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It goes without saying that relocating to New York City is a major decision. And an exciting one at that! Surely, the excitement isn’t something you can easily control. Especially when it comes to living in a city as extravagant as NYC. However, we suggest you try your best to stay calm during the relocation process. Why? Because you can’t afford to lose focus and make mistakes. Relocating is a draining, complicated process, which requires a lot of planning. Even the slightest mistake could prove to be quite costly. The first step towards a successful move is finding a reliable moving company. When it comes to saving money, cheap movers NYC is probably the thing that comes to your mind first. But is the cheapest option the best choice? How to find reliable and affordable movers in NYC at the same time?

Affordable move bases on timely preparation

These are just some of the questions we’ll try to answer in the article to come. Saving as much money during the move is nearly everyone’s goal. The even more important thing to do is to take care of your safety. Does the safety fit into the cheap price? Surprisingly, yes, as there are a few exceptions to the rule. Can you recognize reliable and cheap commercial moving companies in NYC? Absolutely! We’re going to prepare you for the challenges of saving money while staying safe during your move to NYC. It isn’t an easy task, but we did some research on how to do that, and we’d be delighted to share it with you!

Be careful when moving to NYC on a low budget

You found a great job in NYC. A chance to catch your dreams is only months ahead. But due to unforeseen circumstances, your savings are quite low. The money waiting for you in New York City isn’t still here, but you need a certain amount to move there. What to do? Finding an affordable moving company is probably the only thing that you could think of. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You always have to be careful with who you hire, especially if your finances are limited. Even at the cost of borrowing some money and hiring a bit more expensive but completely safe company.

panoramic view of NYC
Moving to NYC is an exciting adventure

What is all this about? There are several warnings when it comes to hiring cheap movers. All of them need to be taken seriously, to avoid costly problems while moving to the Big Apple. Unfortunately, the moving world is highly competitive, and often full of dishonest businesses. The red flags are what you must look for on each step you take. Here are the most important ones.

All reputable NYC movers must own a license

The first step when considering a company to hire for your move should be checking if they own the license. This especially stands for international NYC moving companies. The longer the distance, the more requirements the company needs to satisfy. So if it doesn’t, it is not worth hiring. No matter whether they are cheap movers NYC company, or a high-quality moving service. If the licenses are missing, hiring them would be a great risk. Besides a valid license, a good company must have insurance. This legal document insures that both you and the movers are legally protected should any issues occur during transport.

If the quotes seem too good to be true, they probably are

If you receive an estimate which is considerably below the average price, this certainly becomes a cause for suspicion. Is it really possible that some companies can do the same things for such a low price? To make sure you’re not getting scammed, always ask for a binding estimate, as it will help you check what you are getting for that low-cost price. In addition, it is perfectly fine, and even necessary, to be curious.

woman looking for cheap movers NYC
Do your due diligence and carefully research the available cheap movers NYC offers

Is there insurance included? How quickly can you expect your belongings to be delivered? Do they guarantee your safety or the safety of your items? Have they got enough experience? How quality their equipment is? These are just some of the questions you must ask the moment you get such a lucrative offer, so you can make sure you’re not a potential victim of a moving scam.

Always get a binding estimate!

As we’ve already mentioned, a binding estimate is a very important document. Probably one of the most important when hiring movers. If a company refuses to provide you with one, simply walk away. Even if it’s just a local Brooklyn moving company. It doesn’t matter whether your move is across the street, or you intend to make an intercontinental move. Each move carries a set of risks, and you have to do all in your power to reduce them.

The binding estimate is an offer in writing that guarantees you the price you’ll pay in the end. Without that, the prices can change at any time, and you have no protection from that. This is the document you need to receive at all costs. If your chosen movers refuse to provide you with one, smile and say ‘no thanks’

person calculating their moving budget
Avoid movers with absurdly low prices, and absurdly high deposit requests

Do the low-cost NYC movers have a website?

If we’re talking about the reliable ones, they absolutely should. This is the modern age, and almost everyone looking for products and services searches for them online. This is what the moving companies from NYC know, and this is why all of the reliable Big Apple movers have their websites. And the best among them invest in their websites, making them easy to navigate, informative, and well-designed. But how can cheap movers afford a good website?

If they want to be a competitive moving company, they’ll find a way. All things considered, a good internet platform is a wise investment. Do a bit of research and you’ll see that all reputable moving companies, including long distance NYC movers,  have a well-designed, eye-catching website. Establishing a good online presence is the first, and most important step toward making it in the competitive market. And good movers know this.

Online reviews can paint a clear picture of your chosen movers

Whenever you’re looking for a moving company, regardless of the budget you have, you should check their online reviews. As you know, word of mouth goes a long way. But, word of the web goes even further. When doing your research, remember that both good and bad reviews are useful. Good reviews can highlight the outstanding traits of the company. The bad reviews could point out the company’s flaws, as well as how they address them.

typewriter with a piece of paper in it
Rely on online reviews to pinpoint reliable and cheap movers NYC recommend

If a company has too many negative reviews and doesn’t offer solutions to them, they’re best to be avoided. If you do research fixated on Brooklyn, you’ll see that all the reliable Brooklyn movers have mostly good reviews. And even if there are a few bad ones in the mix, you’ll see that the movers offer transparent and efficient solutions to their customers’ complaints.

Large up-front payments are a cause for concern

In some cases, companies tend to ask for an upfront payment. However, this only happens in very specific cases. For example, when making a reservation many months ahead, you might have to give a small percentage of the total cost as a secure down payment. That’s a way to make sure you’re really going to use their services, which offers the company a level of security, and helps them avoid the risk. But that amount shouldn’t be too large. If it is, remember what we said before, just smile and say ‘no thanks’.

Customer service should be held to a high standard

One of the main characteristics of how reputable a company is in the way they address its clientele. Do they represent themselves, saying a company name at the very beginning, or do they answer the phone with a brief ‘Hi how can we help you’? There is a significant difference between the two. If you don’t get the company’s name, avoid hiring them. Even if they are the cheap movers Brooklyn that would perfectly fit your budget.

two men talking about NYC movers
Don’t forget to ask your friends for recommendations!

After this, try asking them questions about their fees and services. If their representatives give you half-answers or try dodging your questions, the safest bet is to walk away. Acting in a vague manner is one of the most common things among fraudulent movers. This goes hand in hand with a frequent habit of changing the company name after pulling off a few successful scams.

How to find reliable and cheap movers NYC locals need?

We’d argue that there’s no such thing as reliable cheap movers, but rather reliable movers you can afford. However, there are different opinions on what the term ‘cheap’ stands for. What might be cheap for some, could be barely affordable or even expensive for others. Just remember that, when looking for NYC movers to fit your budget, you must make sure they are reliable. And this is the first thing to do.

Now, how could you find out if someone is reliable enough? Simply, follow the red flags we mentioned above, and check whether or not you have a reason to be suspicious. If not, they are probably reliable. But when hiring low-cost movers NYC, always keep your eyes wide open until your move is over. Sure, but how can I find reliable cheap movers NYC market offers? Here are some steps you should take:

  • Consult your friends and family – They are the people you can trust, and hence you should get a recommendation from them.
  • Check the background of each company – As we said, the reliability check is essential when looking to hire NYC movers on a budget.
  • Always ask the affordable movers NYC you’re considering for a free moving estimateMake sure the movers guarantee you the price you’ll pay in the end.
  • Compare what you get for the price you pay and pick your movers – The more services you get at a lower cost the more affordable the movers are.

Family and friends – a good source of cheap movers NYC trusts

If someone close to you has moved to NYC recently or knows some reliable company here, you should get recommendations of each reliable mover they can suggest. This way, you’ll know that the companies you get are probably more reliable than others, so you wouldn’t have to spend extra time looking into other movers. Make a list of at least 10 companies to compare, especially if you’re  moving on a budget. If you can’t make such a big list only out of recommendations, do the research on your own and add the companies which seem reliable.

Getting the binding estimates lets you compare the movers…

And make sure that the price your movers set will be the amount you’ll pay after the move is over. How do you get the binding offer? If the movers don’t suggest that themselves, ask them to come to an in-home inspection. This way, they shall find out the size of your relocation and thoroughly assess the situation. They can then conclude how much your relocation would cost. Doing this is especially important when hiring office movers in New York, since corporate moving is a complex, large-scale operation.

person signing a contract
When moving on a budget, a binding estimate can be a lifesaver!

After they do this, ask them to make a final offer, and have an official company representative sign it. With this document, you’re guaranteed that the price set there will be the price you’ll pay after the move. Also, this document makes you able to compare the moving companies and find out which movers in NYC are the most affordable to hire.

Get to know what affordable movers in NYC offer for the price they set

The price isn’t the only factor that should determine your decision whether or not you’ll hire one team of cheap movers NYC or another. You must know what is it that you get for the price set in the binding offer. If it’s not explicitly named there, you should get the document with all the services you will be provided with, such as storage in NYC. Once you do that, you’ll be able to compare the moving companies and decide which one is the best for your NYC move.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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