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Brooklyn relocation advantages

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Changes are hard on all people, especially when you are planning on moving. And the hardship is the same, no matter if it’s a different part of the city or a different city all together. Not to mention different states and international moves. However, what you can count on is that choosing Brooklyn as your new home is not something you will regret. Still have you doubts? Okay. Then we’ll just have to persuade you by noting some Brooklyn relocation advantages that you will not be able to say no to.

Brooklyn relocation advantages 101

The inner structure of Brooklyn is something that helps it stand out from other NYC boroughs. Abundance of green areas, pedestrian zones, connected communities, real estate affordability…these are just some among countless pluses.And the best part is that over the years, many a different profiles have claimed their flag in Kings County. Families, struggling artists, young professionals, graduates – all of them have found a true home in Brooklyn. With all this said, consider the following Brooklyn relocation advantages you can find can help you call this your new home.

Brooklyn is a family-oriented borough of NYC

You will rarely find as good a place as Brooklyn to raise a family in NYC.
Make the right move for you family by relocating to Kings County.

If you are relocating to with a family, there are plenty of Brooklyn relocation advantages to look forward to:

  • Peaceful parks
  • Sidewalks for strolling
  • Strong sense of community
  • Family-friendly activities

Whether it’s the Brooklyn Children’s Museum or the Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn can offer plenty of activities for children. Another perk of Brooklyn being a family-suitable location is that that extra bedroom won’t cost you a kidney. So  if you are relocating with children, there’s plenty to research. One of those things would be the highly positioned private schools, and Park Slope is an ideal example.

Kings county can be quite affordable

In comparison with Manhattan, Brooklyn is a real bargain. From renting to basically everything else, Kings County is one affordable borough. We are still talking about NYC here – a four-bedroom home in Park Slope is far from cheap, but it is still much cheaper than a three-bedroom apartment in the Upper West Side. And in case you are not feeling the vibe of Park Slope, there’s always Fort Green as a alternative for families. On the other hand, if you are a young work-oriented professional, you might hear the call of studio apartments in Williamsburg. And if that is too pricey, no worries – there’s Greenpoint.

Another of the Brooklyn relocation advantages is the hyper-local economy which helps reduce your everyday expenses. Many family-owned businesses have competitive prices to ensure staying in businesses.

There is no room for stereotypes in Brooklyn

Brooklyn had a bad reputation for being one of the more dangerous NYC boroughs in the past. Things have changed since then and nothing could be further from the truth today. Modern Brooklyn welcomes diversity, and many neighborhoods are suitable for both families and young professionals. Those of you considering to relocate to Brooklyn will find it vibrant and peaceful, while also exciting and family friendly. So when it comes to Brooklyn, stereotypes are non-existent.

Unique neighborhoods as one of Brooklyn relocation advantages

Brooklyn consists of ten distinct neighborhoods, each with their own charms, community, prices and advantages. It’s important to research the various neighborhoods to find one that best suits your present needs and future expectations. Doing online research on Brooklyn is great, but nothing is as effective as to actually explore the areas if possible. So why not go out for a walk and experience the sense of community offered by the parks, various events and overall people walking around.

And if you want to be truly adventurous, why not deposit your belongings in a nearby NYC storage unit and research the neighborhood. This will give you the chance to fully experience the neighborhood and just live locally without any baggage.

Brooklyn relocation advantages include the potential to grow professionally

Brooklyn is what you might call the first career stop for any young professional. Whether you are an artist, writer or young entrepreneur, Kings County is a great opportunity for you. As a matter of fact, Modern Brooklyn runs on start-up energy of young professionals and entrepreneurs. Where Manhattan excels for your high-class successful working force, Brooklyn is considered the stepping stone for promising new talents. Startups can be found behind every corner, and they are often in need of fresh and forward-thinking minds. And if that were not enough, Brooklyn is so affordable when it comes to food, rent, clothing etc. that it is ideal for young and ambitious professionals.

If you’ve decided on relocating to Brooklyn by yourself, securing the help of a professional NY moving company is advised. Since you definitely won’t be able to move all your stuff alone, it’s either that or calling in some favors from friends.

You will have the feeling that you belong

One of the Brooklyn relocation advantages would be becoming part of the community.
A sense of belonging to a community as one of the Brooklyn relocation advantages you should consider.

When compared to other NYC boroughs, Brooklyn takes the community prize. And this is something you will learn as soon as you relocate. First things that will happen:

  1. you will meet the neighbors
  2. you will get familiar with the local business owners

And it is this nourishment of relationships and overall community vibe that makes Brooklyn so unique and popular.

The traffic perks of moving to Brooklyn – cars are optional

Even though drivers won’t find themselves as stuck in Brooklyn traffic as they do in Manhattan, it is far from obligatory. Yes, many Brooklyners own vehicles, but parking is still quite expensive. So a lot of people opt for using the subway system, and the fact that Brooklyn is pedestrian-friendly only helps further on. This is all part of the Brooklyn charm. Plus, more and more people have a tendency to use car-sharing businesses to be more economical.

So if you are looking to rid yourself of your car after your move, just remember to hire a professional Brooklyn Mover with adequate NYC storage options.

Spacious and wide Brooklyn relocation advantages – literally

If you consider fresh air as a Brooklyn relocation advantage, then start packing your bags.
Brooklyn offers that much needed supply of H2O and green surfaces.

When compared to other parts of New York, Brooklyn is a whole lot more green in parks and open spaces. From scoring goals in Red Hook to running or biking your way through Prospect Park, Brooklyn offers fresh air. And this is a luxury that is hard to place a price on when it comes to living in the Big Apple. Brooklyn has a plethora of parks, and none of them get overly crowded.

As a perk, many Brooklyn parks also host free concerts and have open air cinemas in the summer. This is something of a myth in Manhattan – most people are lucky enough to have a tree or plants in their high-end apartments, let alone backyards and green surfaces.

No matter your background, Brooklyn will offer you a true home

Being as diverse as Brooklyn is, residents are not differentiated by social status or professional occupations. People in Brooklyn live in neighborhoods that suit their personalities, interests and budget. Some of the more popular parts of Brooklyn when it comes to living arrangements would be:

Park Slope & Bay Ridge – both offering family safety and security, beautiful parks and well-standing schools.

Williamsburg & Greenpoint – the epicenter for young professionals with startup ideas, looking for reasonable prices and entertainment.

So in the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you are looking to start a business or start a family – Brooklyn has everything you might need. Understandably, relocating to Kings County can prove to be quite the challenge, but nothing that can’t be resolved with some help. So hopefully these Brooklyn relocation advantages will push you in the right directions and have you start planning your move. Best of luck!

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