Brooklyn storage organizing tips

So you decided to relocate to Brooklyn. You found a great moving company and the moving truck Brooklyn is there. Now you just need to load the boxes and relocate. The relocation will be easy and fast. That is the ideal scenario. But what happens if you need storage? How do you find storage and how you actually store your belongings? With our great Brooklyn storage organizing tips, you will be settled into your new home and your storage unit will be organized!

One of the most important Brooklyn storage organizing tips

So, the most important thing when it comes to storage is to choose good and reliable storage facilities Brooklyn. You need a storage unit that will help you keep your belongings safe. Also, there are a lot of different options when it comes to choosing a proper storage unit. So, the most important tip from our Brooklyn storage organizing tips is to find a good storage unit!

Storage units with Brooklyn storage organizing tips
You need to find a good storage unit

How to start organizing your storage unit?

If you are moving to Brooklyn and you are not sure where to start with organizing your storage unit – well we are here to help. First of all, you need to make sure that you are using plastic bins. That way, you can always repurpose them and you will be saving the environment. Plastic bins are also great if they are clear – since you will be seeing everything in them.

Think vertically not horizontally

When it comes to Brooklyn storage organizing you need to think vertically. It is better for example to place your furniture against the wall. Also, if you have a lot of plastic bins it is much better to start building them up from the heaviest. On the top, you should place lightboxes.

moving boxes
You should think vertically not horizontally when it comes to your storage unit

Also, the benefit of this way of organizing is that you will save space and that you might be able to rent a smaller unit, and save money that way.

Brooklyn storage organizing tips – pay a little extra

When you are storing your belongings it is natural that you want to save some money. But do not save it on the wrong things. If you have some sensitive items like electronics, antique furniture, art that is going to store – it is much better to get a climate-controlled storage unit. That way, no matter what the weather is outside – your belongings will be safe.

You  should create an inventory list

When it comes to storing your belongings, it is a wise thing to do. Creating an inventory list with a detailed description of every box can help you a lot later. With an inventory list, you will always know where is what and you will be able to access it easily. None of your belongings will be lost and your storage unit will be organized.

person writing
With an inventory list, you will always know where are your belongings, and you will access them with ease

Storage units are great if you have some belongings that you do not want to throw away or donate, but you don’t have enough space in your home. You can find a lot of really affordable storage units, and they should be organized – just like your home!


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