something bad can always happen so you have to think of ways how to protect against theft when moving. This suburb is located in Nassau County and it has around 22.500 citizens. Once you move here you feel a really strong sense of community. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and you’ll be able to easily engage in conversations. Another great thing is that it’s very close to NYC so commute time is not that long.

Pelham/New Rochelle

These two towns are located in lower Westchester and they are simply great options for families with children. While being very close to the city, they are still in the suburbs which has that slower pace of life and safety. Pelham is a really small town but it has a very charming city center. On the other hand, New Rochelle is also a small city but it has bustling downtown. Also, if you are moving here with your kids, you should not miss amazing waterparks which children adore. Both of these cities have great schools and low crime rates, which is important for younger families. They are located close to nature trails, beaches, and weekend farmer’s markets. As soon as you come here, you’ll realize that moving to Pelham or New Rochelle was a great idea!

Parents teaching a kid how to ride a bike and talking about best suburbs in the NYC area
The School system is great as well as the crime rates are low.


Since we are talking about the best suburbs in the NYC area, we have to mention this one. Scarsdale is located in Westchester County and it has around 18,000 people living here. This is one of the best places where you can raise your family. This pretty suburb offers a great schooling system which constantly ranks high compared to the other schools. If you are looking for fun here, you simply have to visit the town’s world-class library, multiple paddles, and tennis courts as well a swimming pool complex. Keep in mind that Scarsdale is only 30 minutes away from NYC.

Great Neck Plaza

Great Neck Plaza is one of the places that definitely has to be on the list of the best suburbs in the NYC area! Located in Nassau County and with almost 7000 people, it offers a very dense suburban feel. A strong sense of community is something that you will notice as soon as you move here. Regarding the schooling system, they are very highly rated and they are performing better than most schools in this area. One thing you should keep in mind is that the median home value is around $364,400.

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