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Brooklyn apartment fishing guide

New York City can seem endless, and living inside it can often make you feel like an ant. Now imagine how it feels to quest for a residence in NYC. So many possibilities and so many factors to consider – where would you start? Well, one step at a time and we will get you there. So here is a present from a trusted NY mover which has a lifetime of experience when it comes to moving and living in the Big Apple. This is a Brooklyn apartment fishing tutorial that can give you a head start on finding the perfect new NYC home.

Find and take advantage of the Brooklyn apartment fishing tips that can make your search a whole lot easier.
Essentials of Brooklyn apartment fishing that can lead you to the perfect NY apartment.

Take an early start on Brooklyn apartment fishing

Planning your NYC relocation is not something you do overnight. Preparation well in advance can determine whether you will be living in a Brooklyn double-bedroom apartment or a New Jersey house. And even though you might think that it’s all the same, it’s not. Even though you can find a whole lot of neighborhoods and opportunities in New York, not every one of those is suitable for you personally.

The very first step of your Brooklyn apartment fishing adventure should be doing the research.
The sooner you start looking for an apartment, the faster you will find the perfect one.

Not all neighborhoods are that affordable or even that desirable for a new home. So before you even start packing all your life possessions for that Brooklyn move, be sure to research your destination. And this is something you should do a couple of months in advance. To start you off, you should consider using some of the following website:

Fall is the best season for Brooklyn apartment fishing

Hunting for apartments in NYC (or anywhere in fact) during the summer months is never a good idea. So consider this time of year as somewhat of a ideal season for finding a new place. You might wonder why this is.

Simple really. Summer is peak time for seasonal jobs in NYC. College grad students pour into the city like a wave with the intent on earning some quick cash. As a result, demands for apartments go through the roof and so do the leasing prices. So if you are in no hurry to relocate, our simple advice would be waiting out the summer months and start looking for places at the beginning of October. It gives you ample time to find a place and schedule your relocation before winter. Understandably, your options will be more limited but consider this:

  • Less competition for finding that perfect Brooklyn borough
  • Post-peak season equals more room for negotiation and lowering prices
  • Both your sanity and wallet will feel relieved

Do a budget calculation

It’s no secret that New York City is very expensive. And you will especially feel this if you are coming from a smaller town. So you might want to consider researching some basic living costs for NYC by consulting some online COL calculators. Basically, this will give you the chance to cross compare your current and future salary with the current and future living expenses.

Even though Brooklyn is considered sort of a middle ground transition (not too expensive or too cheap), it will still differ from your everyday Cleveland or Denver. This is why your first task would be making sure that your NY salary will cover things like:

  1. Rent
  2. Utilities
  3. Transportation
  4. Groceries

And all this while leaving you some allowance to work with in your spare time.

Running on a tight budget – consider a roommate

Pride can be tricky – it can sky-rocket you to success only to bury you two feet under. Don’t get us wrong – making it on your own is always commendable, but not always necessary. If you are running on a tight budget, you really should consider swallowing your pride and finding a roommate.

Brooklyn apartment fishing will not always be easy, which is why you should consider finding help.
Finding a roommate can solve many issues when starting fresh in the Big Apple.

This is something that you will learn fast in NYC – one of the keys to the city is having someone to share your troubles with. And often enough, that someone will be a simple roommate who can grow into a lifelong friend or even partner (it happens). This does not mean finding just anyone to join your Brooklyn apartment fishing. There are criteria to consider: location, expenses and life-style. After all, last thing you want is a roomie you will constantly argue with.

Find the part of Brooklyn which is best suited for you

When going on Brooklyn apartment fishing adventures, the important thing to remember is your comfort zone. Online research is important, and we do have access to most information online nowadays, but there are still things that require physical verification. And one of those matters is the all-out feel of a certain neighborhood. This is why we highly recommend exploring any potential area of Brooklyn you consider on residing in.

  • Stroll around the neighborhood at different times of day and speak with some of the locals there.
  • Make sure that the streets are as safe during the night as they are during the day.
  • Calculate how it fits in your budget.
  • Consider if it is easy to navigate and if it offers good commutes to your workplace.

Take advantage of any broker deal specials you might run into

There are those that can offer you professional guidance towards finding the perfect Brooklyn loft.
Getting help from a professional broker can help solve many issues.

If you have extra room in your budget, consider acquiring the help of a professional broker. Sometimes you will even find that a licensed broker will be needed for signing the lease on your new Brooklyn home. Before you even consider this, it’s important that you understand that NY broker fees run between 8.5 and 17 percent of the annual rent. So in case your wallet is too light on cash, don’t even bother going through this. Simply turn to Brooklyn apartment fishing without the use of broker deals. It will limit your search, but it will also keep your financials in check.

Make a schedule for viewing your choice of Brooklyn apartments

With Brooklyn apartment fishing, timing is everything. No matter how small the competition during these months is, it doesn’t mean you should be callous and be sure that no one will beat you to that perfect apartment. After all, you are not the only one reading this and certainly not the first person to think this way. So don’t waste time and schedule viewings as soon as possible. And when you do go in to check out that ideal Brooklyn residence, make sure to investigate every inch of the place:

  • Water pressure
  • Cell-phone and Internet signal
  • Storage options
  • Mold and mildew
  • Neighbors

The phrase ‘New York Minute’ is no joke, especially when it comes to Brooklyn apartment fishing. Odds are that at least ten others are interested in the same ideal apartment you are considering. If the viewing goes smoothly, you might just wish to fill out the application for the apartment right then and there.

And if you plan on acting quickly, you’ll need to have your bank statements, a photocopy of your ID, a job offer letter, as well as a check for the first month’s rent and security deposit in tow.

Don’t shut doors on places before actually seeing them

If you are one to spend time watching TV shows and movies, you will notice that all NYC apartments are pictured as penthouses. Unfortunately, this is somewhat far from reality, just in case you thought otherwise. Affordable lofts in New York are quite small in truth, and lack the most basic of appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. If you are however looking for spacious and affordable homes with amenities, Brooklyn is the place to look. Just remember to go for a viewing and compare the good and the bad before making any rash decisions.


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