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What to know when moving to Queens NY

Somehow, when people think “New York City”, they assume that it’s synonymous with “Manhattan.” Manhattan is great, but is not the only borough. People who are wary of moving to Queens should take into consideration one of the best traits Queens has- its incredibly rich and diverse neighborhood life. There is something about the segmented, sometimes random structure of Queens’s neighborhoods that just makes it feel like home.First off, the facts- Queens, sometimes referred to as the “third county of Long Island” because of its geographic location and the sprawling suburban-looking homes you can find in places like Forest Hills and Jamaica Estates, is one of the most diverse and culturally rich places in the country.In fact, Queens College (known to many as “the jewel of the City University of New York system”) recently received a grant to fund the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding. Straddling Jamaica and Flushing,  QC isn’t just a place to watch cultures blends. The College offers a huge array of open classes, community events, and cultural displays, connected both to the students’ studies and CERRU. This year, “The year of India”, included Bollywood performances, art exhbitions on the near East, and a special stand-up appearance by Parks and Recreation’s Aziz Ansari.

Queens college, Usantini moving and storage, Moving to queens
Queens college








If you are not into the collegiate scene, travel down Jewel Avenue and hit the best street for date locations in New York- Austin Street. Lesser known than Metropolitan Avenue, Austin hits two major neighborhoods that are known for family friendliness and good, clean fun. If you are looking to dine, Forest HIlls is where it is at, with places like the Exo Cafe (for culinary inventions), MocCa (for pan-asian fusion), Juice (for health nuts), and Martha’s Country Bakery (for anyone with a sweet tooth). If you are more of the adventurous type, head 1 stop east on the E or F train (or, if you are taking a car, about 5 minutes worth of driving) and head into Kew Gardens. While parts of the Gardens are still a tight-knit ethnic enclave for the Orthodox and the Haccidim, the community has expanded and become a mini-center of culture and entertainment. Check out Odradeks Coffee House for weird, delicious caffeine beverages (like the “Edgar Allen Poe”, a milkshake with espresso, belgian chocolate, and peanut butter) and events like poetry slams and open mic nights. Up the staircase from Odradeks, you can see Arthouse and independent films at a great price at the Kew Gardens Cinema– there’s usually an amazing Groupon deal for free popcorn and tickets.

Moving further West, you get a flavor for each of the neighborhoods and how they developed.  You can spend entire afternoons searching the fresh markets and dumpling stalls in Downtown Flushing

Flushing market stakll, Usantini moving and storage, moving to queens
Fresh seafood, Flushing Market stall








or the bazaar style shops in Jackson Heights.

JAckson heights bazzar, Usantini moving and storage, Moving to queens, moving nyc
Little India in Jackson Heights









The Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst has everything you could ever want to shop for,

Queens center mall, Usantini moving and storage, moving to queens, moving to NYC
Queens center mall








while Forest Park (split amongst Glendale and Woodhaven) has amazing trails and beautiful fauna and flora year round.

Forest Park, Queens, Usantini moving and storage,moving to queens, moving to nyc
Forest Park, Queens









If you aren’t so into family friendly, never fear. Three neighborhoods compete for the title of Nightlife Champion in Queens- Jamaica, Long Island City, and Astoria. Each boasts their own flair and handles the club and outing scenes different. Jamaica has some of the best acts for ground level hip-hop and rap, and is great for music lovers who want to get in on the next big thing. Long Island City is stylish, with discos (really) and experimental bars. Astoria is the more Bohemian version of nightlife- you can grab a pint of mead at Kickshaw to pregame for the Astoria Beer Garden.


Wherever you move in Queens, you are going to need a Queens moving company to welcome you home. For the best in the business, turn to Usantini Moving and storage – established more than eighty years ago and fully aware of the awesomeness and challenges that daily face Queens residents. Call Usantini moving and storage to get an estimate before moving anywhere in NYC. Usantini Moving and storage offers professional and economical moving services anywhere in the five boroughs of NYC.

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Piano Moving in NYC


Moving is never an easy thing for any family to do. There are always so much more than just throwing your belongings into boxes and renting a truck. This becomes especially true as we begin to collect heavy, expensive and often antique items. With the rise of so many DIY shows and home improvement stores promoting saving money by doing it yourself, it is easy for people to believe they will save money by not hiring professionals.

Sadly this couldn’t be further from the truth. Moving heavy objects requires a lot more than a ‘can-do’ attitude. When dealing with items which are heavy and delicate like a piano, special tools and skills are needed. Piano movers in New York City will tell you there is a lot more to it than just getting the piano from Point A to Point B!

Piano moving, moving, Usantini.com, usantini moving and storage
Use professional movers to move your piano!










What is Involved?
At first glance, the thing people see is that a piano is a big, heavy object. While this is very true, it is not the most important aspect. There are many things in your home which must be moved which are heavy. The difference is, you can man-handle a large wooden dresser with some degree of roughness and have it come through fine.

Pianos, on the other hand, are finely tuned instruments and tuning them again is just what you’re going to have to pay for if they are moved, transported or stored improperly. The heavy wooden exterior may hide the delicate strings and hammers but they can and will be effected negatively if moved roughly. Then there are exposed items like the foot-pedals which can easily be damaged especially when being moved through constricted places like doorways.


Piano moving, piano movers, Usantini.com, Usantini moving and storage
Should you risk damage this?











Hidden Costs
Piano movers in New York City will tell you there are lots of costs the DIY types always run afoul of. In fact the savings one gets from hiring professionals comes from the fact you don’t end up paying for a lot of items you might only use once.

As with many types of large appliances, pianos have to be moved out of the home carefully threading hallways and doors. Depending on the building, a piano above the ground floor will have to be hoisted down because it won’t fit in the elevator. Then there is the proper packaging material to protect it during all this movement along with transport. All of these costs are often missed when the homeowner thinks to save a buck by moving their own stuff.


Piano hoisting, Usantini moving and storage, Brooklyn movers
Use professional movers when you need hoisting services!









What makes things worse is that even up-right pianos are not uniform in shape shape. Which makes properly packaging them more difficult. Then there is knowing where exactly on the piano it is designed to take more pressure. Professionals deal with things like this on a daily basis whereas the homeowner might never do more than shift their piano around the room a bit. Not knowing the proper place your piano can or cannot take lifting pressure means the difference between a damaged or ruined piano.


Piano board, Piano moving, usantini moving and storage, usantini.com
You need professional equipment to move a piano!








Risk Transfer
Successful companies know the best way to do business is to transfer risk of an operation to someone else. In the homeowners case, using piano movers in New York City is a way to not only transfer the risk (by having the work insured) it is the best way to minimize risk due to professionally trained movers doing the job with the right tools.

It’s always best to remember what you are doing. Are you saving money or are you moving your furniture safely? At the end of the day your furniture has to be moved and doing it yourself is not the best way to ensure it is done safely. Furthermore, if your piano is damaged in transit by the movers, it is insured. If you yourself damage or ruin your piano moving it, you’re out the costs of repairing or replacing it. In trying to save money, you end up spending lots more than you had hoped to save.


Professional piano movers, Usanitni.com, Usantini moving and storage, New york piano movers
Professional Piano movers








Peace of Mind
It is hard to put a price tag on this but moving is a stressful time and worrying about your family heirloom piano making to your new house without damage is not something you need. Depending on your home, you may be faced with narrow corridors, steps and stairwells which must be navigated to all the help you’ll need to actually move a heavy piano. One slip and a friend or family member now has a serious injury to deal with.

Don’t Risk It!
When looking for piano movers in New York City, let the professionals at Usantini Moving and storage do what they do best: move your prized possessions safely to their new home. Let us do the move so you can rest easy knowing your piano will be ready to play in tune in your new home.

10 Things that will make you happy you moved to Brooklyn

Did you just move to Brooklyn? Are you moving to Brooklyn? Did you move your business to Brooklyn? Congratulations – it’s the most populous borough in New York and increasingly the most vibrant. Here are ten reasons why Brooklyn isn’t playing second fiddle to anyone.
1. Brooklyn Museum
The second largest art museum in the city and one of the largest in the world, the Brooklyn Museum is a lot edgier than the Met – it has exhibits pop culture phenomena like Star Wars. It even exhibited counterfeits found in its own collection.

U.Santini Moving and storage, Brooklyn Museum, Move to Brooklyn
Brooklyn Museum








2. Prospect Park
The sequel to Central Park? Sculpted by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux ten years after they finished Central Park, Prospect Park is slightly smaller, but more picturesque, more rugged, and more pastoral, and a good enough reason for moving to Brooklyn on its own. And yes, it has a lake!

U.Santini Moving and storage, Prospect Park, Moving, Brooklyn
Relaxing in Prospect Park









3. Coney Island
Coney Island, once the greatest amusement park in the country, isn’t what it was a hundred years ago – it’s better. Recently rebuilt and renovated, Coney Island has rides and cotton candy and Nathan’s hot dogs and everything your parents told you about – but without the crime and decay it once suffered.

U.Santiini Moving and storage, Coney island, Moving, Brooklyn
Coney Island, Summer, U.Santini Moving and storage









4. Brighton Beach
One of the most unique neighborhoods in New York City, Brighton Beach is home to a huge Russian and Central Asian population. That means unique cuisines, drinks (like Russian beer soda), and architecture. It feels like nowhere else in New York.

U.Santini Moving and storage, Brighton beach, Brooklyn
U.Santini Moving and storage, Brighton beach, Brooklyn









5. Restaurants
From the classic, traditional (and Michelin starred) Peter Luger to Vinegar Hill House, and hip locations like Do or Dine, and Smorgasburg, Brooklyn has no shortage of great places to eat. If you’re moving to Brooklyn, you’ll have the chance to go to all of them.

U.Santiini Moving and storage, peter Lugar, Brooklyn resaturants, Move to brooklyn
Peter Lugar – Best steaks in NYC









6. Williamsburg
Williamsburg isn’t for everybody, but the former hipster mecca is easily the trendiest neighborhood in New York. From artisanal soap stores and vegan fashion boutiques (seriously) to haute couture and $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon, Williamsburg is a weird place, but it’s famous for a reason.

A view of Willimasburg Brooklun, U.Santii Movig and storage









7. The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is almost as iconic as the Empire State Building, and for good reason. It’s one of the earliest U.S. suspension bridges, was once the longest in the world, and it’s simply beautiful. With a new park underneath it, the Bridge is as alive as ever.

Brooklyn Bridge, U.Santini Moving and storage, Brooklyn, Move to Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge @ Evening time









8. Barclays Center
Brooklyn’s arena had a great first year, and year two keeps getting better. Besides for being the home of the Nets, Barclays has tons of great concerts – from Jay Z to Leonard Cohen – and it’s a lot more comfortable than Madison Square Garden.

U.Santini Moving and storage, Barclays center, Brooklyn
Barclays Center









9. Brooklyn Brownstones
If skyscrapers define Manhattan, then brownstones define Brooklyn. The oak-lined streets and prewar row-houses are the visual life of the borough. And you don’t just have to look – you can get one of your own!

Brooklyn Brownstones, U.Santini moving and storage, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Brownstones








10. Pizza
Manhattan pizza? Fuhgeddabout it! New York pizza really means Brooklyn pizza. But I won’t tell you where to go. That ruins the fun of moving to Brooklyn. Hit the streets and find your own favorite!

Brooklyn Pizza, U.Santini Moving and storage, Brrooklyn, Moving
Brooklyn’s famous Pizza









So if you’re thinking about moving to Brooklyn, why fight it? There’s a lifetime of things to do here. The move itself doesn’t have to be hard, either. U.Santini Moving and Storage makes your move easy – whether you’re moving across the country or just across town. U.Santini Moving and Storage is a family-owned business with more than eighty (yes… 80) years of experience in helping people and a deep commitment to customer service, responsibility, and dependability. We make your move as easy as possible so you can jump right in – and start enjoying life in Brooklyn. Get our Coupon for a $100 discount coupon for your upcoming move to Brooklyn!

The 7 Best Neighborhoods in NYC

New York City is a world city. It has been the largest city in the United States since the United States was founded. And it has a vibrant, diverse culture unlike anywhere else in the world. That’s why even New York’s neighborhoods are so famous – an area of a few blocks can be extremely culturally distinct in its own right. Here are some of the best – which one do you think is the best neighborhood in NYC?

1. Lower East Side
A hundred years ago the Lower East Side was one of the biggest slums in the world. More than a million people, mostly Irish and Italian immigrants, lived in the tiny square of southeastern Manhattan – almost as many as the entire island today. Since then, it’s become a bohemian art utopia, and is slowly becoming a luxury neighborhood. If you like the charm of old New York with modern ingenuity alongside, it’s the best neighborhood in NYC.

U.Santini moving and storage Manhattan Lower east side
Building on the Lower east side











2. TriBeCa
Triangle Below Canal Street, but don’t worry about it. Everyone just calls it TriBeCa. Land of boutiques and artsy penthouses, it’s the most expensive neighborhood in New York – even though it’s right next to one of the poorest, Chinatown. If you love celebrities and film, it’s the best neighborhood in NYC.

U.Santini Moving and storage works in Tribeca
Tribeca Pointe Building and Tribeca Park











3. Upper East Side
Old Money. It’s synonymous with the Upper East Side. The old great New York families who used to live in midtown mansions a hundred years ago all live here now. If you love old-school luxury, the lifestyle of the aristocracy, the UES is the best neighborhood in NYC.

U.Santini moves you to the upper east side of NYC
Upper east side neighborhood









4. Harlem
Harlem has been largely African-American for 100 years – a stark contrast to the shifting patterns elsewhere in the city. Through good times (the Harlem Renaissance) and bad (the blaxploitation era), in poverty (the ‘60s) and wealth (today), it’s a center for black life in America, making it arguably the best neighborhood in NYC.

U.Santini moves you all over New york
Sunday in Harlem












5. Wall Street
Locally known as the Financial District, Wall Street juxtaposes the extreme wealth of the financial industry with the oldest part of New York – sorry, New Amsterdam. The New York Stock Exchange is right next to Trinity Church, established in 1696 and one of the largest landowners. If you like wealth and weird streets, it’s the best neighborhood in NYC.


U.Santini moves you to Wall street
Wall Street Bull










6. Inwood
Okay, even this neighborhood is obscure. At the very top of Manhattan, it’s one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city, and it not only has stunning views of the Palisades (the Jersey cliffs), it has an authentic medieval monastery – actually, four. The Met’s medieval museum, The Cloisters, is in the area and made from four different reassemble French monasteries. Thanks, Rockefellers!

U.Santini moves you to Inwood, NYc
Inwood Hill Park











7. Williamsburg
New York isn’t just Manhattan, although Brooklyn . Williamsburg is close enough, though. One stop away, it’s party central and art central at the same time, and the hippest new neighborhood. Get there before it gets too expensive – tick tock!

U.Santini moves you to Williamsburg Brooklyn
Williamsburg Brooklyn. Always Hip…












What’s that? You’ve made up your mind, and realized that every neighborhood is the best neighborhood in New York City? You’re going to move here? That’s amazing!In a city of eight million people, there’s always room for one more. And U.Santini Moving and Storage are the experts in getting you there – whether you’re coming from Hudson or Hong Kong, Astoria or Antarctica. Our years of experience and commitment to service, and our intimate knowledge of the city, make us the perfect choice to get you where you need to go: the best neighborhood in New York City. Look no further if you are looking for a dependable, affordable, professional and courteous moving experience. Call us on 718-768-6778 today!

How to move your pets safely?

We at U.Santini Moving and storage love animals. we even have our own company dog. Lola.

Lola, Usantini.com office dog
Lola, USantini’s office dog

We always take extra care when moving our clients pets. Have a pet to move? Check out our simple to follow “How to move your pets safely?” to do list. Your pets will thank you…

Moving, pet moving, U.Santini moving and storage, moving to brooklyn
Move your pets responsively

Moving is stressful not only for you and your family, but your pets as well. Just as you must become hyper vigilant with small children when taking them into a new situation or area, the same is true of your animals, but with a twist. Whether you are moving to Manhattan, moving to Brooklyn, relocating to Queens, moving to the Bronx or Staten Island, Here are 10 basic tips to keep in mind as you prepare your move.

1.     Provide your pet with a carrier or cage they can be kept in during the many phases of the move. Providing them with a place away from movers will prevent fearful or aggressive behavior from causing problems. Keeping your pet in a secured kennel will also prevent them from being able to run out a door.

1.     Do not wait until the day of the move to get them used to being in a kennel if they have never been in one before. Take the cage out a week or more in advance and gradually have them spend more time in it. This is also good advice when it comes to riding in the car if you are planning on driving long distances to your new residence.

2.     Be sure to keep a collar with updated ID tag on your dog or cat, even if you intend to keep them in a kennel the entire time. It is also strongly recommended that you microchip your pets. Collars are a quick way for someone to contact you in the event that you become separated from your companion, but collars can also slip off.

3.     Be familiar with where veterinary facilities are, especially emergency facilities should something arise that requires your pet to have immediate medical attention. This can be especially difficult if you are planning a move that takes you out of state.

4.     Pack a travel bag for your animals, just as you would for yourself or your family members. Include in their bag food, water, bowls, extra leash, litter, medications, toys and treats. If there is a special towel, blanket, or bed that he/she uses it is a good idea to have it easily accessible, this helps with transition and easing traveling anxiety.

5.     For pets with multiple possessions: a great moving tip is to keep all their things in one central location/box. When you arrive at your final destination it is then a simple matter to unpack their belongings and get them situated.

6.     Schedule a veterinary appointment before you move. Let your regular veterinarian know where you will be moving to, especially if it is to another state and request copies of your pet’s medical records.

7.     By letting your veterinarian know where you will be moving to, they are able to provide you with medical advice if there are specific health concerns to the region you are going to. This may mean your pet will need additional vaccines or begin treatment for fleas, ticks, or heartworms if not already started on this regime.

8.     If your moving plans include a flight with your pet, you will need to get a health certificate you’re your veterinarian before they will be allowed to fly. A health certificate will require the pet to be free from contagious disease and up to date on vaccines.

9.     A flea treatment is also a good idea if you currently do not give them flea drops. This is precautionary if you plan to stay in a hotel or drive long distances to your new residence.

10.     Make arrangements in advance for the care and transportation of your animals if you plan to move first and they will follow later.

11.     Moving out of state may require you to outline a plan of where you will stop every night. Booking hotels can be tricky because not all are pet friendly. Travel during the summer season can present its own difficulties because hotels can quickly fill up and have no rooms to offer.

12.     Driving with your animals may necessitate you to develop a way to let your dog out to go to the bathroom. Always keep your dog on a leash during these times, regardless of how well trained they may be.

13.     Your animals will often need more rest stops than you, keep this in mind.

14.     Transporting during especially warm or cold weather will also need you to take extra considerations.

15.      Reptiles may need heat packs to keep them warm during cold months.

16.     Hot days will need a functional A/C and never leaving the animals alone in the vehicle.

17.     Carry a specialty first aid kit for your pets in case of an emergency. These can be purchased over-the-counter, or you can put one together yourself with items you have in your home.

18. Once you have gotten to your destination, make setting up your pet’s area one of your priorities.

U.Santini Moving and storage are always around to make that trek easier and stress free, whether you are moving with pets or without, U.Santini moving and storage is here to advise and help you with all of your moving questions. If you are looking for an affordable and trustworthy mover that is fast, efficient, local and knows the city well. Don’t hesitate to call us at 718-768-6778. Lola will be happy you called…

Use our coupon to help reduce the cost of your move!

10 Things that will make your life easier when moving in NYC

There’s no doubt about it, New York City is the place to define your career or reinvent yourself. Of course, before you enjoy the best West Village has to offer or shopping in Union Square, you have to move to NYC. There are some things you can do now to make sure that your life easier after you move to the Big Apple.

1. Crete a Moving calendar

Time is fleeting during every aspect of your move. So put together a moving calendar to make sure you stay on target.

U.Santini movig and storage
Moving Calendar

2. Stick to a System

You have things you want to keep, sell, throw in the trash and keep. Unfortunately, these things won’t sort themselves out. Devote at least a week to sorting through your belongings. You may even want to apply the one-year rule. If you haven’t used something in at least one year, you may want to donate or pitch it. The last thing you want to do is get to NYC and wonder why you ever packed that item you haven’t used in since you were in 5th grade.

U.santini moving and storage, packing
Packing is a Family affair…

3. Get help with Your Move

Friends and family are great movers, but unfortunately, they probably aren’t willing to travel to NYC unless you’re paying for their transportation. Even then they may get “lost” in SoHo or Times Square. Consider which professional NYC movers you want. Companies like U.Santini Moving and storage are:

  • Dependable
  • Affordable
  • Responsible
  • Trustworthy
  • Loyal to their clients
  • Offer good prices

Of course, you want to do your research before selecting a moving company. Make a list of professional moving companies and narrow down your options by:

  • Figuring out if the company adapts to your needs
  • If it’s highly professional
  • If it is reliable which means insured and licensed
  • If it is efficient (remember, you want the move done as fast as possible)
U.Santini Moving and storage. Help moving, move,
Call U.Santini Moving and Storage if you need help Moving!

4. Plan to Move Pets Separately

Professional movers won’t move your pets. Thus, you have to figure out the best, most comfortable way to transport your pet. You may want to get things like pet seat covers, pet steps (to help them climb in and out of the car) and pet car barriers.

Moving, pet moving, U.Santini moving and storage, moving to brooklyn
Move your pets responsively

5. Make Sure Someone is there During Packing and Pick Up

You need to be at your old and new place during each phase of the packing and pick up. If you can’t be there, make sure to have a friend or family member there oversee the process and assist your NYC movers.

U.santini moving and storage, family moving house
Moving to a new house.

6. Things to Do Two Months to Moving

Here are the things to do two months before moving:

  • Get estimates from movers
  • Start packing rarely used items
  • Have a yard sale
  • Drop off donations
U.Santini moving and storage, moving  yc, yard sale
Have a yard sale…!

7. Things to Do One Month to Moving

You want to do some things like:

  • Book your moving company
  • Notify the post office and healthcare providers that you’re moving
  • Order moving supplies
  • Start packing
Packing, moving, U.santini moving and storage
Pack your boxes in time

8. Check with Your Building Manager

If you are moving into a NYC apartment building ask about move-in/move-out times. Often, buildings restrict times when NYC movers can transport your belongings into your new place.

building manageemnt, building manager, moving, moving to nyc, U.Santini moving
Coordinate with building management

9. Keep in Mind the Extras

There are a lot of little things that can make an inexpensive move more expensive. For instance, if you’re moving into an elevator-less building, NYC movers charge extra to climb up those stairs.

Extra movng expenses, moving, packing
Anticipate the Extra moving expenses

10. Confirm Your Moving Date

Confirm your move date with your NYC movers. For instance, U.Santini Moving and Storage will contact you five to seven days before your move to make sure all details are still the same.

Moving confirmation, moving nyc, U.Santini moving and storage
Confirm your moving date in advance

Need more information about moving in New York City? Call U.Santini Moving and Storage at 718-768-6778 and talk to Dan or Brian. And don’t hesitate to ask them about  U.Santini’s FREE packing kit promotion. We will give you $80 worth of FREE moving boxes if you move with U.Santini Moving and Storage.



Or give us a call, we’d love to help you with your moving, packing, or storage needs!