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Guide to dining in Brooklyn in 2022


If you are living in Brooklyn or moving there you will soon realize how amazing this NYC borough is. If you are one of many people who are thinking of moving here you should hire the best local movers Brooklyn can offer and you can be on your way. Once you start living here it is time to discover everything Brooklyn has to offer. From entertainment to eating and drinking, you will find wonderful content here. Everyone loves eating delicious food and Brooklyn doesn’t lack great restaurants. We will recommend great places for dining in Brooklyn in 2022. These are the restaurants that have been proclaimed the best restaurants in the last few years.

If you’re moving to Brooklyn you’ll be thrilled with the dining options

One of the best parts of living in Brooklyn is its fantastic dining scene. You will be amazed by all the delicious food and drink options. Brooklyn’s one of the hippest and trendiest places in NYC at the moment. It’s been gaining popularity with more and more young people choosing this borough to live in. The reason is the affordability of this part of New York. With young adults flocking to the area, it’s no wonder why the hottest new restaurants happen to be in Brooklyn of all the parts of NYC. Even the pickiest of eaters won’t stay hungry after moving to Brooklyn. The dining options are endless, and you will always have new, popular restaurants to visit.

The best restaurants for dining in Brooklyn in 2022

Many people think that the restaurant scene in Brooklyn has surpassed that of Manhattan. There are so many various cuisines to choose from and this diversity is amazing. Maybe you want to try a pizza, or some great pie, or a delicious vegetarian meal. Well, you can find all of this in Brooklyn. Food costs and moving costs Brooklyn are not that high compared to some other NYC boroughs. We have compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn you should check out in 2022.

Dining in Brooklyn in 2022 brings some fantastic new delicacies you should try.


This restaurant is famous for its originality. The interior is very interesting. You have to try their delicious sushi prepared in a traditional way. Almost every table has a chef tending to the guests. If you want to treat yourself after moving with the finest long distance movers Brooklyn has, this is the place to go. This restaurant is not that cheap, but you will be paying for a delicious gourmet menu. You just have to try the mollusk and roe that is served with a delicious sauce.

River Cafe

River Cafe is potentially the restaurant with the most beautiful view in NYC. As soon as you cross the river and the Brooklyn Bridge you will be in heaven. The food and service are as good as the magnificent view. If you’re looking for a nice place with a majestic view after your move with residential movers Brooklyn offers, this is the place to go to. You just have to try the Colorado rack of lamb with Merguez sausage. Complete the meal with a rich dessert. The prix-fixe brunch menu costs  $55. The cost of the three-course prix fixe dinner is $150. You should also try Caviar Service for $95-$180 per ounce.

Al Di La Trattoria

This restaurant is owned and operated by a couple in love. Venetian Emiliano Copa and chef Anna Klinger met at his cooking school. They serve Venetian cuisine here and you can try high-quality Italian wines. You just have to try ricotta, malfatti and casunziei, ravioli filled with red beets, bacala Montecato and, spaghetti vongole with Manila Clams. You can have a glass of Italian or international wine with your delicious meal.

food and wine
Try some of the best Italian pasta and wine in Brooklyn.

Buttermilk Channel

This restaurant is located on Court Street. There is something unique about it- they serve farm-to-table delicious southern meals here. You can find excellent all-American comfort foods here.

  • You just have to try the pork chops with cheddar waffles, and the buttermilk fried chicken with waffles.
  • If you are up for a dinner you have to try the Bloody Mary special offer.
  • If you want to hit the bars try the local or imported bourbon and whiskey.
  • Try the beers from the local breweries. You will love them.

Try these wonderful restaurants as well

Roberta’s is considered to be one of the most unique restaurants in the country. It’s located in what used to be a manufacturing building. There are private tables and communal seating. Chef Carlo Mirarchi prepares the delicious food in a wood-burning oven. Moreover, this traditional food preparation method produces the most delicious food. Their specialty is pizza. In addition, in the back courtyard is another restaurant called Blanca, which has 2 Michelin stars. You can have a 20-course dinner here for $195.

Roberta's pizza is one of the best dining options in Brooklyn in 2022
Pizza and sourdough pastries at Roberta’s are out of this world.


When you cross the bridge in Bay Ridge you will find this excellent restaurant. This is the ideal place for all who enjoy delicious Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. Chef Rawia Bishara opened it back in 1999. You can eat a combination of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines at amicable prices. Treat your palate with the baked eggplant, shepherd’s pie, okra stewed in tomato sauce, or baked red snapper. In addition, Chef Rawia uses her unique mix of spices called the Tanoreen Spices. The best desserts here are kanafeh and baklava. They are simply delicious.

Lilia Ristorante

For all pasta lovers, Lilia Ristorante is where you want to go after moving to Brooklyn. Missy Robbins is the lady who opened this restaurant and most critics call her the pasta master. She has brought delicious tastes of Italy to Williamsburgh. You will love the classic Italian cocktails, seafood, and, handcrafted pasta. Moreover, you will dine in the atmosphere of hospitality and you will love it here. If you want to enjoy some of the best Italian food in New York City, don’t miss visiting this restaurant.

Peter Luger Steakhouse

This is a restaurant with a long history. It’s been open for over 125 years. You have to try the mammoth porterhouses and fried German potatoes. Moreover, the interior looks like it is stuck in time. It is a very traditional and old-fashioned style restaurant and it serves the most delicious steaks. If you’re up for a fancy dining experience, you will love dining in Peter Luger Steakhouse.

What’s so great about Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is one of the most popular NYC boroughs, and more and more people and companies choose it as their location. If you’re wondering why everyone is moving to Brooklyn with their favorite NYC moving company, the reasons are plenty. In addition to the great food scene, spectacular views of Manhattan, and the close-knit young community, Brooklyn is also significantly less crowded than the tourist-favorite Manhattan. Here are the main reasons why living in Brooklyn is the best:

  • it’s affordable
  • it has the best rooftop views
  • it’s great for your business or finding a job
  • it’s not crowded
  • some of the best NYC neighborhoods are in Brooklyn
Brooklyn views are what makes dining in Brooklyn in 2022 spectacular
Brooklyn rooftop views are sensational.

Brooklyn is more affordable than Manhattan

Although Brooklyn wasn’t a very popular borough in the past, that has changed in recent years due to its affordability. As more and more people moved to the area, it’s become a lot safer. Now families with kids and young professionals alike choose Brooklyn NYC as one of the best places to live in. The difference between rent prices in Manhattan and Brooklyn is astounding. Compared to Manhattan’s average of $5,780 for a one-bedroom apartment, in Brooklyn, you’d pay $2,786 for a one-bedroom and $3,057 for a 2-bedroom apartment. With such a huge gap in pricing, it’s no wonder why people choose Brooklyn over Manhattan since living in New York City is already expensive enough without having to spend a big chunk of your salary on rent.

You will enjoy the best rooftop views of NYC in Brooklyn

Renting an apartment in Brooklyn has other advantages, besides the much more amicable prices compared to Manhattan. Here you will also get some of the best rooftop views of New York City. While Manhattan is packed full of skyscrapers congesting the views from residential buildings, in Brooklyn you won’t have trouble seeing the sky from your apartment. Enjoy amazing views of Manhattan skylines at sunset or sunrise from the roof of your building – that’s why living in Brooklyn is fantastic!

Some of the best neighborhoods are located in Brooklyn

If your dream’s always been to live in an elite part of NYC, but the prices are making that impossible, you might want to look more into Brooklyn neighborhoods. Unlike Manhattan’s famous Upper East Side and Upper West Side, where rent prices are through the roof, Brooklyn neighborhoods are extremely family-friendly, very popular lately, and rent costs are significantly lower. If you’re moving to Brooklyn soon, consider Park Slope, Cobble Hill, or Brooklyn Heights as some of the finest neighborhoods in the borough.  Living in Brooklyn is the ideal choice if you want to get away from the city crowd, but you’re not keen on moving to the NYC suburbs.

The tree-lined streets of Brooklyn neighborhoods and the vicinity of Manhattan are what made this part of NYC so popular in recent years. It’s peaceful and affordable, offers the best dining options and businesses are flocking to the area. Because of that, Brooklyn is the part of New York City that offers the best of all worlds.

Brooklyn neighborhood
Enjoy Brooklyn’s peaceful neighborhoods.

Businesses are flocking to Brooklyn

With more and more businesses moving and opening in Brooklyn, the job market in the area has become great. If you want to live and work in the same borough, that’s now possible. While Manhattan is not far away from Brooklyn, the traffic can sometimes be horrible, so you waste hours of your precious time stuck in a traffic jam. However, that won’t happen in your company is located in Brooklyn. The borough is also popular if you’re thinking of starting your business. The reason why are the affordable rent prices. To rent an office space in Brooklyn you’d have to set aside $41 per square foot on average. For comparison, in Manhattan, the average office space rent is $77 per square foot on average.

Brooklyn is not as crowded as Manhattan

The best part of living in Brooklyn is that it’s not crowded. Of course, most parts of NYC are densely populated, but you won’t have to deal with rivers of tourists streaming down the streets of your neighborhood. Brooklyn is a calmer, more family-friendly option for living in New York. You will get the best of both worlds-  living in The City That Never Sleeps, but also having some peace of your own when you need to relax and unwind after a hard day at work.

Enjoy dining in Brooklyn in 2022 with endless fabulous options

Brooklyn dining scene is among the finest and most diverse in NYC. The additional advantage is that it’s usually more affordable to eat in fine Brooklyn restaurants than in those in Manhattan. Dining in Brooklyn in 2022 will satisfy all your cravings, whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or simply want to enjoy delicious gourmet food. One of the Brooklyn moving tips is to eat at one of these great restaurants for the best dining experience. Enjoy treating your palate to some of the tastiest foods and your eyes to some of the best views of NYC in this prime location. Brooklyn is really something different, welcome!

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