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Best way to organize a new kitchen


Ask people what the heart of their home is, the place where the whole family spends most of the time together and a great majority will answer the same – the kitchen. Why? Because this is the room where all the important stories are told, delicious food is prepared and countless family meals enjoyed. Thus, it matters greatly how you organize your kitchen. Your relocation is a perfect excuse to introduce some novelties, change the habits and make your living space even more enjoyable and cozy. We can help you organize a new kitchen and make it functional and yet attractive. Read our useful tips on the subject. Hopefully, you will be fascinated with the results once you apply these hints.

To organize a new kitchen – explore and demarcate different zones

Before you start unpacking your moving boxes, take a good look of your new kitchen. Is it much different than your former one? Have you got enough space for your items or looking for cheap storage Brooklyn is necessary? Then, think about different zones in your kitchen. You need a part of the kitchen for food preparation, cooking, and baking. Also, you need some space to keep your cleaning supplies. In addition, you need to make a plan on how to store your kitchenware properly. Don’t rush the whole process because the chances are you will have to reconsider your decisions very soon. Take your time and think carefully to make the best and most reasonable choice. Only then should you start unpacking.

To organize a new kitchen, explore and demarcate different zones
Before you start unpacking your moving boxes, take a good look of your new kitchen.

If you don’t like how kitchen furniture has been arranged, don’t despair. You can try and make some changes according to your preferences. There is an online tool – kitchen planner you can use free of charge. This is yet another option to consider.

Prepare to organize a new kitchen – what do you need?

Some preparation is necessary to bring the organization of a new kitchen to the end easily and efficiently. There are some items you might find very useful when you start organizing your kitchenware and appliances. We suggest the following:

  • Prepare some paper or cork linings. You should use these to line your cabinets and keep them clean. Also, they look very nice too, especially if you choose some modern pattern that matches your kitchen.
  • Some sachets in your cabinets will keep them fresh. Choose the scent you like and enjoy every time you open a cabinet.
  • Spend some money on organizers for your small kitchen items. If you have hired cheap movers Brooklyn for your move, this won’t be a heavy burden to your budget. Start with a utensil organizer which is perfect for your utensil drawer. Also, teacup or coffee cup hooks you can install above your counter are useful and they look nice. Passionate coffee drinkers love this. Besides, you can use them to put your favorite set of cups on display as a nice decoration to your kitchen.
  • There are various food containers you can use for storing dry goods and as decorations too. If you put them on the counter, they will add a modern touch to your kitchen. Plus, the items you keep inside – sugar, flour, spices, etc. – will be easily accessible. However, don’t exaggerate with these. If you put too many of them on your counter, they will always be on your way.
When you need to organize a new kitchen, using food containers is a good idea.
Food containers can add a modern touch to your kitchen.

Unpack and organize

Unpacking is a demanding process so it doesn’t surprise that a vast number of people decide to hire unpacking services as well. To organize a new kitchen well, you need to start with the boxes with kitchen essentials first. Once you find a proper place for these items, you can continue with others. Accept the fact that this will take a considerable amount of your time. Indeed, concerning the amount of stuff, you can’t expect anything different.

Organizing dishes in your new kitchen

A simple rule to follow when organizing dishes in your new kitchen is to keep similar items together. This means that all your glasses, for example, should be stored together. The same goes for plates and bowls, stemware, pots, and pans, etc. Here are some other pieces of advice you might find useful:

  • The dishes you use on a daily basis should be in easy-to-reach cabinets. Choose those which are above the counter. Otherwise, you will have to bend every second to take what you need. This type of organization will provide you only with a pain in your back and no benefits.
  • Keep fine china and fragile items in the heavy-to-reach area. Thus, you will keep them safe. If you have a cabinet with a glass face, you might choose to store these items in it. They will look attractive. On the other hand, if your new kitchen is much smaller than you are used to, considering favorable storage options may be sensible. Make sure you pack fine china for storage properly, find affordable storage facilities and the problem solved.
when you organize a new kitchen, handle fine china carefully.
Keep fine china and fragile items in the heavy-to-reach area.
  • Use lower cabinets for your pots and pans. This is beneficial due to several reasons. Firstly, since they are usually very heavy, you will avoid lifting them up very often and too high. Secondly, they will be easily accessible, which is also a great advantage.
  • Organize utensils in a utensil drawer that is at hand. Put a utensil organizer in it and you are only one step away from the completion of this task.

Organizing other kitchen items in your kitchen

When you organize your dishes, the job is not complete yet. There are some more items to deal with if you want to organize a new kitchen well enough. Also, you also need to think of the way how to store perishable food safely. Get down to work and follow these tips:

  • Choose a place for your kitchen appliances. Some of them, those you use most often, can be on the counter. Others should go to one of the cabinets. Put them on the top shelf to keep them off the way.
  • One of the cabinets should be used only for food. If you have a pantry, you can store food items there. When it comes to spices, the place you choose will depend on the position of your cooker and how often you use them. A small shelf or a drawer seems just fine.
  • Kitchen drawers should be reserved for frequently used items. One should be for utensils, another for kitchen towels and oven mitts. Also, you need a drawer for your cookery books and for baking supplies as well.
  • When you organize a new kitchen, think about cleaning supplies. Most people keep them under the sink. Are you one of them, too?

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