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Brooklyn landmarks you should explore

From Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights, over Crown Heights and Prospect Park, all the way down to the Coney Island, Manhattan and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn landmarks are all around this NYC borough. It would probably take you weeks to visit each and every attractive location. One of the most interesting facts about Brooklyn is that each neighborhood is specific and unique. Each holds its own secrets. Nevertheless, each will reveal them to you if only you search long enough. Furthermore, Kings County is so wonderful that it inspires everyone who visits it. If you’re planning to visit this borough or even move here and would like to get to know more about neighborhoods, we’ll present you a list of places you should definitely go check out. And if it amazes you so much you’d wish to move here, we suggest you hire Brooklyn moving specialistsContinue reading “Brooklyn landmarks you should explore”

Dining in Brooklyn – where and what

If you are living in Brooklyn or moving there you will soon realize how amazing this NYC borough is. If you are one of many people who are thinking of moving here you should hire the best local movers Brooklyn can offer and you can be on your way. Once you start living here it is time to discover everything Brooklyn has to offer. From entertainment to eating and drinking, you will find wonderful content here. Everyone loves eating delicious food and Brooklyn doesn’t lack great restaurants. We will recommend great places for dining in Brooklyn. These are the restaurants that have been proclaimed as the best restaurants in 2018. Continue reading “Dining in Brooklyn – where and what”

Best places to eat in Brooklyn

If you are moving to Brooklyn you are making a great choice. Brooklyn is one of the fastest developing NYC boroughs. It offers many jobs opportunities and it is especially convenient for young people. You can find great movers in Brooklyn and you can be on your way. After you settle in you will discover an exciting cultural scene and nightlife. There are many excellent restaurants here. We will suggest the best places to eat in Brooklyn that you are going to love. You will be able to try different cuisines and experiment with exciting tastes and aromas. Therefore, we hope you’ll enjoy your next meal in some of these restaurants.

a restaurant table in one of the best places to eat in Brooklyn
You can find many great places to eat in Brooklyn

Top places to eat in Brooklyn

Chez Ma Tante in Greenpoint is a paradise for meat lovers. Organic meat is big here. Meat plates and patties are very popular here. In addition, you can eat a special homemade hummus and some of the most delicious sauces you have ever tried.

al di là

If you want to eat like the locals you should visit al di la, one of the finest restaurants in Brooklyn. This place is full of the locals who love it. They serve Venetian cuisine and it is quite authentic and delicious. It is located in Park Slope. If you want to make a reservation you have to come with five other people. If you have to wait for a place you can enjoy some of the best wines there is. Still, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time here.

Buttermilk Channel

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Brooklyn. You can eat many delicious meals here. Presumably, people mostly order fried chicken & cheddar waffles or duck meatloaf. These are their specialties, so you should definitely try them. Save room for dessert, though.  Then, you should try their pecan pie sundae. If you are coming with kids you will be more than welcome here. They have kid’s chairs and a kids menu. Visit on a Monday night because you will get a special offer. You will be able to get a full dinner menu for only 25$. You can only make a reservation for 5 or more persons. One of the Brooklyn moving tips after coming here is to visit this great place.

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

This is a high-end restaurant. They can prove this because they are the only Brooklyn restaurant that has won two Michelin stars. You will have an intimate and exciting dinner. The restaurant is quite small, as there are only 18 spaces. However, you will feel rewarded if you get a reservation. They will serve 18 to 20 courses on small plates.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

This excellent pizzeria is located near Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is also very close to the Brooklyn Promenade. There are always crowds of people waiting to try their delicious pizza because it is one of the tastiest pizzas in NYC. If you want to avoid the crowds you should come before opening on weekends. On weekdays you should come for lunch or an early dinner.

pizza at one of the best places to eat in Brooklyn
Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is one of the best places to eat in Brooklyn

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Here you can find the best chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate in Brooklyn. This is a chocolate shop you will simply love. It is located in Dumbo and it is very popular and visited. In addition, you can try excellent chocolate delicacies. Moreover, you can buy interesting chocolate gifts for your friends and family. You can stock up with sweet souvenirs. You will thank your movers NYC for relocating you here.

Marlow & Sons

This excellent restaurant is located in Williamsburg. You can try a great speciality here, the briny oysters. This is something very popular and interesting. They also have creative and interesting cocktails that you will love. You can eat daily meals from greenmarket healthy and organic ingredients. They don’t take reservations so you should be patient and ready to eat.

Peter Luger Steak House

This restaurant is near the Williamsburg Bridge. It was founded in 1887 and since then it has been making and serving some of the best stakes in the country. The speciality here is the porterhouse steak that you are going to love because it is simply juicy and delicious. They are not cheap but if you still want to save some money and still eat here you should try their burger. You can only get this burger at lunch. And, don’t let us forget. You have to try their delicious bacon and creamed spinach.

The River Café

If you want to take somebody or yourself to a romantic dinner this is the perfect place for that. You will have a fantastic view of Manhattan. It has a long tradition of excellent service. It was founded in 1977 and it has been one of the most famous restaurants in NYC ever since. Enjoy here with a wonderful dinner and some great wine.

two glasses of red wine
Enjoy a nice dinner at some wine at The River Cafe

The cheapest places to eat in Brooklyn

Lulu & Po is one of the cheapest restaurants in Brooklyn. Moreover, this is one of the most affordable places to eat in Brooklyn. In addition, all of the full menu meals they have costs 18$. Most of the delicious meals here are chicken meals. You should try the grilled pizza dough with ricotta cheese that costs only 6$. If you want to try something different and exotic you should try General Tso’s sweetbreads with chiles and scallions that cost only 13$. Everything here is under 18$ and because of its affordability you will love this place.

You have to try these cheap places to eat in Brooklyn

  • At Blue Collar, you can buy delicious fast food.You can get a cheeseburger for only $6.25! That is an excellent price for this excellent food.
  • At Don Pepe Tortas&Jugos you can get delicious Mexican food. You can buy tortas for the crazy price of just 7 or 8 dollars.
  • At Mitchell’s Soul Food has a lot of delicious foods to offer. The best thing to order is fried chicken with a double portion of mac and cheese.
  • At Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop you can satisfy your sweet tooth. You can get a handcrafted delicious doughnut for only $1.10.

We have given you some suggestions of the best places to eat in Brooklyn. Consequently, these are great restaurants you will enjoy. Moreover, if you are on a budget you can try some of the great cheap and affordable restaurants and fast food joints.

How to reinvent yourself in Brooklyn

You know how people worry when they’re about to make a drastic change in their lives? When changing a partner, a job, and especially when changing a current place of living. Well, it is a big step, that’s true. Many things really depend on the choice of the new home. For instance, those of you relocating to Brooklyn don’t need to trouble yourselves that much. There are so many ways how to reinvent yourself in Brooklyn and feel happy about the choice you’ve made. Do you want to find out more about it? We’ve thought so. Continue reading “How to reinvent yourself in Brooklyn”

Settling into Brooklyn Guide

Moved to Brooklyn, eh? And now you’re facing the process of settling into Brooklyn? Charming place, isn’t it? I sure as heck loved it! And I still love it! We will skip the whole – ‘you’ve always wanted to live in New York City, and this is how you can do it…’ This will be a guide that basically helps people who already went through the process of moving to Brooklyn. Continue reading “Settling into Brooklyn Guide”

Moving in from Chicago guide

So you have decided to move from Chicago to Brooklyn. Moving to Brooklyn will bring some changes in your life.You are going to live in a different environment and a city with a different and unique vibe. Moving in from Chicago will make you wonder about the differences between your city and Brooklyn. We are going to compare different aspects of the two cities. We will also give you some good reasons for moving to Brooklyn. Since the two places are not that close you’d better hire the best long distance movers Brooklyn has to offer and prepare for your move. You will just love the unique art scene of Brooklyn, its beach, and people. Continue reading “Moving in from Chicago guide”


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