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Looking for fast and reliable packing services in NYC? We here at U. Santini Moving & Storage offer a complete service of packing and preparing your things for the relocation – whether it be moving your home or moving your office space. With this, we offer anyone packing for storage NYC secure storage facilities Brooklyn that will keep your items safe and sound. And trust us: our professional team trained in packing, dismantling, assembly, loading and unloading will pack your moving items at the highest possible standards.

Packing Supplies - packing for storage NYC
We offer anyone packing for storage NYC secure storage facilities, premium packaging services and top-quality packing materials.

We will do all the packing for storage NYC for you…

When you move, your stress level is higher than usual. And we know that packing sometimes just gets in the way of moving. So it takes your precious time that you be rather spending somewhere else. And even worse scenario is when you packing for storage NYC! That’s why our movers and packers Brooklyn offer packing service anywhere for you. U. Santini Moving & Storage is experienced in both for packing in Brooklyn, or just anywhere in NYC. With this, packaging and relocation preparation can be scheduled at any time you like.

…plus you will not find better-priced packing supplies than from U. Santini delivered to straight to your door

If you just need packaging supplies, we can get them straight to your door if you’re located within our service area. We’ll deliver to you all the necessary boxes and packing materials that will help you to prepare for the packing for storage in NYC – or your move. We also offer a variety of boxes based on your apartment size and your needs. At the end of your move, if you have not used all the boxes you purchased, you can easily send it back and you will be refunded for the difference. Simple as that!

Again, U. Santini Moving & Storage guarantees that your items will arrive at their destination in NYC in the same condition as before packaging. If we detect any damage before packaging, our team will remove them to the extent that conditions allow.

Our quality boxes keep your items safe for a long time

Boxes matter. And our smart, sturdy and well-engineered boxes come in a variety of useful sizes. Better still – we will ascribe pre-printed labels specifying room designations and commonly associated categories (i.e. ‘Books’, ‘China’ or ‘Bedding’ etc.) to each of them. All you need to do is simply give us a call to attain additional pricing information. As you already know, if you’re located within our service area, we’ll happily deliver our top quality boxes directly to your door, at your request.

moving boxes
Our smart, sturdy and well-engineered moving boxes come in a variety of useful sizes

Extensive experience in renting large spaces – and packing bulky items

To further facilitate the process of storage and packaging, and given our extensive experience in renting large spaces – and packing bulky items, we tried to collect all the useful information and tips in one place. We can keep things pretty simple here by telling you not to pack valuables, perishables or hazardous items in your storage. But what if you need to store something like your motorcycle for the winter? Let’s see what can help you out:

  • When packing, select things by category and clearly mark the boxes or bags… Because in a few months you may no longer remember what’s in them.
  • When packing heavier things, e.g. books, select smaller boxes.
  • Put the things or boxes you need first in the front of the storage unit.
  • When storing things, make a passage in the middle of storage unit to have access to all things or boxes.
  • If you are storing tables and bulky furniture in general, take off their stands and legs and place table boards upright.
  • Photos and documentation bend over time, so it’s best to store them between flat, heavier surfaces. You can also use a cardboard to keep them in their best condition.
  • Empty gasoline or gas bottles or any other small appliances such as lawn mowers or gas cylinders. Also, check if you are allowed to store such items and for how long.
  • Place water hoses, shovels, rakes and other garden supplies in the trash cans – use all the space you have.
  • Be sure to wrap the mattresses in the protective sheets and store them upright. In general, wrap and twist everything you can.
  • Apply protective coat on wood and wooden objects before storing them.
  • Be sure to coat metal and rusting metal with a thin layer of protective oil.
  • Count on temperature changes if you rent a non air-conditioned unit. It’s best to look for foils that are resistant to large temperature differences and provide multiple protection for your items.
  • Do not forget that storage units have height and use it. Store your belongings high, using flat panels between them to create balance and surface for more storage.
  • Always use the highest quality padlocks and locks on your units or ask us for some extra security tips.

High quality service, affordable prices

In order to protect and prepare your things for storage, we pack your items with cardboard packaging, then various types of packaging paper, vacuum films, airbag films, protective wrappers and special sponges. And once you see our way of packaging, you can see why U. Santini Moving & Storage have been in moving, packing and storing business for so long.

storage units
You can see why U. Santini Moving & Storage have been in moving, packing and storing business for so long.

For packing fragile items made of ceramics, glass and porcelain, we use boxes of 5-layer cardboard. Inside, we put a sponge in the form of flakes, which further protects your things. The boxes are filled to the top except in the case of transport of sensitive and fragile items.

Packing for storage NYC is no longer a hassle

Our U. Santini Moving & Storage team is trained in packing for storage NYC antiques and any other items that need to be handled with extra care. We also have the necessary knowledge and equipment to pack special cargo such as safes or ATMs. All you need to do is contact us and we promise not only to give you the top quality service, but also save your time and money.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

Allison "Elnoods" N.

From Brooklyn, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

At U.Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn, we've earned our reputation through honesty and transparency. We're here to address all your questions and provide peace of mind as you choose our moving services in Brooklyn.

What are your working hours?

We are open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM–5 PM, but feel free to contact us through our contact form anytime. We'll get back to you ASAP.

Does U.Santini Moving & Storage offer insurance?

Absolutely! We offer various types of insurance to protect your belongings, including a full replacement option. The cost depends on how much your things are worth and the deductible you choose.

How soon should I schedule my move?

It's a good idea to book your moving company at least 8 weeks before your move. If you're moving during the holidays or in the summer, it's best to schedule it 12 weeks ahead. But if your move is between September and May, you can often book movers with just 2 weeks' notice. The key is to secure your moving crew as soon as you have all the details about your move.

Do you provide packing supplies?

Yes, we do. Along with the necessary boxes and packing materials for your move, we offer various 'Saver' packages tailored to the size of your home. If you don't use all the boxes you purchased, you can return them to our team after the move, and we'll refund the unused portion.

What type of storage do you offer?

At U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn, we offer complete storage solutions in climate-controlled units. Our units are monitored 24/7 to keep your belongings safe, whether you need short-term or long-term storage. We even provide storage options for very short durations, including as little as 24 hours.

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We bring our professionalism and expertise to every corner of New York City. If you are looking for a tailored moving experience, our responsive team of Brooklyn movers and packers is waiting for your call. Get your quote today!