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Moving In: Packing Two Households Into One

In New York almost everyone lives in a shared space at one time or another. After making the decision to merge households it can be a difficult task to sort out what goes where and communicate that to your movers in Brooklyn, New York. Too often, not enough planning is done and a house ends up with plenty of coffee machines, but all of the couches in storage. Planning and preparation can prevent such frustrating situations.

The first step to moving in together is deciding what you will keep as a couple, what you will store as an individual, and what you will get rid of. Many people are reluctant to part with their personal furniture and choose to rent storage. However, you should be realistic about what you will actually use. If the furniture is not an antique or keepsake, and you don’t plan on using it within the next five years, it is often more cost-effective to sell or donate it rather than store it. However, if the living arrangement is potentially short-term, then you might want to look into renting a larger storage space to keep duplicate items.

If you are hiring movers & packers to help with the transition there are some things you should keep in mind. Most packing services do not sort items. They pack items for best-fit, according to room. The easiest way to make sure your items intended for storage are packed separately from the items moving to your new home is to have them sorted into separate rooms when the movers come. If this is not possible, have them clearly marked on opposite sides of the room. Whether you pack yourself or hire a full service moving company, make sure items going to different destinations are loaded onto the moving truck separately, and are clearly labeled. If both parties are moving into a new home, or using storage, make sure to discuss your choices for how to best utilize the moving truck on the day of your move.

Moving in together should be a fun and exciting time. Unfortunately, dealing with belongings can get a bit stressful. The best way to make sure that everything ends up where it needs to is to plan well in advance, communicate with your movers, and always clearly label your boxes. Following those basic tips, your move should go smoothly and be a positive experience.

The Most Efficient Way to Move a Small Business

Moving a business can be quite a bit more complicated than moving a household. When moving a business, every day spent packing and moving is a potential loss of revenue. Although a move often indicates success and growth for a business, it is important to realize the actual month around the relocation is a critically vulnerable period. In order to offset the potential hazards of moving it is important that the business owner and managers have a clear plan in place.

Before creating a relocation plan you should contact a few moving companies in Brooklyn. Discuss the services they offer and decide whether you want to hire a full service moving company or do most of the packing with your employees. Keep in mind that you will be moving valuable assets, critical to the functioning of your business. You might want to consider letting employees pack office supplies and personal items while arranging for professionals to pack more fragile items like computers and other electronics.

After you have chosen a good business moving company you should reserve the moving day at least a month in advance. You want to select a day when you have little incoming business, perhaps after working hours or on the weekend. If you cannot arrange a non-working time for the move then make sure you warn your customers that you will not be operating on that day. You should inform both suppliers and customers that your business will move well before the actual move takes place, always framing the move as a positive time of growth for your business.

Make sure your office is ready to be moved on moving day. The week before the move employees may start to pack away files and supplies that are not used on a daily basis. The day before the move only absolutely critical equipment should remain unpacked. You can also take this packing period to create a detailed inventory of supplies and to consider storage options for old records and seldom used equipment. Most business moving companies can recommend storage options that will be cheaper than renting office space and yet still convenient for your business.

Moving a business should be quick, secure, and with as little stress as possible. In order to achieve this an owner needs to be well-prepared and be able to trust the moving company they hire. With a detailed plan for moving in place the move can happen without the loss of a single working day, and result in a more organized, efficient business.

Packing Up Christmas: Considerations for Holiday Storage

Everyone agrees that getting out the holiday decorations is more fun than putting them away, but storing seasonal decorations properly ensures their longevity and makes unpacking them the following year easier. Some people might choose to forgo the packing altogether and hire a full service moving company to pack and store holiday items. However, if you are doing it yourself, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

The most important thing when packing away seasonal items is to have a plan. Start by creating an inventory of the items you are going to store and figuring out what kind of boxes you will need. Whether or not you separate items by category, or pack them according to size, is up to you, but make sure you untangle and label cords, and disassemble everything that will be stored before you begin packing. This will give you a better idea of what supplies you will need.

Remember to use proper packing techniques when you pack holiday gear. This is especially important because you probably will not bother thinking about what you have packed away until next Christmas. Moving and packing companies can supply you with proper boxes and packing supplies. Of course you can reuse your boxes each year, and many people have started shredding discarded wrapping paper to use as filler around delicate items. Whether you use professional grade or recycled supplies, make sure to include fabric sheets or mothballs when packing fabrics, close each box securely with packing tape, and label the boxes with a detailed content-list.

Finally, don’t be afraid to part with some decorations. In New York moving and storage can be expensive, and you have to think of the decorations you choose to keep as an investment. Too often I see people storing broken ornaments or food-based decorations because they can’t stand to part with them. If you really want to keep something that is broken, take the time to fix it. If you don’t want to spend that time this year, then it probably isn’t worth the cost of storing.

While packing away the holidays might not be as fun as setting them up, it is an important yearly ritual for many people. Decide whether you want to hire packing services, or go at it alone, and then create a packing plan for yourself. With proper technique and care you will find it is an easy, rewarding task.

11 Reasons You Should Store Your Things Locally

Some people waste their money on long-term storage they really don’t need, but sometimes storage is the best solution. How do you know the difference? Here are some valid reasons to store your things locally:

1. Extra space. Space in New York is expensive. It may be more cost-effective to rent a storage unit rather than a larger apartment.

2. Staging a move. Moving companies in Brooklyn are often unable to hold your belongings on a moving truck. If your new place might not be ready when you move, you should rent a storage unit as an in-between.

3. Selling a home. It is easiest to sell your home if it is free of clutter. You can put personal belongings in storage while you are showing your home.

4. Redecorating. Storage allows you to clear out a room that needs serious remodeling.

5. Off-season items. A small storage unit can be useful for seasonal items such as coats or sports equipment.

6. Moving to a smaller home. Most full service moving companies will drop off your essential items at your new home and place your non-essentials in a storage unit. This allows you time to figure out what you want in your new home, and what you can part with.

7. Clearing an estate. You may not be ready to go through inherited belongings. Storage is a valid way to buy time until you are ready to face that task.

8. Excess stock. For businesses, renting storage may be cheaper than leasing a larger warehouse space, especially for temporary stock. Business moving companies can usually offer small businesses good deals on storage plans.

9. Not enough office space. Storing archived paperwork and excess office supplies is often a cheaper option than renting a larger office.

10. Leaving the city for a temporary time period. Students, military, and travelers often find themselves having to leave the city for a predetermined length of time. If you know you will return to New York it may be best to keep your stuff in storage during that time.

11. Storing valuables/collectables. If you have valuable paintings or collectables that you do not keep on display at your house you may want to use a fully secured, climate controlled storage facility to protect your belongings. Moving and packing companies can help determine the best way to prepare delicate items for long-term storage.

For many people, storage is not a necessity. For some, however, it makes life easier and is cheaper than other options. Using this list will help you determine if you should begin looking for storage.

The Essential List of Packing Materials You Will Need For Your Move

For most people the toughest part of moving is packing. It takes a lot of time and planning, and many people spend the entire packing process worried that they might break something. It ends up taking much longer than it should. If you are just moving in Brooklyn, you don’t want to spend that much time packing. While experience packing helps speed the process along there is another reason that professional packing services can pack up your home in a day when it takes you a month. Professionals are prepared with the proper tools for packing. If you gather these items before packing you can not only cut down on the time it takes to pack, but also pack your belongings with confidence.

Packing boxes. Don’t go cheap here. Buy sturdy, high quality boxes of various shapes and sizes. Besides standard cubes, make sure you have enough wardrobe boxes for your delicates and dish packs for your glassware.
Packing tape and a tape dispenser. You do not want to be cutting every piece of tape with a pair of scissors. Invest in a good dispenser and you will end up using it for other projects around the house.
Labels and a few permanent markers. You can buy pre-printed labels that allow you to simply checkmark the content of each box, or you can buy blank labels that you can fill in as detailed as you like. Start with more than one marker because, inevitably, one will always go dry. Also, make sure you clearly label fragile items, and that your moving company can read your labels.
Packing wrap and cushioning. You can use old newspapers or plain brown packing paper to wrap your delicate items. Whether you are moving yourself across Brooklyn or packing things up for a long distance moving company to take away, you want to make sure your items are packed with enough cushioning to not move around in their boxes. This will prevent scratches and breaking.

There are many other items that you might want to have on hand while packing, but this list covers the basics. You do not want to start a packing job without this complete list. Most moving companies in Brooklyn will be able to estimate how many boxes you will need. Follow their advice and make sure you have enough of everything so that you don’t run out of boxes or tape when you are almost finished. In the end, being prepared can seriously cut down on the time and energy it takes to pack.

12 Things to do in your old house, before you move

Moving to a new home can be fun and does not have to be a stressful event, rather, it should be a joyful experience. Careful planning takes the guess work out and turns it into an exciting adventure. Here are some great tips to make your next move a smooth success.

1. Let go of excess clothing and other items. We tend to hold onto things we don’t need and really do not even want. Have a yard or garage sale and clear out the clutter. Sell more expensive items on eBay or some other website. Donate clothing that is not suitable for the new climate or just is seldom worn anymore. If you haven’t worn a piece in the last year, it is not likely that you will wear again, so let go of it.

2. Schedule utilities to be connected at the new place and disconnected at the old locations. This is a vital step that will save you stress, money and will increase the comfort factor tremendously. A full service moving company can even take care of those chores for you and free your time for other things.

3. Label boxes well, even listing items inside. At the very least, note the room location they will be going to such as “Master Bedroom” or “Bathroom.” Listing the contents will assist you in locating necessary items such as the coffeemaker or cups and utensils. For-hire movers and packers do this and can offer great advice even if you are doing a lot of this yourself.
4. Deep-clean every room starting weeks in advance, painting if necessary. Scrub walls, floors, countertops and inside cupboards. Landlords often look for reasons to withhold the security deposit. Carpets can be cleaned and then covered with throw rugs or plastic sheeting. Professional packing services sometimes offer this service so you unroll a fresh, clean carpet in the new home.

5. Start packing well in advance. Decorations and accessories can be removed and packed up weeks, even months before the move. Full service moving companies sell boxes, tape and packing materials. Sometimes they even have recycle options after the move.

6. Eat down the pantry and refrigerator. Get creative and use this food which is expensive so it is not thrown out. You do not want to move perishables anyway so enjoy the bounty.

7. Take photos of the old place before you begin packing up. These will not only provide fond memories later but will be a reminder of how furniture was arranged and of favorite colors and accessories.

8. Visit the neighbors. Take cookies and sit a while. Let them know they were a valuable part of your life and you will never forget them.

9. Remove all trash and debris on the last day. You want to be remembered as someone who has ethics and values. Leave the place looking its best.

10. Throw a party. This can be a packing party where friends help to pack boxes and load trucks. Let them work hard then treat them to a meal at a favorite restaurant or hangout.

11. Schedule a walkthrough with the landlord and take notes during the conversation. Have him or her sign off on your paperwork. This will prevent an unethical person from inventing damage reports.

12. Ensure all locks are working properly. You do not want to be held responsible for damage if someone enters through a defective door or unlocked area after you have vacated the property.

With these suggestions in mind, plan your move and be prepared for an easy, smooth changeover from one home to the next. Create an atmosphere of excitement, not exhaustion.


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