Need to move in a hurry? Here's our last-minute moving Brooklyn guide!

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Last-minute moving Brooklyn guide

From time to time, there comes a moment when you make a spontaneous decision. This can be to turn left rather than right or to buy a certain flavor of ice-cream. But, there are also times when you make move drastic impromptu choices, like traveling, moving house or getting married. And, with New York being

When renting public storage New York is concerned, here are a few things to know in advance...

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Read before renting public storage New York

So, you’re moving house to New York? If this is the case, we’d like to give you one crucial piece of advice as experienced movers in Brooklyn – consider renting storage. Most homeowners find a destination, get an apartment and pack up. It’s only after they start unpacking that they realize that some convenient storage

Moving to Bay Ridge can be the best thing you've done!

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Moving to Bay Ridge with ease

Moving from one place to another can be daunting. There are many things to take into consideration, such as pricing, safety, nightlife, transportation etc. It is always good to inform yourself as much as possible before committing to relocate to another place. But we’re here to focus on moving to Bay Ridge! Here are some “whys”

Many students are moving to Brooklyn for college

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Moving to Brooklyn for college

Welcome to an adult stage of life. And welcome to New York. The greatest city on the planet! People living here could definitely share their mind about the experiences and possibilities this city offers. Anyway, you’ll get to see that all once you step foot on the busy streets. If you’re about to begin your

Prepare furniture for moving and be ready for relocation

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How to prepare furniture for moving

So, let’s get immediately straight with this. No matter how fun it is to go from a furniture shop to the other one, choosing different types, shapes, colors, models, etc. of furniture, the more is (daunting) to transfer them back to your home. If you’re about to relocate from Brooklyn and it so happens that

Plan and prepare moving overseas from NYC

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Moving overseas from NYC – short guide

Moving overseas from NYC it doesn’t have to be a difficult and complicated task. Maybe it can seem to you that this process is too much stress for you, but with right help from international moving companies NYC it can be much easier.

NY interstate relocation

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NY interstate relocation tutorial

Due to the pursuit of a career, education, better life, or simply looking for a change, many people often cross hundreds of miles. This is also the case with NY interstate relocation. It’s well known that New York City is the world’s hub in every aspect. Those who make it here will make it anywhere,

Want to know how NYC moving prices are calculated? Here's the cheat sheet!

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NYC Moving Costs

When moving house, you usually start by looking at destinations and dreaming big. This is great! However, there are also people who think in a different way. The first question of any student moving to New York is: what are the NYC moving costs? And, we want to keep you informed about this topic. After