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For every move, no matter how small, you need a few essential things. A great destination for your new home, like New York. A good NYC moving company that will consider all of your needs. The right packing supplies to keep all of your belongings safe. And a hefty budget, to provide all of this. So here’s a bit on the topic of keeping all of your belongings safe during your relocation to NYC. Moving boxes Brooklyn are not that hard to find, but you should know exactly what it is that you need. As soon as you contact U. Santini Moving and Storage, you will get all the necessary information you need.

Consider Brooklyn professional packing services before anything else

computer on the desk
After finding a good relocation company, moving boxes Brooklyn won’t be a problem!

Are you one of the busy people who are stressed and preoccupied with their job? Then, a packing service might be your solution. Staying dedicated to your job and your hobbies is important. Let’s speak honestly, who wouldn’t want to avoid the stress of preparing for a move to NYC? Luckily, most of the local relocation companies in Brooklyn will offer a variety of moving services. But, should you pay even more money to the movers for them to pack you? Well, let’s consider the benefits of someone professionally packing you, besides the saved time…

First and foremost, you won’t be searching for ‘moving boxes Brooklyn’ online

Have you ever moved house before? There are plenty of things you will need in order to pack. After you’re done purging and deciding, you will have a few rooms ready to be put into boxes. At this time, you should have:

  • Containers – any type of moving boxes for the trip to NYC
  • Wrapping – news wrap, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Tape – to close the containers if necessary
  • Extra padding – just in case there is some empty space in between
  • Labels – for every parcel, preferably in different colors
  • Sharpie – for labeling everything properly

Usually, it’s the first on the list which makes the most trouble for homeowners. If you’re hiring a professional service, though, you needn’t worry. The movers from NYC will bring all of the supplies with them and pack your belongings safely. The best part is that the packing essentials will have to vary so that each item can perfectly fit inside. Of course, all of your fragile belongings will be safely wrapped and placed into padded moving boxes, too. The only thing you may get stuck doing, in this case, is telling your movers which things you want to go where. This way, the boxes will be color-coded. So, when you’re setting up your new home in Brooklyn, you won’t have to drag the containers from room to room.

Brooklyn movers are both efficient and effective when packing your home

a yellow car on a NYC street
NYC professionals will have everything right in a jiffy for you to start your trip to a new home!

What does being both efficient and effective mean, exactly? It means that your movers will both produce the wanted results and know the right way to achieve them. Let’s take an order from IKEA for an example, shall we? If you’ve ever had trouble putting together one of their products, and had to resort to calling them to do it for you, it’s a similar case. Packing on your own is kind of like putting together an IKEA product.

You know the principles of how it should be done and you’re following the instructions with common sense. But when you call the IKEA staff for an assembly, they do it quickly and without having any trouble reading the instruction manual. Having your long distance movers in Brooklyn do the packing will be exactly like that. They will be in and out of your home before you know it, having everything ready for loading. Movers do this on a daily basis and it won’t matter even if you’re relocating to New York in winter!

If you get packing supplies from professionals, safety is guaranteed

winter in NYC
These moving boxes Brooklyn won’t mind a bit of snow, they’re sturdy!

As we’ve already mentioned that your movers will have all the appropriate tools for packing, we won’t talk about that kind of safety. Instead, let’s consider your own health. Have you ever tried lifting a box filled with things to the brim? It’s not light at all. Especially if you’re not familiar with the ways to pack it so that it can be easier to carry. Luckily, movers know all of this. They will both keep your back safe from lifting heavy items and pack them properly.

Organization inside the relocation containers is another benefit of hiring professionals

While packing might seem like an easy task, it really isn’t. When you’re preparing your suitcase for a trip, you’re only playing some Tetris with clothes, right? However, packing for a move is a bit different. Not only do you have to separate items by room, but also by weight. The rule of the professionals goes: heavy items in small relocation containers and light in big ones. But, while you may struggle with the perfect weight and size of objects to pack, your affordable Brooklyn movers won’t. As we’ve already mentioned, they’re efficient and effective. Hence, they will know exactly what goes where the best.

The disassembly of furniture is another bane of DIY packing for NYC

NYC skyline
No matter the distance, your furniture will be safe in these moving boxes Brooklyn.

If you’ve decided on using a professional packing service with your movers they will take care of your furniture, too. Most of these items are heavy, bulky and need to be disassembled. Luckily, your movers can provide this service, too. Be sure to tell the representative during the estimate exactly which pieces will you be moving, though. That way, the doorways can be measured so that they can make sure that everything fits through comfortably. If you’re still worried, ask the movers about moving insurance.

If you’re packing DIY, think about renting some New York moving containers

So, you’ve decided to forgo a packing service in order to save some cash? Alright. So, now you will need to procure the items on the list we’ve mentioned above on your own. Most of the things will be easy, don’t worry. But, let’s talk about proper moving boxes Brooklyn, shall we? They will need to vary in size, be easy to carry and be sturdy so that your belongings will be safe. Well, there is a way to get them cheap, too. Think about renting them for your NYC relocation. Luckily, there are a number of companies that allow this. If you’re trying to save the environment, this is a perfect way to go green during your move! Be sure to ask about other packing supplies, as well, as some companies will give those as well.

And if you’re really saving money on Brooklyn moving boxes, find some for free

Free, we know! This is the perfect option if you’re really tight on cash during your relocation. However, we won’t be making any promises regarding the condition of these boxes. But, we understand that moving to New York can get pretty expensive. So, let’s talk about where you can find some of these parcels in order to lessen the burden on your budget for a Brooklyn relocation.

Try to find some free moving boxes at the local Walmart

Walmart gets its produce in cardboard boxes on a frequent basis. Hence, there are always some extra lying around. If you go into the store and browse, you will surely find a cart or two full of folded containers. The staff at the store will gladly let you take them off of their hands completely for free. Just, be sure to check in with the cashier at the register and tell them that you’ll be taking the boxes.

If you’re not near a Walmart, try the local grocery store

fruit and vegetables at the supermarket where you can get moving boxes Brooklyn
A perfect place for some moving boxes Brooklyn is your local grocery store!

Another great place where you will be able to find moving boxes for an NYC relocation is at a grocery store. The ones we would always recommend that you use are apple crates or containers. These boxes tend to be both sturdy and in good, clean shape. Ask the local vendor and he will probably have some extra to give you.

For parcels for your relocation to NY, visit McDonald’s, too

If you’ve ever seen fries being delivered to the local McDonald’s, you know what we mean. This fast-food chain gets its potato goods in large, sturdy cardboard containers. The best part is that the fries are frozen at the time. So, the boxes are completely clean. If you’re hunting for some free parcels for your move, McDonald’s might just be the perfect ‘sponsor’.

Another good place to check for free cardboard moving boxes Brooklyn coffee shops

This is another place which gets frequent deliveries. The people at Starbucks get their goods in boxes of various sizes. So, if you have anything fragile or odd-sized these may be the solution. See with the local café if they’d be willing to leave some parcels to the side for your Brooklyn move.

Check if any of your family, friends, or neighbors have moved recently

If you have anyone that you know who has moved into the area, they may just have a few containers ready to give away. See if you can get the parcels for free, or exchange them for something. You will probably have a number of items that you will decide not to take to New York with you during the purge. Some of them you could give in exchange for the moving boxes Brooklyn if they’re needed and in good condition.

Looking for some free relocation containers will take you online, as well

Just like there are rental services for moving boxes online, there are sites that offer free ones, too. We’d suggest hitting the free section of Craigslist, as it usually has more than a few ads about relocation crates. If you don’t find any, don’t get discouraged. Try Freecycle, as well. On this website, you can score both free boxes and packing supplies. So, keep your hopes up and don’t give up. Especially if you’re relocating in August or September, the busiest months, you’ll want to keep your expenses down by finding as many no-cost supplies as possible.

While you’re on your computer, type in moving boxes Brooklyn into your Facebook, too

It really doesn’t matter if you’re moving to or from Brooklyn here. Social media is a great place to look for some cardboard boxes for your relocation. A lot of people will finish with their move and then end up stashing a few dozen parcels into their garage. If you post on one of the ‘sell or exchange’ groups online that you’re looking for containers, they’ll remember. Most of them will be happy to hand the packing supplies over for free, but some may ask for a small fee, too.

If you’re relocating books, you’ve got two options for packaging

The absolute best way to move a library is by shipping it. Books tend to be among the heaviest belongings, especially if you’ve got many of them. If you want to lower the costs of the move, we’d suggest shipping them by mail. However, if you choose to bring them with you, you’ll need some strong containers. The best way to get these will be at bookstores. After all, they will have proper containers meant for heavy tomes. In the end, asking the staff can’t hurt, even if you end up without free parcels.

In the end, liquor stores are a good spot to try and find some containers for your NYC relocation

people at a bar
A liquor store might just have the perfect packaging for your NYC move!

They may not seem like your first choice, but they definitely have sturdy moving boxes Brooklyn. And, have we mentioned that most of these containers will have lids? These places are definitely among our top picks for getting proper packing supplies. Liquor bottles need to be stored in sturdy containers because they are both fragile and heavy. With a bit of padding, you will be able to re-use these boxes in order to pack for your relocation to Brooklyn. According to our experience, most liquor store owners will be more than happy to give you the parcels, too. They have more than necessary due to frequent re-stocking and need someone to take them off of their hands.

Since 1930 we’ve packed (and unpacked) many boxes…we’re experts! And, our boxes are specifically crafted to endure and protect your valuable belongings.

Should you have questions or need something customized, feel free to contact us directly (718-768-6778). U.Santini Moving & Storage can supplement these packages to cater to your specific move.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

Allison "Elnoods" N.

From Brooklyn, NY

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