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Brooklyn moving mistakes and how to avoid them

Tips on finding the perfect moving company, how to pack your things, all you need to know about relocation to NYC… All nice and grand, but worth little if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. So, what’s left for you to do in order to avoid such a fate? Well, simple enough – understand your enemy in order to defeat him. Or in moving terms – get familiar with common Brooklyn moving mistakes and learn how to best avoid them. And thus you will ensure a stress-free relocation to Kings County.

Survival guide for evading common Brooklyn moving mistakes.
Avoid getting caught in the web of Brooklyn moving mistakes.

A tutorial on what to avoid when moving to Brooklyn

Although there are countless errors for one to do, we will only be focusing on the major Brooklyn moving mistakes in this article. It is our hope that by knowing the top ones, you’ll be able to avoid lesser ones as well, or at least lower moving risks. So to start off, we will be focusing on two stages of the moving process:

  • Planning the relocation to NYC
  • Securing the services of a professional Brooklyn relocation company

Brooklyn moving mistakes in the planning stage

Planning truly is everything, which is why you must not get lazy when it comes to it. It is the very first and key phase of your path on moving to Brooklyn. You can’t just go and decide to leave everything for the very last day – it’ll be a mess. Which is why you need to make sufficient time for the entire endeavor.

Do not underestimate the need for an inventory

Forgetting about inventory is one of the larger Brooklyn moving mistakes. It’s important for one to know what exactly he or she is moving, quantity as well as size. It is this type information that offers aid for all other moving steps. This is something the mover needs to know, and something you need to consider in comparison with your new Brooklyn nest.

Not calculating your relocation budget

This is something that would be quite unfortunate. Imagine not having a clue how much money you have to spend and going broke half-way through the Brooklyn move. And then what – asking for loans, delaying the entire NYC relocation process etc.

This is why you have to calculate your budget before the actual move. Once you have that, you’ll know exactly what you can and can’t afford. And this is one of the Brooklyn moving mistakes

The importance of de-cluttering and why you should not avoid it

Simple enough really – moving is the ideal time for you to get rid of all those extra things you have laying around. The last thing you want is to have to pile through mountains of boxes and stuff in that new Brooklyn apartment. Piles and piles of useless things which you have no need for, but are bound to owning them.

So make sure that you separate the things you have no need or use for and to get rid of them. You can sell them, donate them, gift them…you can even burn them – doesn’t really matter as long as you get rid of them.

Common Brooklyn moving mistakes made during the search for an ideal mover

When hiring a company, the more you know about the company and the services it offers, the better. It’s a good and logical way to avoid making silly binding mistakes, overpaying, getting scammed etc. This goes for movers as well – given that it is no small task and that you handing over your personal belongings to them. It is also at this stage that Brooklyn moving mistakes are made.

The importance of background checks of Brooklyn movers you are looking to hire

Avoid surprises by conducting a detailed background check of the Brooklyn relocation companies you are researching.

As previously mentioned, it’s important to know who you are considering on hiring. The market is big nowadays when it comes to NYC relocation companies, so you need to make sure you are making the best possible choice for you. And you need to ensure that you are not going to get scammed or over-charged. So research any potential mover you find interesting for your Brooklyn relocation.

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations or read moving reviews online.
  • Check if the moving company is licensed, insured and is a BBB accredited mover.
  • Verify their DOT number and registration with the Department of Transportation.
  • Most moving companies are members of AMSA, which is the most trusted national moving regulation organization.

Not asking for a house call and estimate from the mover

You don’t buy a car or house without knowing its cost and the same should go for your move. Most movers offer two kinds of estimates, binding or nonbinding.

  1. The non-binding gives you an idea of how much your move will cost, based on the mover’s estimate of the size of your current home and its contents, and how far you’re moving.
  2. You get the estimate in writing and can only be charged 10 percent more than the estimate. A binding estimate is a legal document that clearly describes the charges, which can’t be changed unless you request significant add-on services

Opting for the cheapest Brooklyn relocation company – big NO NO!

Going with the cheapest option when it comes to relocation is never a good idea.
Cheaper is not always better, think before hiring a surprisingly cheap Brooklyn relocation company.

Saving money is important, but not at the cost of receiving poor service. One of the biggest Brooklyn relocation errors is to go with the mover with the lowest estimate. Only rogue movers would offer 30 to 40 percent lower than the prices of other movers. They want to get you on the hook, and then all of a sudden additional charges start piling up. Until in the end, the final bill comes in double the initial estimate. Besides the extra charges, these movers will hold your inventory hostage until the bill is paid.

Failing to understand the mover contract for you relocation to Brooklyn.

Read before you sign it – general facts of life. It’s a competitive world out there, filled with challenges and exploitation. And the worst way to walk into a trap would be signing a binding legal contract without going through it first.

So make sure…no, make it a point to read the contract for your Brooklyn relocation from top to bottom several times over. And remember to pay attention to the small print, as that is where you usually suffer the most damage.

Now, these are just some general Brooklyn moving mistakes that can occur. Moving is sensitive business, and you need to make sure to thread carefully before hiring a Brooklyn mover.


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