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Common Storage Problems In Brooklyn And How To Overcome Them


Have you ever been in a situation where you end up with so many items in your home or office that it instantly makes you feel anxious? Believe it or not, this is a much more common issue than you think. In fact, people who have been living in the same Brooklyn home for many years and those who have just recently moved in can both come face to face with this issue. Due to a busy schedule or some other things, sometimes it may be difficult to decide what to do next! The good news is that U.Santini Moving & Storage NYC can help you successfully solve this one. Let’s talk about some common storage problems in Brooklyn and how to deal with them!

Importance of using storage

In a bustling place like Brooklyn, space is a valuable commodity. Many residents struggle to find enough room to store their belongings, leading to cluttered living spaces and a general feeling of disorganization. Utilizing storage can help free up space in your home and provide a secure, climate-controlled environment to protect your belongings from damage. You don’t even have to be moving anywhere in order to benefit from using storage. Those who want to renovate or do any other similar work will appreciate the chance to have a safe place for their items.

small living room packed with furniture
Considering that apartments in Brooklyn can be really small, it is good to know what things to avoid when storing your things

Apart from keeping your items safe while moving or renovating your home, you can also use storage for other purposes. If you plan on selling something, this will be a perfect solution until the buyer shows up. Also, we all have a couple of sentimental items that we don’t have or can’t use but still wish to keep. The entire point of storage is to give you more time to deal with space and other issues, which is always helpful.

Most common storage problems in Brooklyn

Now, let’s see what are some of the most storage issues you can face in Brooklyn. Considering the nature of this place, it will surely be slightly different than you would experience someplace else. Sometimes it may seem like Brooklyn indeed never sleeps, and people are in such a hurry that they don’t have time for anything. Even though that is somewhat true, you will still need enough time for other things in your life, apart from work.

Your home and the things inside of it should help you deal with all that stress and not give you more of it. However, no matter how huge the problem may seem, it is actually pretty solvable in the end. All you need to do is focus on the right thing and, after all, find the proper storage NYC offers. Let’s dive into more details.

Lack of space

One of the most common storage problems in Brooklyn is simply not having enough space. With small apartments and limited storage options, it can be challenging to find a place to put everything. Renting a storage unit can provide the extra space you need to store your belongings without cluttering your living space. When selecting a storage unit, be sure to choose a size that is appropriate for your needs. Overcrowding a storage unit can lead to damage to your items and make it difficult to access them when you need them.

clothes in a box prepared for moving
One of the most common storage problems in Brooklyn is the lack of space in an apartment

People who are most likely to come across this problem are young people who move to Brooklyn for work. They will usually settle in smaller apartments as they will spend a lot of hours working and adjusting to new life. So, if you are in a similar situation, don’t panic. This is a pretty common issue, and using storage will give you enough time and space to sort things out.

The best solution for this issue is a professional storage company

The last thing you will need is to spend days and months moving your items around and looking for a trustworthy company. The solution is extremely simple, and it only requires self storage in Brooklyn you can rely on. Take some time to check the reviews, and as soon as you see that they can provide all you need, you are ready to go. With good communication and a safe place, you will realize that this one is not worth stressing out at all.

Humidity and temperature are also common storage problems in Brooklyn

Now, off to more serious problems. Humidity and temperature control can be significant issues when it comes to storing your belongings in Brooklyn. The city’s climate can be harsh, with high humidity levels and extreme temperatures during the summer and winter months. If you have fragile and delicate items that are sensitive to even normal conditions, you have to be smart about them. Items such as artwork, electronics, and antiques are especially susceptible to damage from temperature and humidity changes.

Of course, sometimes weather and humidity conditions are just a trigger. A lot of people who were in a hurry and stored wet and not well-prepared items were faced with mold all over their inventory. This can cause huge issues for you and storage itself and is better that you avoid it at all costs.

four degrees Centigrade on a black background
Finding climate-controlled storage will help you deal with humidity

Climate-controlled storage is your best shot

Instead of finding any space that can be closed, try to put a little bit more effort into all of this. Climate-controlled storage will prevent all possible disasters mentioned above, which surely is the goal. And once you find good and cheap storage New York, there will be no need to continue worrying about this problem. However, before you place your items there, make sure they are all dry, clean, and properly packed. 

Storage Security

Another common storage problem in Brooklyn is the concern about security. Many people worry about the safety of their belongings, especially when storing expensive or valuable items. This is even more likely to happen to those who recently moved to this area. Once furniture movers Brooklyn unload their vehicles, the process of blending in will begin, and you may need some time to get to know the area. And when you are in such a popular place like Brooklyn, it is only normal to feel slightly worried in the beginning.

Let’s imagine you are moving your office with you, and you own some pretty expensive equipment. You may not feel comfortable simply leaving it anywhere, especially if it will take some time to settle into your new home. As this is another common storage problem in Brooklyn, you must know in advance how to solve it.

There are companies that offer great storage facility security

Considering how quickly the technology is moving forward, you already know that you can actually find a company that can help you with this issue. Professional companies that have a lot of experience will make sure their units are safe and monitored. Try to find a similar one and ask them for more details on this matter. As soon as they provide all the answers, you will know will your items be safe there.

security cameras on a gray wall as safety of inventory is one of the common storage problems in Brooklyn
Since security is one of the common storage problems in Brooklyn, too, try to find storage that has cameras and is monitored all the time

Look for a storage facility that offers security features such as surveillance cameras, individual unit alarms, and gated access. It’s also a good idea to choose a storage facility with on-site security personnel. These measures will provide peace of mind and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Accessibility to storage space

Accessibility is another significant concern when it comes to storing your items. You want to be able to access your belongings when you need them without having to go through a complicated process. No matter what the reason is, you have the full right to be able to come and pick up your items at a particular time.

A lot of people find this to be one of the common storage problems in Brooklyn, especially if they work a lot and live in a small place. When you find yourself in a hurry and need to get your things as soon as possible, this can result in a lot of stress. That is why you must have a useful solution in advance.

Focus on finding storage in your area

Consider the location of the storage facility. Ideally, it should be located near your home or place of business to make it easy to get to. If you just spend a little bit more time and effort, you will surely come across the one that suits your need. This will turn out to be a much better option than placing your items anywhere and then experiencing issues in the future. Also, look for a storage facility that offers 24-hour access to your unit, so you can get to your items when you require them. There surely is accessible and cheap storage in Brooklyn that you will be calling yours.

clock on the pink and blue background
Give yourself plenty of time to find a proper storage company as it will be worth it

Prepare your items for storage like a professional

Now that you know what are some common storage problems, we should talk a little bit more about the preparation of your inventory. We already mentioned that your items must be in a certain condition before you officially store them. However, if you are doing this for the first time, there are a couple more things to say.

Once you find yourself in one of the Brooklyn neighborhoods, you will have to balance your post-relocation activities and setting up your items. After you move, personalizing small rooms will be challenging and fun at the same time, but try to always stick to your plan. For example, set aside items for storage as soon as you enter your new home. This way, the entire area will always be neat, and you will not have to move around boxes all the time.

Every single box for storage should be properly labeled, especially if you plan on keeping them for a longer time. It will be much easier to navigate all those boxes once you enter storage to pick something up. Apart from that, other useful tips for storage include:

  • Wrap delicate items in suitable materials
  • Inform employees about your inventory
  • Avoid storing chemicals and similar items
  • Use vacuum bags for your clothes
  • Put shelves if you want it to be more organized

Give yourself enough time to find the right storage solution

It, of course, plays a huge role in this entire process. No matter if you are making plans with residential or commercial movers NYC offers, you should begin on time. As soon as you set the date for your move, start looking for storage. By the time you prepare your items and movers come, you will be free to store them away and continue with your plans.

crowd on the street in NYC
If your life schedule is as busy as the streets in Brooklyn, rely on useful solutions, as storage is one of them

Pretty much the same goes out for those who already live in Brooklyn. If you feel like the time has come to make some changes in your home or office, simply get into it. With the professional help of storage company employees, you will surely enjoy this process and save yourself from stressing out.

It is good to mention that even if you must move or store your items on short notice, there is always a solution. A lot of professional companies in Brooklyn understand that we can suddenly come across some unexpected situations, and they will surely try to help you. As long as you stick to your original plans, none of these storage issues will stand in your way.

No need to let common storage problems in Brooklyn stand in your way

We tried to cover as many common storage problems in Brooklyn as possible in order to help you. Keep in mind that every move, home, and inventory list is different and that you will need to adjust this guide to your needs. Make sure that the safety of your items is the priority, followed by your budget, which should be set right away. With a little bit of creativity and professional help, you will manage to do it all.

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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