Corporate Storage

Deciding to move your business may seem like an almost impossible task. But nothing is impossible if you decide to call U. Santini Moving & Storage for aid. But getting the best storage units Brooklyn can offer you might not be enough for corporate storing. We have the solution. Over 80 years of experience in moving and storage units management has helped us get corporate moving and storage to perfection. To us, it doesn’t matter how big or numerous are the items that need to be stored. Giving you more than just storage, we are the best corporate storage NYC has to offer.

Corporate Storage NYC- storage
Make sure you get the best storage service in Brooklyn

We can handle anything. Not only are our corporate storage units premium quality and will keep your items undamaged for long periods of time, but they are also safe. Your belongings are taken care in such a way that nobody can get to them but you. Your belongings are going to be perfectly safe with us.  We pack, move and store for you.

There is no such thing as impossible for us

Your company is going to be moved and stored in such a way that you won’t even notice that we are there. We are able to move everything while taking care of your needs and boundaries. If your company is moving to a smaller place, you should store your items long-term. But you can also get short-term storage and pay a monthly fee. We are the best corporate storage NYC has for you, and we will make sure you get exactly what you want and need.

We will make a plan according to your needs

Your requirements are our number one priority. Corporate Moving and storing can be done only if you plan it carefully. We will make a moving plan according to your needs and move one part of the office by one. You just need to tell us what to do first. Any requirements you might have, we will follow through. Making an inventory list and labeling and color-coding is a must when you are moving and storing a company. We are the best choice you can make.

Everything you need is right here

Our moving company is capable of moving your company and storing your items as large as they might be. We will have no problem getting through all of the requests you have and making sure we do not disturb your working process while doing our job. U.Santini Moving and storage will do everything, from packing to moving and storing. This is what makes us the best moving company in NYC.

Comercial Storage NYC- two man shaking hands
We respect your business so we will make sure not to get in your way by making a plan of the move

Nothing is excluded from our service

Being the best corporate storage New York City has to offer means there is no such thing as too much for us. We will provide you with a complete service and you won’t have to do a thing. Just make a call and we will do everything. Your only job is to say if you have any additional requirements.

If you choose us, we will provide you with:

  • We offer you a free estimate so you can see for yourself that we have the best prices
  • Packing all of your belongings with care and using our own packing supplies, like moving boxes, packing paper, protective sheets, duct tape and everything else we need
  • Labeling and color-coding so nothing gets lost or left behind
  • Moving your company while taking care of your needs and making sure we do not get in your w=way while doing our job
  • Storing your companies items for as long as you need is what makes us the best corporate storage NYC has for you.

You can trust us with all types of items

While providing you with the best moving services Brooklyn has to offer, we are prepared to take care of all of your items, no matter they are. Our storages are various in size and shape so we are able to store anything you need:

  • Documentation and paperwork of any kind will be safe from moisture if you trust the best corporate storage NYC has. We know how important your paperwork is.
  • Tables and chairs are stored with care so they don’t get damaged
  • Electronics will be packed and stored in such a way that they don’t get damaged and we will keep them away from moisture

You can leave everything to us without having to stop working for one second. You won’t even notice we are there. Packing and protecting your items for moving and storing is something we do best. In case you have any special requirements, we are there to make sure they are taken care of. Our labeling and color-coding make it easy for you to get to items that you need without having to unpack everything you stored. Being the best corporate storage NYC has to offer.

the files
We know how important your paperwork is to you, so we will take care of it for you

Our experience and satisfied clients are all you need to make a call

Having years and years of experience in moving and storing, we are prepared to store your companies belongings without a single problem. We are proud of the reviews we are getting and they are getting even better all the time. Our customers are always choosing us over and over again, for moving, packing and storing services. That can mean only one thing- if you choose us, you will not be wrong since we are the best Corporate Storage in NYC.

We are the number one moving company and 80 years of experience in moving and storing business is what took us to get here. There is nothing we can’t do for you. Every single request you might have will be met with understanding and we will do anything to make sure you are happy with our service. U.Santini Moving & Storage is the best choice you can make since we have the best corporate storage NYC has for you. Call us and get a free estimate and make an appointment right away. You will be happy with your choice.






Or give us a call, we’d love to help you with your moving, packing, or storage needs!