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College in the City: Packing and Moving for the Young Adult

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Moving to New York City for college should be exciting and liberating. Whether you grew up in the city or are moving from across the country, from your parent’s home to your first dorm or apartment, it is likely to only be the first among many. College students tend to accumulate fewer belongings, especially large pieces of furniture, so moving should be a snap. You probably won’t need to hire a full service moving company, but there are always things that can make even the smallest move easier. However, packing and moving as a young adult can be difficult for some, so U. Santini Moving and Storage is here to share some tips with you.

How To Pack

Even though you are about the start college that you have been excited about for a while, you may have one thing that troubles you constantly. Packing. There are many people who enjoy packing, but, on the other hand, there are many of those who find it stressful and strenuous. There are several things you can look into before starting this process that can make it go smoothly. First things first – get some boxes.

three college students
Packing and moving as a young adult can be a tedious job for many students.

Even if you are moving into a dorm room you will still need sturdy boxes to move your belongings. You may want to invest in plastic tubs that can be used for storage throughout the year, or if your dorm room doesn’t have enough space buy appropriate boxes from moving and packing companies. A wardrobe box will help keep your clothes organized during the move and ready to wear as soon as you set up at your destination. Since you know you will be moving again at the end of the year think about folding the boxes and storing them under the bed so you can reuse them.

Next, have in mind that organization is key to success. Therefore, you should start making a list of things that you need and plan to bring. By doing this, you are making sure that you are not forgetting anything important that you may regret when you move. Also, this prevents impulsive packing, that is, putting your stuff in boxes without no previous planning, which often results in bringing many unnecessary items. Impulsive packing like this creates many easily avoidable problems that you will probably regret.

What Else You Need To Know About Packing

Your packing process also depends on the fact whether you are going to live in the dorm or in an apartment. Space is quite limited in dorms, so you need to be even more careful about your packing. Long distance movers New York advise that you find out how big your dorm room will be approximately and make your decisions what to bring on that. This especially goes for large items. There are also some things that are not allowed in dorms. Air conditioners, heaters, cooking appliances, and clothing irons are just a few of many things that are banned from some dorms. So, check the prohibited items list for your dorm before you fully pack.

Contact your future roommates

You are most likely, especially if living in dorms, to have at least one roommate that you will share your future temporary home with. That means that those roommates will bring their own things, and this potentially leads to you having some identical things that you only need one of. To avoid this, you can contact your future roommates prior to your move and discuss who will bring what.

A dog in a cardboard box - Packing and moving as a young adult
It is crucial not to forget to prepare enough boxes for your move.

To make packing and moving as a young adult easier, we recommend bringing only clothes suitable for the current season. Students tend to overcrowd their rooms and wardrobes that they do not need for the next couple of months. Try not to pack your winter clothes if you know you will not need them soon.

Finally, a practical thing to do when finishing your packing is to label your boxes. It may not sound like a very important thing to do, but this tip can be a life-saver. Your unpacking will be incredibly simpler and if you keep your things in boxes, labeling will enable you to find them more easily.

What You Need To Know About Moving

Moving in Brooklyn at the beginning and end of the school year can be difficult. The beginning and end of summer happen to be the busiest times for most moving companies. If you plan to rent any items such as a moving van or dolly you should be sure to book early to get the items you want. Hiring professional help will certainly be a huge relief for you. Firstly, you need to assess whether you can move on your own or you will need to hire movers. Although this service can be pricey, there are many affordable movers Brooklyn that you can contact.

A big number of students are on a tight budget when moving to college and are not sure whether they can afford to hire a moving company. To avoid spending money on services that are too expensive for you, you should ask your movers for an estimate. After doing a little research, we believe that you will be able to find the best moving quotes Brooklyn offers that fit your budget.

Another thing to check that has been mentioned before is to see when your movers will be available. Summer is usually the busiest season for all movers, so plan and schedule your move well in advance. Have in mind that many students are going to move at a similar time as you and contact the chosen moving company as soon as you set your moving date. Furthermore, the moving costs vary based on the time of year. You should expect higher prices if you decide to move during the summer.

Do I Need To Get Storage?

New York moving and storage goes hand in hand. When you are ready to move out at the end of the year think about renting a small storage unit for your essential items. This will make you free to travel home during the summer without having to pay rent on an apartment or haul all of your belongings with you.

a man putting boxes in his car
Loading boxes into your vehicle is a part of the moving process.

If you are renting an apartment throughout the year, you will not have a problem with space. There are great student housing options, but they can be a little hard to afford for some. In that case, and in case you are living in dorms, you will most likely need a storage option. Make an estimate of how big a storage you need and think about what location suits you. If you are looking to save some money, consider sharing storage space. It helps if the renting costs are split with a friend or two. Also, when renting a storage space, don’t forget to ask if there are some discounts for students.

Don’t forget: every beginning is hard. Packing and moving as a young adult is just a part of the beginning of your college years. Still, try to enjoy the process and make sure that you learn from it. Most importantly, if this is your first move you should begin creating good moving habits. Learn how to pack your belongings to keep them from breaking, create an inventory of your things and label your boxes. These are habits that will help when you move from the dorm to an apartment and eventually to a long-term home.

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