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Brooklyn landmarks you should explore

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From Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights, over Crown Heights and Prospect Park, all the way down to the Coney Island, Manhattan and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn landmarks are all around this NYC borough. It would probably take you weeks to visit each and every attractive location. One of the most interesting facts about Brooklyn is that each neighborhood is specific and unique. Each holds its own secrets. Nevertheless, each will reveal them to you if only you search long enough. Furthermore, Kings County is so wonderful that it inspires everyone who visits it. If you’re planning to visit this borough or even move here and would like to get to know more about neighborhoods, we’ll present you a list of places you should definitely go check out. And if it amazes you so much you’d wish to move here, we suggest you hire Brooklyn moving specialists

Maybe you'll need a map to locate all Brooklyn landmarks
Take a map and mark the places you would like to visit in Brooklyn

Choose Brooklyn Landmarks according to your preferences

Since every person is different and seeks for different things, we’ve decided to come up with a list of diverse types of localities around Brooklyn. Hopefully, all of you who are reading this article will be able to choose something for themselves. On the other hand, we would suggest you think outside the box a little bit. This means that maybe this is good chance to visit something that you originally wouldn’t think of visiting. We’re saying that maybe you should give a chance to new things. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up being positively surprised! Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Iconic Brooklyn Bridge

No tour can begin or end without a walk over this legendary bridge which was finally built in 1883, after 13 years of construction. This suspension bridge connects Brooklyn to Manhattan, and one can truly enjoy walking that distance. You see, this is more than a bridge. There are many dos and don’ts of how to walk over the Brooklyn bridge.  From one end to another you’ll find several spots to take a moment and read interesting information regarding the bridge. You can also take a tour with a professional guide, who will tell you more about its history. One of the first tips we’d like to share is that forget about wearing uncomfortable shoes if you decide to walk the full length. The next tip is to bring a camera with you. Use this time to take some great shots of the Manhattan skyline.

Take a ride at Jane’s Carousel

Now part of Brooklyn landmarks, this carousel makes every child joyous.

While you’re in the area, we recommend you take a ride at Jane’s Carousel. Even though it once belonged to Indora Park in Youngstown, Ohio, now it is placed in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s a cute construction of 48 wooden horses. For just $2 a ride, your children will truly enjoy. In addition to it, you can also arrange birthday or wedding parties for which you need to make a reservation. Either case, this is a great way to spend some fun time with your children. Many people, after they had sought help from local relocation professionals Brooklyn to find their perfect Brooklyn home, organized different celebrations at this venue.

Anyone up for art in Brooklyn Museum?

Paintings in a museum
Don’t miss a great chance to enjoy in the beauty different forms of art.

If your tour around Brooklyn leads you to Eastern Parkway Boulevard, be sure not to miss visiting Brooklyn Museum of Art. This grandiose structure spreads on 560,000 square foot and is one of the most famous Brooklyn landmarks. Therefore, you can be certain you’ll find an abundance of different forms of art. Starting from exhibitions of African objects, which were the first ones in America, over more than 4000 ancient Egyptian artifacts to the painting exhibitions of legendary French trio of Impressionists – Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, and Edgar Degas, we are sure this museum will meet all of your expectations. The best would actually be to check the website of Brooklyn Museum to find out about the upcoming or current exhibitions and obtain tickets in time. Just prepare for an enormous crowd passing through the corridors.

A day in Botanic Garden

If you’re a lover of nature, then check out why is this one of the most famous Brooklyn sights for every Brooklynite. Millions of visitors have walked across this more than a 100-year old garden, admiring its uniqueness and beauty. Here you can see hundreds of different species of flowers, trees and other types of plants, and learn something about them, too. There are also various activities you can take part in, both for adults and children. This is a great chance for all of you who are passionate about gardening or have always wanted to learn a thing or two. Also, if you’ve just relocated to Brooklyn, and you want to find out which sorts of plants are native to Brooklyn or are suitable for you to grow, this is the best place to get that information.

Shopping at a Flea Market

You’re really haven’t been to Brooklyn if you haven’t experienced a unique way of shopping. During Saturdays thousands of people flock to Industry City. On Sundays they move to Pearl Plaza in Dumbo to get some stuff, such as old records, or vintage clothes or furniture, they wouldn’t otherwise be able to find elsewhere; this is certainly one of the most famous Brooklyn landmarks you definitely shouldn’t miss. Moreover, when you get hungry from all-day shopping, you can satisfy your hunger with some fine bites in some of the food-vending shops.

Brooklyn landmarks are so numerous that it would take us more than 10 articles to write about them. However, we truly hope that some of these have tickled your thirst for exploring. Also, be free to discover more localities around Brooklyn.

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