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Finding the best pool table movers in NYC


Moving is challenging and it can be even more if you have items in your hands that require special attention. Those are heavy and bulky furniture, pools, pianos, pool table, etc. Most of them are expensive and easily damaged if not handled properly. Some of you will try to move them yourself, but we would advise not to. Those items are heavy and complicated to move and you can endanger yourself by attempting such a feat. Better to leave this project to the professionals. Therefore, today we will provide sound advice on how to find the best pool table movers in NYC.

Do some research and find the best pool table movers in NYC

The technology we have today will work in your advantage. Now you can easily go online and search for the best solution. In a matter of hours, you’ll find the best pool table movers in NYC. Do the research and find at least five different moving companies specialized in moving heavy pieces. Next step is to narrow your search down by checking each company individually before making your top choice. You should check if they have all the licenses and permits to operate. And most importantly, are they specialized in moving objects such as pool tables. There are many fraudulent moving companies in the industry, and you should avoid stumbling upon one. Ask these questions to keep yourself safe and to reduce the moving stress. You do not need another thing to think about.

A girl researching on her laptop to find the best pool table movers in NYC
Researching is hard but extremely important. Do it like a pro.

We will help and put your mind at ease by recommending you to check the local movers Brooklyn. There is no better way to secure your moving project than to hire professionals. A local moving team with the knowledge of the area and expertise in the field is the best option. Give it a try.

Compare movers

You can take your research to a whole new level. Do thorough research of the moving company you are about to hire. This way you’ll be sure you made the right choice. Like in any other industry, there are scammers of all sorts. Or you simply want to avoid misunderstandings and to be sure that you’ll receive all the services you purchased. Start by asking your colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family members. Word of mouth is a strong tool and if anyone worked will them in the past, he can share the experience. Next, you can compare positive and negative comments and reviews on moving websites and blogs. If there were any unpleasantries, you will find out.

Also, you should give your movers a call and schedule a visit. This way you’ll be sure they have a physical address and at the same time, you can take a tour of the facilities. You can check out the vehicle they use to transport your belongings and the tools they use. Have a conversation with their representative and ask all the questions you deem important. This is for sure, the best way to be sure you picked the best pool table movers in NYC.

The best pool table movers in NYC will for sure provide a free moving quote

Your movers should be aware of the dimension and size of your pool table. Also, they should know about all the bulky items you possess and intend to move. As well as all the other special items that require special tools or an adequate approach. Therefore, there is no better way to sum it all up than to perform an onsite estimate. All reputable moving companies offer a free moving quote. This way they can make the list of the items they will load into a moving truck, and most importantly, the weight of your cargo. Additionally, this gives you insight into how many people are needed to handle all the heavy lifting.

Also, you can purchase the packing service. Many moving companies will bring packing materials, pack you, and move in no time. And it is rather affordable to most of the customers. There is no better way to secure your cargo than to let skilled workers handle them. They know how to disassemble your pool table, or how to pack and move large area rugs. Consider treating yourself with such a service.

Storing is a viable option

Maybe you are moving into the apartment where there is little to no space for a pool table? Or you simply don’t have the means to transport it long distance at the moment? Do not worry, there is always the option to store it for later use. Of course, depending on the model and the rarity of your pool table, you’ll figure what is the best option for you. We can recommend checking out with a friend if you can store it in their garage and come back later to pick it up. Or you can consider renting a local storage unit. The options are vast, and yours to choose from. But we would advise to check out cheap storage Brooklyn solutions. For a cheap price, you can rent a small and tidy storing facility to accommodate your needs.

Storage units
Storing for later use is always a good option and an affordable one.

For a small price, you can keep your pool table safe and sound, until you come back to pick it up. And not only the pool table, but you can also fill your unit with all those items you do not need currently. For example, this is the best place to store old clothing, seasonal items, bicycles, etc. Just be sure that you have the proper security door installed, preferably with a combination lock. Although, a simple locket will do the trick also. Renting facilities are well guarded do you won’t have to worry about it. Make sure that you keep your storage unit pests free, and clean as much as it is possible.

Secure the safe passage of your belongings

Finally, you can add another layer to the protection and safety of your belongings. By purchasing the moving insurance. Do not forget to ask your movers if they sell one and what does it include. Some moving companies offer only partial moving insurance. This way they protect themselves and keep the right to refuse to move highly valuable items. Those high-risk items do not have to be expensive. They can be extremely fragile or highly volatile like hazardous materials and liquids are.

Add the moving insurance to your moving contract and provide another layer of protection to your belongings.

Therefore, ask your movers if they can accommodate your needs with the insurance they sell. If not, you can always seek proper insurance from a legit insurance company. Yes, those are more expensive, but it is the only way to have full coverage. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that you have up to three weeks to make claims against your movers. In case something is damaged you should act on time. Hence, check all your fragile and delicate items while unloading the vehicle. As soon as you know about the damage, the sooner you can act.

Now you know the things you should cover if you want to find the best pool table movers in NYC. It won’t be hard, but it will require some patience and a bit of your time. With proper research and a helping hand, you’ll relocate safely and successfully. Good luck!

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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