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The moving industry is categorized as an essential industry business, therefore we inform you that U. Santini Moving and Storage is open for business during our regular hours. We continue to operate using all safety precautions concerning the COVID-19 situation. Our moving professionals are adapting the operations in order to meet your moving-related needs while practicing CDC and WHO recommendations. We provide our movers with hand sanitizers and gloves and practice social distancing to protect both our clients and crew members. During this state of an emergency, our number one priorities are the health and safety of employees and customers. We make sure to: • Practice all State/Federal/CDC and World Health Organization guidelines in order to prevent contagion in our community.
• Keep the distance of 6 feet from clients due to social distancing recommendations.
• Use hand sanitizers and regularly wash hands whenever the running water is available.
• Disinfect often-touched surfaces frequently (break room areas, restroom surfaces, countertops, door handles).
• Continuously ventilate the spaces we work in.
• Sanitize moving trucks after the job is completed.
• Provide masks (if they are available) and gloves for our employees to handle clients' possessions.
• Guarantee transparent communication with our employees - they will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we make sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials. During this coronavirus crisis, our clients will be informed of any possible changes in our work by the members of U. Santini Moving and Storage. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will soon be over, but in the meantime, you are welcome to contact our moving experts for consultations and all additional information. Thank you, U. Santini Moving and Storage


Common pricing issues with moving companies

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It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, and how many times you have moved so far – we have all heard about different types of moving horror stories. You get one moving quote when requesting a price estimate but you end up paying double on your moving day. What could possibly be worse? The point of the matter is that you could choose the best movers and packers Brooklyn has to offer and still end up with additional costs. There are many legitimate ways for a mover to charge you more than the initial estimate. And if you have no idea which pricing issues with moving companies lurk around the corner, we are more than happy to be of assistance.

The truth is that additional moving costs (or lack thereof) depend on a lot of different variables, such as the timing and preparation. But in general, there are a couple of scenarios that seem to occur more frequently than others. Let’s find out what they are, shall we?

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Are you worried you might not be able to afford the additional costs? Then simply avoid them.

When do people encounter pricing issues with moving companies?

Bear in mind that we are going to touch upon only a couple of issues that lead to increased moving costs. The truth is that there are so many things that could go wrong and that will pertain to your relocation only. But it certainly pays off to know the most common issues out there.

You aren’t ready for the move

Most people believe that this would never happen to them. And it might not even happen because of your procrastination – moving simply is complicated like that. But if your local movers Brooklyn arrive on the day of the move and you are nowhere near ready, you can rest assured that’s going to cost you a pretty penny. And what happens if your movers arrive and find that you aren’t ready? Then the entire relocation will take longer, which will naturally cost more, exceeding the price of the original estimate.

The solution? Start packing your items in due time! It’s always a good idea to start six weeks before your move. That gives you enough time to pack non-essential items first, after which you can move on to essentials.

You increase the inventory

Once you book a moving date with your movers, there is one very important thing you will have to do – giving them all the important details about your move. And that certainly includes the list of items you plan on relocating. The problem arises when your movers calculate your moving costs NYC based on one list, and you start adding items to it on your moving day. Plenty of moving companies charge based on the weight of the cargo, so you’ll naturally have to cough up more money.

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Did you have a last-minute change of heart? You might not want to listen to what it’s saying.

The solution? Don’t get sentimental. If you have decided to leave some of your items behind in the first place, remember that you did so for a reason. There is no point in doubting yourself right now. You are most likely not thinking clearly because of your emotions.

You start requesting additional stops

It’s not uncommon to have your items scattered all around town. You leave your clothes at your friend’s house, you leave some possessions at your parents’ home, and you end up with items that can be found in numerous locations. What you definitely don’t want to do is ask your movers to fetch them on your moving day. Every additional stop will cost additional money. So if you aren’t ready to pay more money than the initial estimate, just don’t request additional stops.

The solution? The good news is that most of these pricing issues with moving companies can be solved in a simple way. In this case, you just have to pick up all of the items yourself and make sure they are in the house. Easy peasy.

You end up needing last-minute storage

If you are going through a long-distance move, then you already know that there are many things that could go wrong. Usually, the solution for anything going wrong during a long-distance move is renting a reliable storage solution. Most moving companies also offer storage services in addition to their usual offer of moving services. So to cut a long story short, if you end up needing temporary storage, you should get ready to pay extra money.

Storage warehouses.
The cost of storage could break the bank, so make sure you are ready for it.

The solution? Create an emergency fond when creating your moving budget. Have as much money as you can set aside for any unpredictable events. And rest assured that you will most likely encounter them – there’s a reason why moving is perceived as such a complex endeavor.

You didn’t do a proper job when packing your items

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to pay for packing services in Brooklyn or opt for solo packing – your items need to be properly ready for transport. This is especially important for long-distance moves where your items have to go through longer transit times. If your movers arrive on the day of your move and find that your fragile items aren’t properly packed, then they will have to do it themselves. They will have to unpack your items and then pack them following their own procedures. The one thing that’s certain in such a situation is that you’ll have to pay extra.

The solution? If you aren’t sure about your packing skills, it’s always best to let professionals do it. Save up for packing services and avoid all the hassle. Otherwise, you could waste your time and energy packing something yourself, only for your movers to arrive and have to unpack and pack it themselves. That will lead to moving delays, causing more pricing issues with moving companies that are supposed to provide you with a quick move. They can’t do their job unless you do yours.

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