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Brooklyn real estate analysis – look before you buy

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Ah, that excitement of buying a home only comes around once or twice in a lifetime. Three times if we are lucky. Everyone who has ever bought a property knows that besides that excitement, there are also a lot of things to be taken into consideration. Unfortunately, they are easily overlooked and can lead to horrific financial consequences. Therefore, we here at U.Santini Moving & Storage have decided to help you out in your time of need. Our Brooklyn real estate analysis will give you a better insight into what you need to do prior to paying a deposit on a property. Pay attention!

A key in the lock.
There are a lot of things you need to do before becoming a homeowner in Brooklyn.

Your Brooklyn real estate analysis begins after making a decision

Everything starts with a decision to do something, in this case, to buy a property. We are sure you already know that you should not be taking something such as buying a real estate lightly. This is by far the most expensive purchase you will make in your life. Therefore, before making a final decision, you need to be sure you have thought about the following things:

  • Will I be moving soon?
  • Is buying a better choice for me than renting?
  • Am I emotionally ready to become a homeowner?
  • And, will I be able to financially support my Brooklyn real estate analysis and everything that comes with it?

If at the end of the day you are sure that moving to Brooklyn and buying a house is the right thing for you, stay with us. We are about to tell you how to perform your own analysis of the Brooklyn real estate market. 

Decide on the location

Yes, we already know that you are moving to Brooklyn, but Brooklyn is a big borough. Five times bigger than Manhattan to be precise. This means that there are a lot of different places for life in Brooklyn. From brownstone blocks to hip and fancy places throughout Williamsburg and Dumbo, Brooklyn has it all. 

Therefore, to be able to perform a real estate analysis on a couple of houses, you first need to decide where you want to look for them. Naturally, the median house prices will vary around different neighborhoods. It is a good idea to get familiar with what you can afford first. There is no point in getting your hopes up and falling in love with a house if you cannot afford it.

Woman researching Brooklyn Real Estate
Brooklyn real estate analysis begins with the right location!

Research neighborhood amenities and quality

Before you move to your new property with the help of movers New York, you’ll need to research its neighborhood. Street View by Google Maps is a great tool to use to do real estate analysis of the Brooklyn market and narrow down your new property without leaving your home. If the house is near a major highway or garbage dump you can just remove it from your list and take a look at the next one.

Other neighborhood amenities and qualities that affect the value of the property are closeness to public transportation, proximity to shopping and schools, as well as nearby recreational amenities such as beaches and parks. If you’re not familiar with the neighborhood and where the property is located, this research is going to be very useful and can be a big factor when deciding whether or not you should buy it. We all have basic needs in everyday life, and a lot of them are linked to a good infrastructure where we live. Without a doubt, security is an imporant problem in today’s times. So, make sure to evaluate the crime rate in the neighborhood and find out how your lifestyle might or might not be influenced by problems like this.

An apartment or a house?

Another decision to make before being able to perform an analysis is deciding whether to buy an apartment or a house. There are a lot of pros and cons to buying both a house and an apartment. Only you can decide which one is the right choice for you. Of course, a lot depends on your financial state of affairs. Also, your family is another thing to take into consideration when buying a property in Brooklyn. It is a fact that large families function better in bigger houses. Moving with family is much different than moving alone. The important thing is to choose one option and stick with it. You will waste a lot of time by being indecisive. 

Shortlisting your options will help with the Brooklyn real estate analysis

After deciding on the location and on the type of property, the time has come to choose a few favorites. It is always good to have a couple of options. However, too many options are a recipe for disaster. Whether you are working with a real estate agent, or by yourself, you can easily find properties for sale in Brooklyn. Just search the Internet and you will find more than enough sites that contain all of the information about the real estate market at that moment. After deciding which properties you are interested in, it is high time to visit open houses. A Brooklyn real estate analysis can only be performed when going through the house in person

Kitchen of house
Visiting open houses is a must!

Visit open houses and perform a real estate analysis

An open house is the deciding moment of your property purchase. By seeing the house, you will know whether you feel right at home or not. It is important to visit a property more than once. Moreover, it is advisable to visit once during the work week, and once on the weekend. It will give you a chance to see the neighborhood realistically. After all, the neighborhood is an important factor in your Brooklyn real estate analysis.

Finally, when visiting a house, there are certain things you need to do. Here they are:

  • Check whether there is enough storage space in the closet.
  • Pay attention to the curb appeal of the property.
  • Check whether the roof and flooring need fixing, as these are expensive renovations.
  • Ask about the latest improvements and renovations done to the property.
  • Find out what the monthly utilities are.

Also, don’t be ashamed to ask questions. There are no wrong questions when it comes to buying real estate. 

A Real Estate Agent Showing a Brooklyn House Interior
Make sure to visit the home planning on buying. By doing this, you’ll know if you feel right at home or not.

Evaluate the building, land, and location

More strategic issues also need to be evaluated, especially with a view to the future of the neighborhood where the property is located. It’s important to evaluate the land, and understand if in that space there are going to be more explored areas. For example, the construction of new real estate projects near your property. Another important factor of Brooklyn real estate analysis is the location of the property because it impacts its value. Neighborhoods that go through urban growth and expansion will have a better appreciation down the road. This is very important because, after all, the property is a heritage. Always try to evaluate the neighborhood, where the building was built, and its surroundings.

Find a good real estate agent

When doing a real estate analysis in Brooklyn, real estate agents are important. They will give you helpful information on houses, apartments, and neighborhoods that are not easily accessible to the public. The knowledge they possess of the process when buying a home, negotiating skills, and familiarity with the area you want to live in can be extremely valuable. And the best part is that a real estate agent won’t cost you anything. They are paid back from the commission which is paid by the house seller.

Get a home inspection

Typically, purchase offers are contingent on a home inspection of the property to see if there is any kind of damage or things that might has to be fixed. The real estate agent will most likely help you arrange to have this inspection conducted within a few days of your offer being accepted by the seller. The contingency can protect you by giving you a chance to withdraw your offer or renegotiate or it without penalty if the inspection finds any severe material damage. Both the seller and you are going to get a report on the home inspection’s findings. Then you can make a decision if you want to ask the seller if he will fix anything on the property before closing the deal. Before the deal closes, you’ll walk through the house. This will give you a chance to confirm if any agreed repairs have been done.

Make sure it supports the dimension needs

Analyzing the property’s dimensions is also important when doing a Brooklyn real estate analysis. If you’re starting your life alone, without a spouse, or kids, maybe your needs are less in this regard. A big home will take more work to keep clean and organized. That would take effort, time, and worries that may not be important at the moment. However, bigger families will need a home that can comfortably accommodate everyone, which demands something with more space. From there, choose a home that will fit your space needs well. Also, remember that these issues are going to affect the final price.

Researching on a computer
Make sure to analyze the property’s dimensions.

Learn about the purchase conditions

Before you hire residential movers Brooklyn to help you move to your new home, you’ll need to learn about purchase conditions. The purchase conditions are also important when making the decision of buying real estate. Analyzing Brooklin real estate also involves knowing how you can complete the purchase in a way that is comfortable, according to your financial possibilities and limitations. Financing is usually a common and useful choice, but it’s not the only option. Even though the cash purchase, needs lots of time savings, it is a possibility as well. In this case, better understand if there is some kind of discount that justifies full payment. Evaluate the purchase conditions, as well as what advantages they offer, and decide which one is the best for you.

Find out if the property meets legal requirements

Every construction must have legal requirements. These requirements need to be met and also, and this is the direct responsibility of the builder. Bigger companies that have experience in the market, won’t have problems like this, because they’re highly concerned with their legal responsibilities. Therefore, the first step is finding this type of construction company. Either way, always ensure compliance with these legal requirements. Make sure to ask the construction company to give you all documentation of the property as well as authorizations for construction in that area. Even though this may seem laborious and detailed, we’re talking about your next home.

Hire a reputable moving company

After you have done your analysis of the real estate market in Brooklyn and have chosen a house for you, it is time to move in. Luckily, there are a lot of movers NYC-based, so we do not see you having trouble finding the right ones for your needs.  

Movers moving a couch
Fear not for your loaded boxes, as they are in good hands with our capable local movers.

While every borough has its own specialized movers, we consider our local moving specialists Brooklyn to be among the very best! You can trust them to take good care of your precious belongings.

That would be our short guide on how to perform your very own Brooklyn real estate analysis. Besides the tips we gave you so far, we would just like to add one more thing. Try to relax and enjoy every step of your real estate purchase, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime event!

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