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Easy tips on how to keep your home safe


Today everyone is telling that the most important thing to invest in is the safety of your home. And there is a good reason why that is a smart thing to do. especially if you have many valuable items in your home. Not to mention that it is your duty to keep your home safe, and you must do everything you can to ensure that. There are a lot of reports of criminal activities, especially in big cities such as the NYC, so if you are moving to Brooklyn, you’ll need to think a lot about this topic. Today we are going to give you a lot of useful tips on how to keep your home safe. Even though there is a big chance you already know some of them, there are still a few that would never come to your mind.

Invest in the surveillance system in order to keep your home safe

Having your own surveillance system was a real luxury before. In all honesty, only the wealthiest could afford this security measure ten years ago. Luckily, nowadays this is not a perk of rich people only. As technology has become very affordable and accessible, you can have an eye of a camera all around your home. And not just that. For just a couple of hundred dollars, you can get IP cameras with motion detectors and see what is happening at your property from any part of the world.

surveillance camera
Invest in the surveillance system

This is definitely the number one thing to do in order to keep your home safe. Burglars and thieves will think twice if they spot a camera in your yard. Not to mention that that is a risk they’ll hardly take knowing that they could get easily caught. And there is an additional perk of having a surveillance system. If you are living in the NYC, there is a bigger chance that you will sell your house fast in Brooklyn if you have cameras all around the place. Therefore, this is a real investment from several different perspectives.

Your habits can keep unwanted visitors from your property

What you need to know is that every burglar will first check-out your home before deciding to get in. There is a very small chance someone will just decide to break in your home without a previous inspection. And there are several things that can indicate your home is empty and vulnerable. So if you do not have a habit to remove flyers from your doorstep, or check your mailbox on a daily base, someone might there is no one at your home.

lawn mower
Keep your yard neat and tidy

So, here is what you should do regarding your chores in order to keep your home safe:

  • Always keep your front porch and mailbox clean and empty
  • Mow the lawn regularly and trim landscaping around your house
  • Get an automatic outdoor light system
  • Never leave empty boxes and furniture around your home.
  • Do not let everyone know you are not at home. This is particularly important as people are using social networks to share with other they are on vacation. Leave uploading pictures online for the after you get back
  • If you are not at home, ask your neighbor to pick your newspapers

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you would probably never remember to do that can keep your home safe. Stick to these rules, and you will keep the thieves away. These are very useful tips for first-time NYC home buyers. Especially for the ones that never lived in the house. Keep in mind that it is easier to break into the house than into the apartment.

Never leave your belongings exposed

You need to make sure your belongings are safe even when they leave your home. There are many thieves everywhere, waiting for their opportunity. Therefore, if you leave your suitcase next to your car and get back for more luggage, you might not found what you left once you come back. This is particularly important when you are moving to a new place. Unloading the moving truck is an opportunity many thieves will try to use. And your job is to prevent that.

One of the best ways is to hire experienced furniture movers Brooklyn, which know how to act in such a situation. They will always have at least one person close to your belongings making sure no one will steal them. And when it comes to unloading your trunk, make sure you always lock your car, even if you are coming back in a few seconds. This is enough time for a thieve to act. And that is a risk you can’t take. Better safe than sorry.

Make sure you secure your valuables

Besides the surveillance system, there are some other security measures you should take in order to keep your home safe. First, you should get an alarm system. Any alarm will do the job, but it would be better to invest a bit more into this. There are many alarm solutions out there for everyone’s pocket. Additionally get a safe box for your jewelry and cash.

safe box
Get a safe for your most valuable items

As you can see, there are numerous ways to keep your home safe. Even though some of these tips might sound silly, they are not. Actually, they are very effective and will keep potential thieves away from your property. Important to realize is that some of these ideas can help you to protect your storage unit from thieves as well. Safety, in general, is one of the major topics you need to think of these days. Especially if you have a family to protect and/or many valuable items. But, one of the most valuable tips we can share with you is never to relax completely. Always think about how you can additionally secure your home. Luckily, technology is very affordable today, and there are new gadgets you can get easily and at a reasonable price. Remember, this is not an expense, rather an investment.

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