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Downsides of moving by yourself


Most people feel like they can handle all of their belongings when packing for a move and during the move. While they may be confident in the beginning, they often realize there are a few downsides of moving by yourself. Therefore, there are a few reasons why hiring experts is recommended overdoing it by yourself. If you’re also considering moving on your own, continue reading to figure out if it’s a good idea for you!

The Downsides of moving by yourself

Specifically, there are top three downsides of moving by yourself that you should always keep in mind when moving. These include:

  1. the planning process,
  2. doing the heavy lifting, and
  3. dealing with unexpected problems.

Therefore, before you decide on moving by yourself or hiring help, get informed about these downsides of moving by yourself.

The process of planning

You may think finding a good moving company will take a lot of your time. While you technically won’t be wrong, organizing everything by yourself will take a lot more time than you initially thought. You will have to figure out how to relocate your items from your old home to your new one. Also, you’ll have to plan how to organize and fit everything in the moving truck or whichever vehicle you choose. For this purpose, moving truck Brooklyn has amazing trucks. In detail, you’ll have to figure out what to put in first and last and how to arrange everything else. It definitely isn’t an easy task. Therefore, try not to be overly confident or afraid to ask for help. You will have enough to worry about in any case, so why not make it a little easier for yourself?

Doing the heavy lifting by yourself

One of the worst parts of moving by yourself it that you will have to move everything on your own. And that really means everything – even the heavy wardrobes, sofas, and beds. Sure, you can always ask your friends and family to help you in this adventure. However, lifting and carrying all the boxes and heavy furniture items is pretty hard to do, especially for non-professionals. Also, no one will be safe if there are a lot of stairs to worry about.

sofa wardrobe plant and lamp
Lifting heavy furniture is pretty hard

In case your loved ones aren’t very experienced in moving furniture, they can both hurt themselves and damage the furniture. Not only that, but you could also scratch walls when lifting and carrying the items outside. Therefore, your best option is to hire cheap movers Brooklyn. They are trained to do the heavy lifting for you and make the move easier. You might think you can do it yourself, but emptying your entire house of furniture will leave consequences.

Dealing with unexpected problems

You never know what could happen during your move. Your sofa could get stuck in the door or your boxes might not fit in the moving truck. This could end up making you waste a lot of precious time while trying to solve the problem. Therefore, you will almost definitely need the help of professionals and their moving tools. While they deal with the downsides of moving by yourself, you can enjoy the remaining days in your old home.

The advantages of hiring professional movers

More help, less stress

In order to avoid all the downsides of moving by yourself, think about hiring professional movers. After all, they are professionals for a reason. If you take the time to find a reliable moving company, you won’t have to waste more time later on. Not only will you save time, but you will also avoid a lot of stress. Namely, you won’t have to worry about hurting yourself while lifting heavy furniture and carrying it down the stairs. Also, you will avoid strained muscles, scratched walls, and damaged furniture. Instead of this, you will be able to focus on other tasks which need your attention. Perhaps your kids or pets need watching or playing. If you were to do everything on your own, you wouldn’t be able to give them enough attention which would only cause you more stress.

woman and dog on sofa
Give your pets enough attention while moving

Simple yet efficient

Nowadays, finding reliable and experienced movers is pretty simple. In fact, most movers are more reliable than your friends or family. This is because they sign contracts to assist you in all the parts of the move you need help with. Therefore, they will arrive on time and they will bring all the necessary supplies and equipment. This will give you the chance to focus on the little task you maybe would otherwise forget about. For example, you definitely won’t forget to pack your child’s favorite toy or blanket. With all this in mind, it’s safe to assume hiring professionals will save you a lot of time and nerves.

The actual relocation of your belongings

A professional mover will help you in all aspects of the relocation process. Therefore, this doesn’t only include organizing your boxes and fitting them in their moving truck. Relocation of your belongings to your new home is usually also in the contract. This will save you from having to figure out how to drive a truck, which is one of the downsides of moving by yourself. Since moving trucks are famous for being hard to drive, and trailers aren’t any better, moving companies offer trained help. If the thought of doing all of this on your own is terrifying, seriously consider hiring professional movers.

moving truck on the road - downsides of moving by yourself
Moving trucks are famous for being hard to drive

The Decision is up to You

Ultimately, it’s all up to your preference. Whether or not you decide to bear all the downsides of moving by yourself, make sure to choose wisely. The best way to go about it is to seriously consider each option and do detailed research. In any case, just be sure to enjoy the process as much as possible!

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