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Pick among NYC boroughs

Brooklyn vs Manhattan – which is better?

NYC is the city of opportunities, the city of culture, the city of sports, and the city of great nightlife. Is that all? Surely no. There are dozens of things you can enjoy in NY. And what’s the best of all, you can earn enough money to enjoy everything with almost no limits. Moving to New York means moving to a city where the sky is the limit for what you can achieve. But, being that big city, where in the Big Apple should you live? Should you move to Brooklyn? Or would Manhattan be a better option? We mentioned these two boroughs because they are the most popular for the newcomers to NYC. To make it clear why each of them is a great choice, and which one could be your favorite, we arranged a clash: Brooklyn vs Manhattan! Find out how much would your Manhattan or Brooklyn move cost depending on your next residence choice.

Should you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

No simple answer to this question. Actually, the only right answer is that it depends. It depends on what kind of lifestyle you like, how ambitious you are, are you moving to NY alone, with a partner, with children etc. Each borough offers the best options for different categories of people. What you should do is decide what you expect from your NYC life, and then enter this Brooklyn vs Manhattan battlefield. We won’t decisively determine which borough wins. But we will give you a few hints which is better for some parameters. Now, here is what we compared:

  • Neighborhoods for families vs neighborhoods for singles- Which borough is better for families and which for singles.
  • Nightlife- Where can you have a better time?
  • Well-paid job opportunities- Earning money: Brooklyn vs Manhattan, who wins?
  • Chances for a free fun- If on an average salary, where would you have a better life?
  • Transportation- Is it easier to commute to work from Brooklyn or Manhattan?
  • Overall costs of living- Everybody looks for an affordable life, so let’s learn where you can live on a budget.
Brooklyn Bridge - pick your side
Pick your side of Brooklyn Bridge

Neighborhoods diversity

Once you decide that you’re moving to NYC, the first thing you need to decide is where your next residence will be. What kind of neighborhoods do you prefer? Buildings or houses? Suburbs or urban areas? Quite or lively territories? Make a list of characteristics your ideal neighborhood should contain. After that, start searching for the best NYC neighborhood.

When it comes to the diversity of neighborhoods, Brooklyn is probably a better option than Manhattan. However, here is what are some facts. If you’re moving with a family, Brooklyn is an option that will give you everything you need– Peaceful life, lots of children playgrounds, cheap fun etc. On the other hand, if moving alone, as a businessman, then Manhattan is a borough that will offer the most. Closeness to the biggest companies in the world, constantly active life and a chance to enjoy the high-class fun.

Nightlife – where will you have a better night out?

More or less, you can have a good time no matter what choice you make. Sure, there are more luxury places in Manhattan and more affordable places in Brooklyn. But, it almost doesn’t matter where you live. Whatever kind of fun you like at night, both boroughs are simply great places to live in.

High salaries

As you probably know, Manhattan is the center of NYC, and NYC is economic capital of the world. Hence, you probably can guess that almost all the biggest companies have headquarters or at least offices in Manhattan. This is what makes Manhattan probably the best place in a world to get a well-paid job. Therefore, it’s definitely the best NYC borough for this parameter. However, Manhattan is not hundreds of miles away from Brooklyn. So you can work in Manhattan and live in Brooklyn, that’s so common thing among lots of people living in NY.

The salaries are higher in Manhattan
Manhattan vs Brooklyn – the salaries

Free fun – Manhattan is nowhere near Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a borough offering something for everyone. On the other hand, Manhattan is a borough mostly for wealthy people and people who enjoy being around wealthy people. This luxury costs. In Brooklyn, you can always find all sorts of fun for free. I’m talking here about art, music venues, sports events, outdoor activities etc. And, no matter if some of those activities are for free, they are still of almost the same or the same quality as those expensive events in The City.

Transportation – We’d say that Brooklyn vs Manhattan is a tie game here

How come? Well, not only that these boroughs are well-connected among themselves (the subway), but also well-connected to the rest of NYC area. Hence, no matter where you choose is the best place to pick for your next residence, you won’t be sorry. At least not for commuting for work.

Costs of living – Brooklyn is absolute winner

Brooklyn isn’t a cheap city, or some low-cost borough. But, it’s way less expensive than Manhattan. Manhattan is, as we said, a borough for those earning big money and enjoying spending tons of it every day. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is a borough for families who take care of saving each dollar they can, still being able to enjoy all the advantages life in NYC offers. 

Brooklyn vs Manhattan: Kings county wins at affordability
Brooklyn is more affordable than Manhattan

All in all, this is quite a clash without a winner. What we meant to do in this article is to compare these boroughs rather than say who’s the winner of Brooklyn vs Manhattan battle. Now you know which borough is better for your affinities, and you have an insight of what each borough offers to the inhabitants. In case you have any question, feel free to get in touch with us, our Manhattan and Brooklyn moving experts will be more than happy to help you make the right decision about the borough fitting your needs the best!


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