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Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation – a short guide


So the day for your relocation to Brooklyn has finally come! Cheers! So much planning has gone into this, so many checklists, contracts, and budget calculations. Everyone knows their roles and what they should do. And there is no doubt that everything will go as planned. Even if it doesn’t, you surely have a contingency plan and are prepared for every situation that might arise. Starting with choosing one of the best moving companies Brooklyn and then taking care of everything else. But there is someone that doesn’t have the ability to take care of themselves – your pets! So, how to make this journey as enjoyable for them as possible? Take a look at this amazing Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation guide!

Pet-Friendly Relocation in General

When people say that moving is stressful – they are completely right. The amount of stress one person endures during the moving process is huge. So it comes as no surprise that our pets feel the same way, although they can’t express it with words. Pets suffer during moving, and they need to be taken care of just like any other living creature. And since our pets are used to getting the love they deserve, they should also get it in the process of relocation. Some people spend days preparing their pets for this special journey. You can take them for longer walks, special car drives or even visiting friends more often. Let us go through more things you should think about in order to achieve a Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation!

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation is just one step away!

Tips on getting a smooth Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation

Even though most places will extend the same courtesies to pets as they do to people, there are other things to consider. To be with, you need to get familiar with the regulations. Then, you need to plan out the packing and transportation to your new home. And finally, you need to walk your pet through the adjustment phase for your new home. It is our hope that the following advice will help both you and your animal companion make a stress-free move. Just like it would be good for you- surrounding them with familiar things will be the best for them!  Favorite toys, blankets, snacks, and even music are the perfect ways to make them feel at home even if they are no longer there. This of course includes you being by their side.

When moving to Brooklyn with pets, make sure to take care of all the documentation

Regardless of where you’re moving to, there are still laws that require you to possess certain documents, permits, and certificates. If you are by any chance relocating to another country, we recommend you give yourself enough time to gather all the information. And even if you are staying in the US, or moving to Brooklyn your pet will need its documents. You never know when and what you might need. So, what is it that you need to have when moving with pets? Read up:

Take the time to conduct proper research before moving with pets.

  • A birth certificate is a must especially if it has clearly stated which type of checkups and vaccines your pet has.
  • Do your research and find out the requirements of every state so you wouldn’t be in trouble at the border. Some more info can be found online.
  • Thinking about pedigree is also essential, so make sure that you have the papers to act as a certificate.
  • Customs Documentation – basically, you as an owner need to provide a copy of your passport, visa/work permit, and customs clearance form. This of course goes in the case of international moves.
Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation pictured by a couple and their dog
Your pet will need your love and attention at the time of relocation!

Check out any restrictions in your new home

In case you are planning to bring your little friend with you, make sure that you are moving inside a pet-friendly zone. Your landlord, as well as your neighbors, needs to be informed and give their consent before you move in with a pet. Local communities have a big say in this as well. And it makes a lot of difference what type of animal or even what breed your animal companion is. Many residential complexes and neighborhoods offer information of this kind on their official website, so it won’t be too much trouble for you to find it out. Avoid causing unnecessary problems for yourself and check out all of this in advance.

Moving Companies Can Help You Out!

To ensure your pet-friendly relocation, you need to inform yourself about the laws regarding vaccination, leashes, and even zoning of certain areas. Being the one moving into the neighborhood, you need to follow the rules of the community. In addition to this, you should check out all of the necessities your pet will require such as the vet’s office, infirmary, pet shop, etc. And yes, residential movers Brooklyn will provide all the answers you need. Besides offering to transport your pet and all of its belonging, movers can point out some essential locations you may be interested in. On the other hand, if you decide to do it on your own, make sure your pet is packed and ready before the movers’ arrival. This way you will protect it from stressing out.

Make sure that your pet is cared for during and after the move to NYC

Moving being chaotic and stressful as it is, no one would blame you if something slipped your mind. Make sure that your furry friend is as comfortable and relaxed as you are when it comes to the relocation. That is why gathering as many tips as you can is very important – it will prevent you from forgetting something. You will need to meet the emotional needs of your pet. Always assume that they may feel lost, confused, and in need of attention and extra care while adjusting to the new environment. You might not have enough time for them at the moment, but make sure they have enough attention, if not from you then from other people. Speaking of that, you can always ask your friends for additional help. Our pet-friendly relocation guide includes people close to you as well! While you deal with packing or some other chores, someone can be there for your pet, feed them or simply go for a walk.

Additional precautionary measures for securing a Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation

Moving can be very dangerous, and pets can be collateral damage in the entire process. Still, there are tools you can use to protect your pets while the move is taking place:

Ensure that your pet can always be identified in case he/she gets lost.

  • First things first, make sure your pet has an ID tag. It doesn’t have to last long, but it should be able to resist the weather and have all of the necessary information. Information such as your pet’s name, your name, and the address you are heading to. This way even if it does get lost, it would be much easier to find it.
  • Another level of protection that enables you to track your pet would be a microchip. Today it is a very common practice for pets to have this so they wouldn’t get lost and they would be much easier to find.
  • Have a picture of your pet and a short description always on hand. If there are any significant changes in the appearance of your pet, make sure you have the most recent picture.

Keep in mind that the borough of Brooklyn covers large are and that you should always take extra security measures when it comes to the safety of your pet.

cat playing with a toy car
Surround your pets with their favorite toys so they can feel safe!

Let Us Sum It All Up!

Ensure that your Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation goes without any issues. When the actual Brooklyn relocation day comes, and you have decided on moving with pets, then be prepared for it. You will not be doing anyone of favor if you don’t have anything prepared. Here is a short sum-up of your Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation:
  1. Ensure that you have a way of transporting your pet without causing him any problems and depriving him of sunlight and fresh air.
  2. Then, assign someone to be responsible for the animal. The sole job of that person would be to transport the animal safely to your new Brooklyn home.
  3. In the end, provide enough food and water so that your pet would be taken care of during the actual move. This way, there will be no need to worry and you can proceed with your Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation without any problems.

Bottom Line

As already mentioned above, a relocation that includes our pets can be very stressful and intimidating. By following a couple of simple steps, you make sure that everything is over in a blink of an eye. If you are short on time and space, consider looking for companies based on moving and storage New York. This way, you will save a huge amount of time that you can divide between yourself, your family members, and of course your pets. Your Brooklyn pet-friendly relocation will for sure be something to remember!

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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