Moving to Brooklyn

Most beautiful streets in NYC

If you watched at least one of the popular TV shows, you probably noticed that they have a beautiful background. Many of them are recorded in New York City. All those beautiful backgrounds are actually beautiful streets in NYC. Many tourists just come to NYC so they can take a walk and feel the city. Despite the crowd and noise, you can actually enjoy the view and feel the different vibe in every street. If you are thinking about moving to NYC, you might decide to live in one of the streets that we are going to present to you. Continue reading “Most beautiful streets in NYC”

Benefits of having an office in Brooklyn

When it comes to either starting or growing your business – location is the key. So, having an office in Brooklyn can be beneficial on so many levels. Brooklyn is a growing community that has seen an increase in median income in the past decades. Hence, young professionals move to Brooklyn in search of a more diverse and active community. And being close to them will have a great impact on your business. Moving or starting a new business in Brooklyn means that you will have access to an active and growing market. Continue reading “Benefits of having an office in Brooklyn”

Top First Time Homeowner Tips

Becoming a homeowner for the first time is no joke! If not careful, this venture could turn out disastrous. However, with a bit of guidance from U. Santini Moving & Storage, you can have the house of your dreams, without making any mistakes. While this is one of those things where you have to take a leap of faith, if you are a first time homeowner, our tips could be lifesaving. Continue reading “Top First Time Homeowner Tips”

Tips for job hunt in Brooklyn

Today, it is getting harder to find a job. You can finish college, but today that doesn’t guarantee anything. Maybe you live in a small place or even in New York, but you decided it is time to start a job hunt in Brooklyn. There are some tips and tricks that we are going to provide you, so you can be sure that you will be able to find a job fast. You need to work on your contacts, on your resume, and on your appearance. A lot of people are coming to New York in search of their dream job. Continue reading “Tips for job hunt in Brooklyn”

How to Negotiate Your Rent in Brooklyn?

If you are living in Brooklyn, you must know that rent prices here are no joke. Even though more affordable than Manhattan, the rent prices in Brooklyn are still not cheap; as a matter of fact, they have been growing in the recent years due to Brooklyn`s rising popularity among NYC newcomers. However, a lot of landlords are aware of this fact, and they are ready to compromise on the price. Therefore, we here at U. Santini Moving & Storage consider it would be useful to learn how to negotiate your rent. After all, why not save more than a few pennies if you already have a chance? Continue reading “How to Negotiate Your Rent in Brooklyn?”

How to move medical equipment?

If you decide to move you should know that things can get hectic and overwhelming. Packing and moving your belongings is not an easy task. There are people who can help you and save your day. These people work for the best moving services in Brooklyn and they will be your biggest support. Their help is especially important when you need to move medical equipment. It is valuable, precious, heavy and easily damaged. So needless to say, it needs to be handled with utmost care. We are going to give you the basic guidelines on how to handle and move medical equipment. Continue reading “How to move medical equipment?”


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