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Eco-Friendly Relocation: How to Make Moving More Sustainable


You’re about to embark on an exciting adventure—moving to a new home! While moving can be hard, complicated, costly, and time-consuming, it’s also a momentous occasion. Plus, if not done carefully, you might have a negative impact on the environment. Many people avoid eco-friendly options during their move, thinking it’s too much extra work. The truth is that little changes can make a big difference. A few added steps and minimal extra cost will allow you to enjoy a green and sustainable move. Our Brooklyn movers are equipped to guide you during your eco-friendly relocation. So, keep reading to learn more about it.

Inspect your belongings first

Begin by checking all your furniture and belonging. Place them on the list and categorize them adequately. This way you will realize how many robust pieces you have and the number of packing materials you must purchase. The fewer packing materials you use, the better for the environment. So, take into account all areas of your home and make sure to create a moving checklist that’ll support the conscientious use of packing materials. Once you create an inventory of your belongings, you’ll know exactly which moving and storage New York services you’ll need. The more information you have, the easier it is for yourself and your movers.

mover noting down the cargo
Inspect your items and create an inventory list before you let movers inspect them and provide moving quotes.

How to Effectively Inventory Your Belongings for an Eco-Friendly Move

Creating an inventory of your belongings is a crucial first step in planning an eco-friendly relocation. A thorough inventory not only aids in deciding the type of moving and storage services you need but also helps you make informed decisions about packing materials. Start with one room at a time and list all items, paying special attention to larger furniture and fragile items. Categorize the items as ‘Essential,’ ‘Fragile,’ or ‘Large’ to better guide your packing approach.

For eco-friendly relocation, knowing what you have helps in selecting sustainable packing options. For instance, you might opt for recycled or reusable packing materials instead of single-use plastics. Doing so reduces your environmental impact while still ensuring the safety of your belongings during the move. Additionally, an inventory offers the benefit of decluttering. As you assess your items, you may find things that you no longer need or want. This is the perfect time to sell, donate, or recycle these items, thereby reducing the volume of belongings to move and the materials needed to pack them.

Contact Movers to Help You Prepare for Eco-Friendly Relocation

No matter what kind of relocation you’re preparing for, you’ll need the professional moving services Brooklyn has to offer. Search for a moving crew experienced in eco-friendly relocations to ensure your move is efficient and sustainable. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of potential movers, give them a call to confirm they’re the right fit. Verify that they have a moving license, the proper tools, and a comprehensive set of moving services. When you’re confident in your choice of movers, schedule a moving date and let them plan a memorable move for you.

woman trying to organize eco-friendly relocation
Eco-friendly relocation is simple when you have professionals by your side

Selecting a Full Packing Service for an Eco-Friendly Relocation in NYC

Finding a reliable and eco-friendly moving service becomes easier when you know what to look for. Ideally, you’d want a service that offers a full packing service in NYC with a focus on sustainability. Inquire about the types of packing materials they use. Are they biodegradable or reusable? This is a crucial aspect of ensuring your move is eco-friendly. Since you’ve already inspected and inventoried your belongings, you can communicate your specific needs and preferences clearly. Discuss your eco-friendly relocation goals in detail with the moving company to ensure the service you choose aligns with your sustainability objectives, making your moving experience both stress-free and eco-conscious.

Prioritize Reusable Packing Materials

An easy way to achieve an eco-friendly relocation is to reuse old packing materials. While adhesive tape can’t be reused because it loses its bonding power, cardboard boxes, packing paper, labels, and bubble wrap can be used. However, you should avoid using packing peanuts and foam protectors for sustainable relocation, as they are made from hazardous materials. If you do use them, dispose of them immediately after the move. You can use any cardboard you already have at home. If you don’t have any, ask your neighbors, coworkers, and friends—perhaps someone has recently moved and has a supply in their garage.

packing peanuts
If you are keen on organizing an eco-friendly move, avoid using packing peanuts

Exploring Packing Services Brooklyn Offers for a Sustainable Move

When planning an eco-friendly relocation, it’s essential to consider the types of packing services Brooklyn based movers offer. Many companies are making a concerted effort to be more environmentally responsible by offering reusable or biodegradable packing materials as part of their service packages. This complements your efforts to use reusable materials like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. However, the key to a truly sustainable move is to go beyond just the packing materials. Discuss your specific needs and sustainability goals with the moving company to ensure they align with your eco-friendly objectives. Since you’ve already taken the step to prioritize reusable packing materials, you’ll find it easier to choose a service that complements your efforts. Together, you can make your move not just hassle-free but also environmentally responsible.

Use Cardboard Boxes and Plastic Bins for an Eco-Friendly Relocation

Utilizing cardboard moving boxes Brooklyn movers provide is the ultimate solution, especially if you do not have any old boxes that you can use. Yet, there are also more affordable solutions. As previously mentioned, you can acquire some from your neighbors, friends, and relatives. However, you also have many containers inside your home that you may not be aware of. Upon inspection, you’ll find that suitcases, duffel bags, garbage bags, wooden crates, and metal containers can be used to pack a variety of items, from clothing to books. For instance, you can pack books and magazines in duffel bags while using garbage bags for clothing.

reusing old packing materials is good for the eco-friendly relocation
Use old cardboard boxes to keep your relocation process eco-friendly.

Even old sheets can serve as packing material; just lay them on your bed, pile up the clothing, and tie the corners to form a makeshift sack. By using items you already have at home, you can reduce your need for new packing materials by up to 30%, which is significant for eco-friendly relocations.

Finding Affordable Movers in Brooklyn for Your Eco-Friendly Move

When you’re committed to an eco-friendly relocation, even the choice of moving company can make a significant impact. Affordable movers in Brooklyn often offer various green options that can help make your move more sustainable. They may provide reusable packing materials or offer a discount for clients who use their own. These cost-saving strategies are not only good for your wallet but also beneficial for the environment. Since you’re already on the path to an eco-friendly move by using reusable items around your house, finding a moving company with similar values can amplify your efforts. Always discuss your sustainability goals with potential movers to ensure their services align with your eco-friendly objectives. By doing so, you’re taking a holistic approach to minimizing your environmental footprint, making your move affordable, efficient, and green.

Declutter as Much as Possible for an Eco-Friendly Relocation

Arguably, the best way to achieve an eco-friendly relocation is to declutter as much as possible. Unless you have a tendency to hoard, this step should be relatively straightforward, although it might be emotionally challenging for some. Done correctly, decluttering can lead to not just a greener move but also a more efficient one. Most importantly, you’ll avoid moving unnecessary items and clutter to your new space, allowing you to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment for longer. As you sort through your belongings, set aside anything you no longer need. This could range from old clothing and holiday decorations to furniture and miscellaneous items. Special attention should be given to your garage, where you’re likely to find several environmentally unfriendly items.

two friends decluttering clothing
Declutter as much as you can, it’ll make organizing an eco-friendly relocation much easier.

Safely handling hazardous materials

After inspecting your loft, garage, and basement, you will surely find a few chemicals, cleaning supplies, pesticides, motor oil, or something similar. You shouldn’t bring those items with you. Firstly, movers won’t relocate those. Secondly, you will easily purchase a new batch if you need it. Relocating hazardous materials and liquids can only boost the chance of moving mishaps. Hence, give those items to your neighbors or friends, or dispose of hazardous materials by enlisting one of the local junk removal companies. You will easily find them online.

Clean Your Home Before You Leave Using Eco-Friendly Products

The final step in preparing for your move is to clean your old home. Naturally, you’ll also want to clean your new space before settling in, but it’s crucial to leave your old residence in excellent condition. If you own the property and are planning to sell it, consider making some minor upgrades or renovations. Regardless, it’s a matter of basic courtesy to clean the space thoroughly before you move out for good. While cleaning, opt for eco-friendly cleaning products. These environmentally friendly options are widely available and typically not expensive. Avoid using conventional cleaning products, as they can be harmful to the environment. Opt for eco-friendly solutions to handle this task responsibly.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Cleaning in Your Relocation Journey

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is a simple yet impactful way to contribute to sustainability. These products are widely available and often come at a reasonable price, so there’s no excuse for resorting to chemical-laden alternatives. If you find that you’ve over-purchased these green cleaning products, don’t fret. You could use cheap storage in Brooklyn for these surplus supplies. This allows you to keep valuable eco-friendly supplies for future use rather than wasting them, subtly connecting your cleaning efforts with sustainable living and storage solutions. Making smart choices at every stage of your move, even during the cleaning phase, can make your relocation not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.

home cleaning after eco-friendly relocation
Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Additional Eco-Friendly Moving Tips for the Conscientious Mover

You’ve already taken the first steps toward an eco-friendly move by considering reusable packing materials, opting for cardboard boxes and plastic bins, decluttering your space, handling hazardous materials safely, and using eco-friendly products. While these are fundamental aspects of a green move, there are additional ways to minimize your environmental impact during this major life transition. Below is an extensive list of extra tips for those moving to New York and looking to take their eco-friendly move to the next level.

List of Additional Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

  • Donate Unwanted Items: Before tossing anything away, consider donating items that are still in good condition. This reduces waste and supports community members in need.
  • Digital Inventory: Keep track of your belongings with a digital inventory, reducing the need for paper lists.
  • Green Moving Companies: Opt for moving companies that use biodiesel or other alternative fuels in their trucks.
  • Efficient Route Planning: Make sure the moving truck takes the most fuel-efficient route to your new location.
  • Seasonal Timing: Moving in mild weather conditions can reduce the need for air conditioning or heating during the move, saving energy.
  • Shared Moves: If possible, share the move with someone else headed in the same direction to reduce carbon emissions.
  • LED Bulbs: Replace old light bulbs at your new place with LED options that consume less energy.
  • Carbon Offsetting: Invest in a carbon offset program to counteract the emissions from your move.
  • Low-VOC Paints: If you’re painting your new home, choose paints with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Eco-Friendly Floor Coverings: Opt for rugs and carpets made from natural fibers or recycled materials.
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances: If you’re buying new appliances for your new home, make sure they are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Local Sourcing: Buy second-hand furniture and fixtures from local sources to reduce carbon emissions from transportation.
  • Recycle Old Electronics: Don’t throw away old computers, phones, or other electronics; take them to a recycling facility.
  • Use Natural Light: Plan your move during the daytime to make the most of natural light and reduce electricity consumption.
  • Sustainable Landscaping: Opt for native plants when landscaping your new home, as they require less water and maintenance.
  • Multi-Use Containers: Invest in containers that can be repurposed later, such as storage or garden planters.
  • Recycle Packing Materials: After the move, recycle packing materials or donate them for someone else to reuse.

Mastering the Art of Eco-Friendly Relocation

Executing a successful eco-friendly relocation is more than just a trend—it’s a responsible choice that has long-term benefits for both you and the environment. You’ve learned about the importance of reusable packing materials, efficient decluttering, safe handling of hazardous items, and utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products. Additionally, the extensive list of extra tips provides a comprehensive guide for those who wish to minimize their carbon footprint during a move. The steps may seem small individually, but collectively, they contribute to a much larger impact. As you embark on this journey to a new home, regardless of whether you are just arriving or moving from New York, remember that the choices you make can set a sustainable example for others to follow.

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